Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 335 - The Warlord’s Concubine (8)

Yin Beige kept a dark expression coming out of Su Wan’s courtyard while Yao Ruofeng followed him. Halfway through, she hesitated and wanted to tug on Yin Beige’s military uniform but the man shook her away the moment her finger was about to touch his sleeves.

Yin Ruofeng bit her lips and glanced at Yin Beige’s slender figure. She hesitated before following the man quickly, wearing a wronged expression.

The two walked back to their courtyard quietly with Yue Xiu following. The moment they entered, they saw Yao Baiqian sitting in the living room wearing a dark golden brocade robe calmly sipping on tea.


Seeing her aunt and mother-in-law, Yao Ruofeng quickly rushed over and grabbed onto her arms as if acting cute. “Mother, you’re here! Quickly advise Beige. He keeps on getting mad at me. I didn’t even do anything. I’m really just doing this for his good. I…”


Yao Baiqian placed the teacup down and glanced at Yue Xiu standing by the door instead of Yao Ruofeng’s expression. “Yue Xiu, bring your madam inside the room to rest.”

“Yes, first madam.”

Yue Xiu was from the Yao Family so she naturally listened to Yao Baiqian.

Seeing her mother-in-law already making the orders, Yao Ruofeng let go of her and curtsied before allowing Yue Xiu bring her inside.

“Zhen Lan!”

After the two left, Yao Baiqian told Zhen Lan to come over. She exclaimed a few sentences inside her ears before Zhen Lan nodded respectfully. Then she stood up and left with the servants. Before leaving, Zhen Lan even closed the door carefully.

Yao Baiqian and Yin Beige were the only ones left inside.

“Mother, what do you have to say?”

Yin Beige naturally saw that his mother wanted to say something so he looked at her and asked, “Is it...for Su Wan?”


Yao Baiqian placed the teacup against the mahogany table hard. “She’s your sister-in-law. How can you call her by her name? You just came back and instead of going to your courtyard, you went to hers. Some people might think there’s really something going on between you and her! Beige, you’re your father’s only legal son. You’re the general of Liao City and the only heir to the Yin Family. You can’t allow your future to be ruined in the hands of a shameless woman!”

“Mother, don’t talk about Su...sister-in-law like that! She…didn’t do anything unloyal to elder brother! When elder brother got in an accident that day, I was clearly…”


Smash. Yao Baiqian swept the teacup across the table. She stood up and quickly walked over to Yin Beige, forming him to look at her. “Do you want everyone to find out how your elder brother died?”

“Do you want everyone to curse you out for trying to violate your sister-in-law in the past?”

Yao Baiqian’s gaze coldened. “Beige, Beiyue isn’t here anymore. Mother only has you! Mother already lost your elder brother because of a woman. I can’t lose you to her as well. How come you don’t understand mother?”

Glancing at the tears in Yao Baiqian’s eyes as well as the faint wrinkles on her elegant face, Yin Beige looked down and his face gradually softened. “Mother, I know that you’re doing all of this for me and the family.”

He lifted his head and brought his arms over Yao Baiqian’s shoulders. “Mother, I’m sorry. I don’t have any intentions. I promised elder brother that I’d help to take care of sister-in-law. Now that she is seriously sick, I’m naturally anxious. I’ve already planned it out. I’ll send someone to bring sister-in-law to get checked on by a foreigner physician. Have them inspect her!”


Yao Baiqian’s gaze flickered and she rejected his suggestion. “What’s your sister-in-law’s status? How can she reveal herself in front of foreigners? Don’t think that I don’t know what foreigners do. They want to touch and then strip their patients as well. Where is our Yin Family’s face going to be then? Don’t bother with your sister-in-law’s matters in the future. Mother has already invited one of the most highly skilled physicians from the capital over. Their ancestors used to be the imperial physicians from the previous dynasty. They specialized in treating the emperor! How can those foreigner physicians compare to the imperial physicians?”

Yin Beige’s gaze flickered. “Mother, you really invited an imperial physician over to check on my sister-in-law? That’s great. She can be saved!”


Yao Baiqian looked down and sneered silently.

That woman can’t be kept alive anymore. I’ll put an end to this and send her to the underworld!”

Evening in Yin Family’s courtyard.

By the time Yin Beige came out of the study, snow started to fall again. There was a lot of snow this winter. Seeing the clean and white snowflakes, Yin Beige froze. He suddenly remembered that the first time he encountered Su Wan abroad was during a snowy day.

She wore a red overcoat and was enveloped by the bright splendid red. Her smile brought brilliant light to the pure white world...

Unconsciously, Yin Beige started walking close to the side courtyard again. He glanced at the lonely door and sighed. He was about to leave when he heard the familiar singing.

Misty wind and floating clouds.

The spray on the ocean sways with the wind.

Father fisherman hasn’t come home yet and mother is longing for him by the shore...

Su Wan loved humming that folk song.

Yin Beige paused before his gaze turned hazy.

“Why is the tone of this song so miserable?”

“I don’t know. Whenever my mother sings this, she seems to be reminiscing and longing.”

That day, the moonlight was as clear as the water. Su Wan silently sat next to Yin Beige’s side and watched the moon in the sky as they were in a foreign country celebrating the Mid-autumn festival. In a low tone, “Whenever I miss my mother, I would sing this song. Whenever I hum this tone, I would think she’s by my side and she never left.”

“Silly girl.”

Yin Beige patted Su Wan’s head and had her lean her head against his shoulder. “If I’m not with you in the future, will you still sing for me? Will you think of me?”

Su Wan’s face flushed but she still nodded a bit undetectably.  “I will but I still hope that we’ll be together forever and never separate.”

Forever was like the snowflakes in front of his eyes. Once it floated down and melted, it disappeared.

Yin Beige wanted to rush into the courtyard and ask her whether she still loved him or not but...

He didn’t have the courage.

Since elder brother died, he didn’t have the courage to ask her.

He was afraid, afraid of the answer. No matter the answer, he was afraid to accept it.

Yin Beiyue.

He was a dead person that served as a barrier for the two of them.

As snow floated in the night, Yin Beige gradually walked away. Meanwhile, Su Wan’s lonely singing voice still eluded across the room...

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