The Villainess, Cecilia Silvy, Doesn’t Want to Die, so She Decided to Crossdress

V2 Prologue

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Translated by Momo. Edited by Mary!

If all the resentment and misfortunes in the world were to gather and take shape, they would surely look like this.

Such thoughts popped in the man’s mind while he looked at his own reflection in the mirror.

The pale moon's glow was the only source of light in the darkness. The murderous room had a lifeless atmosphere, and there the man stood alone facing the mirror.

It's not a turbulent resentment. It's also not a disheartening sadness that drags him down. It was just a deep hatred that filled his chest and suffocated him.

"They need to be all gone. All of those "Saints" must be eliminated..."

To this man, both the "Saint" and the "Saint candidates" were existences he despised. He wanted them to absolutely disappear from this world.

The man spoke to his reflection in the mirror.

"Enough already, should I just kill her?"


He answered unperturbed.

He knew it was no good. He understood it. One can't just kill people. It's something even a small child knows. But...

"If they don't die, they won't atone for their sins! Those who ruined my life..."

For the rest of their life, they'll prosper while being protected by the kingdom.

"Can you allow something like that?!"

At that moment, it was like something had snapped inside his mind.

"That's right. I must kill them!"

When he declared it, it was as if those feelings had taken form and became stronger.

"Yeah. No one will eliminate them if I don't do it myself. Yes, yeah-hahaha!"

The man smashed the mirror with his fist. His fist was dyed red with a screeching sound.

While watching the blood dripping from his fist, his cheeks slackened into a smile.

"Yes. Let's kill them."

It has been a long time since he felt so exhilarated, he even felt a bit breathless.

"Let's kill! Kill them! Kill them!"

As he set his heart and mind on it, he wondered why he hadn't taken action until now.

Why did he hesitate when there was such a good method?

"Ooh, I wonder how I will kill you?"

The man stared at his still bloody fist, squinting ecstatically.

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