Wife, You Can't Run After Eating


​Translated by: Fallen (19th September 2017)

Edited by: June (29th January 2017)

​From the sky, small droplets of rain poured down causing Feng Zhiyao’s hair to become damp and her skin to become creamy. Her morning make-up had long since disappeared from her simple face. Emitting a pure and elegant aura, she had slender and thick eyelashes adorning her eyes, carrying a few of her tears. At this moment, she looked pure and untainted(1), which made people fearful of blaspheming about her.

When Ziyun looked at her lady, and she noticed that, even under the sadness, her lady still had a beautiful temperament. With this, even she couldn’t bear to continue watching.

At the next moment, she remembered her master’s command. Quickly, she prepared some reassuring words of comfort. “Eldest Miss… Eldest Miss, I beg you not to remain in the rain anymore. When wet, your body will be uncomfortable, and then what can be done if you incur a cold?” Her anxious words held much concern within it.

“I love him Ziyun.  I really am innocent, so why doesn’t he believe me? Why does he want to break our engagement?” As Feng Zhi Yao spoke softly, she cried, her tears blending in with the rain. It was hard to tell if her face was covered with more tears or more rain.

“Eldest Miss, as the saying goes, is there no fragrant grass under the heavens(2)? Why should you suffer from unrequited love with that stalk of grass Qi Wang!” When Zi Yun spoke the two words, ‘Qi Wang,’ she gnashed her teeth. If he had not been so unyielding in wanting the engagement to be broken, Eldest Miss would not have gone outside so early in the morning to think, subsequently getting wet from the rain.

“Zi Yun, it’s just that I am unable to do this…” Looking into the rain which was becoming increasingly heavy, Feng Zhi Yao shouted, “I really love him! When I first saw him, I went crazy with love! At that time, I was only twelve!”

“Eldest Miss, don’t be like this, let us return to the room! Your body has always been quite weak; you shouldn’t be out in the rain.” Since Ziyun and Feng Zhiyao grew up together, they were like sisters. “Eldest Miss…”

Feng Zhi Yao’s eyes flashed as she recalled the times she spent talking gently with the Prince of Qi. She had tried her best to forget, however her mind uncontrollably thought of these scenes.

At this moment, the rain became heavier and heavier, accompanied by the loud roars of thunder. The sky, turned darker very soon. Dark clouds were everywhere, the sounds of thunder came out, one after another, while lighting illuminated the sky. The wind was extremely strong, making tree branches snap. In just an instant, the rain became even heavier. Within just a short period of time, the sky resembled a humongous waterfall.

A gust of wind blew by, causing the waterfall-like rain to be blown off course as though it was like smoke, fog, or even dust.

“Break the engagement? Hahaha…” Feng Zhiyao faced the intense rain as she cried loudly, laughing and crying all the while, like she was completely insane, especially when she desperately began bashing her head.

“Eldest Miss, don’t hit yourself!” Ziyun cried to the heavens as she grabbed at Feng Zhi Yao.

“Come, quickly report this to this matter to the Master!”

Very soon, Prime Minister Feng Wu frantically arrived.

“Yao’er, don’t hit your head. Ziyun yatou, such a heavy rain, hurry up and bring Eldest Miss into the house!” Growling at the maid upon seeing that his eldest di ​daughter had ran out so early in the morning and gotten soaked because of that muddleheaded Prince of Qi, Prime Minister Feng Wucai was furious.

“Y… Y… Yes, Master!” looking at the Master who was extremely angry, Zi Yun quickly mustered all her strength to help the drenched Feng Zhi Yao into the house.

“Father, there is nothing wrong with your daughter. After venting like this, I feel much better.” Feng Zhiyao said expressionlessly after being forced to change into a new dress. Looking at Feng Wucai’s troubled expression, she immediately said this to make him feel relieved. However, about the pain she truly felt in her head, that, only she would know.

“Yao’er, how dare that kid, Qi Wang, try to annul your engagement. Your father will let him remain his whole life as a mere Prince of Qi!” When Feng Wu remembered his daughter’s heartbroken look, he heart felt extremely painful. This was his most beloved woman’s daughter, whenever Yao’er felt hurt, as a father, he too felt hurt.

“Father, your daughter feels better. You should go first since you are busy.” Feng Zhiyao knew that her father, the Prime Minister Feng Wu was actually extremely busy. As such, using the handkerchief Ziyun passed to her, she wiped the tears off his face as she spoke gently.

​”Yao’er, please don’t think of it too much(3), do you remember that when your grandfather passed away, he passed down an empty imperial decree with a the former emperor’s seal.” Feng Wu raised his hand, stroking Feng Zhi Yao’s head gently as he comforted her.

“Father, don’t use it.” Feng Zhi Yao was very knowledgeable. She forced herself to smile, though her eyes were shrouded with sadness.

“Yao’er, in that case, you should go and rest. Outside, the rain is extremely heavy, you shouldn’t go and get soaked again. I, your father, will be worried.” After saying these few sentences, Feng Wu stood up to leave the Begonia Courtyard.

Zi Yun looked at Feng Zhi Yao, noticing that she appeared to be feeling better. As such smiling widely, she asked cautiously, “Eldest Miss, just now you were soaked by the rain, should nubi go and let people make a bowl of hot ginger soup for you?”

The rain stopped…
“Oh dear, big sister, I heard that you went into the yard in the rain, is that true?” At the door, Feng Zhiqiong stood, with her face filled with pride. She was one of the shu daughters. In her hands, she held a piccolo made out of emerald green jade. Taking small lotus steps, she waved the piccolo in front of Feng Zhiyao though it was unknown if this was done intentionally or not.

(TN: Piccolo- A type of flute)

Looking at Feng Zhi Qiong, Ziyun felt a surge of anger. Seeing, the yatou standing closely behind Feng Zhiqiong, made her become angrier. Right now, the Eldest Miss was feeling heartbroken over the fact that the Prince of Qi wanted the break the engagement between them, yet the two of them actually had the face to act arrogant.

“Feng Zhiqiong, this lady does not welcome you here.” Feng Zhiyao spoke coldly. From the beginning she had always been too lazy to pay attention to those shu sisters of hers. It was especially so with this Feng Zhiqiong who has stolen her lover from her.

“Sister, what’s the use of crying! If it wasn’t for you being unchaste, how could Qi Wang want to break the engagement with you?  You know what I think, Qi Wang did not like your fake high and mighty attitude. See this, this is piccolo which Qi Wang sent me last night. All I said was that I liked this flute yet he did not hesitate to send it to me!” As Feng Zhi Qiong spoke, she became even more and more prideful. Seeing the tears gather in Feng Zhi Yao’s eyes, she acted even more outrageously. In reality, the piccolo was something she had cosied up to borrow and play with for two days (from Qi Wang).

“Haha! He did not hesitate!” When Feng Zhi Yao heard her say the words ‘did not hesitate’, the pain in heart became even more intense, and her heart shattered into pieces, which fell upon the ground.

How could Feng Zhi Qiong know that the piccolo was something she had painstakingly carved, in the process, not resting for three whole days. This was done after she invested so much effort; this was the evidence of her love to him. Yet, he was actually so cruel to her. Could it be that their past together was nothing but clouds in the wind?

At that time, he had even held her hands, sincerely promising her, “Yao’er, having you in this life, what more can a man want.”

Noticing the tears pouring down Feng Zhiyao’s face, Feng Zhiqiong was satisfied to see the objective of her visit being met. With her personal yatou, she left smugly.

“Eldest Miss, you shouldn’t listen to the words of Second Miss; her piccolo is probably a fake one!” Seeing that Feng Zhiyao was extremely upset, Ziyun quickly spoke up.

“Ziyun, the piccolo in Feng Zhiqiong’s hands was the one I gave to Qi Wang. The ornament butterfly on it was the one that I personally knotted. It’s definitely the same!” Feng Zhiyao closed her eyes, letting the tears flow profusely down her delicate white cheeks. Her heart was filled with holes.

“Ziyun Guniang, the ginger soup for Eldest Miss has been completed.”

From outside the door, the voice of Xiaohong Yatou sounded.

“Eldest Miss, nubi will immediately bring it in, you should go and drink it.” Ziyun watched Feng Zhiyao worriedly.

“Ziyun, you don’t have to worry. I won’t do anything stupid,” Feng Zhiyao spoke.

After drinking the ginger soup, Feng Zhiyao suddenly looked extremely lonely. “Zi Yun, I’m tired. I wish to go and rest, you should retire first,” ordered Feng Zhi Yao.

No matter what, Ziyun would never have expected that as soon as she closed the door, the sounds of a stool being kicked would come from Eldest Miss’ room. Her brain immediately cycled through the possibilities; this was bad, Eldest Miss definitely shouldn’t be thinking of that!

Worried, Ziyun once again pushed open the door. However, what greeted her was the sight of her lady who she loved like a sister, with a white coloured belt wrapped around her beautiful white neck.

“Eldest Miss, don’t… Come! Somebody come! Eldest Miss has hung herself!” Ziyun legs became weak from fright as she screamed continuously. With tears falling from her eyes, she clutched at Feng Zhiyao’s legs.

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Piccolo (A type of flute)

Red Butterfly Ornament

(1)OT is 出淤泥而不染, an idiom, literally originate from the mud but not tainted, meaning someone who is not influenced by their bad surroundings.

(2)OT is 天下何处无芳草, the English equivalent would be there is plenty of fish in the sea.

(3)OT is 想不开, literally cannot think openly, people usually use this when they think that the other party is going to commit suicide or some other dumb act.

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