Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 254 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (16)

News of Su Zhan returning home had spread early in the morning within Meite City. Zhao Wanying had dressed herself up glamorously as she arrived in front of Su Family, wearing her perfume. The guards and housekeepers in Su Family kept cool at her actions.

You’re just interested in our master, no? We’re not blind. We know what you’re thinking.

“Where’s Brother Su Zhan?”

The moment Zhao Wanying entered, she acted like she was familiar with the people here. The housekeeper’s eyes twitched at her tone. “Young miss Zhao, our master and third miss aren’t up yet.”


Zhao Wanying’s expression darkened immediately. Who did Su Wan think she was? She was just a wild girl coming from a remote valley. She couldn’t be compared to herself, tch.

“Then I’ll go wait for him in his courtyard.” Before the housekeeper could stop her, Zhao Wanying walked towards Su Zhan’s courtyard in large strides with her chest puffed up.

Before she entered, Little White had sensed the pungent fragrance from Zhao Wanying’s perfume by the door.

Nani. There must be something wrong with the human’s taste. Even more, her nose isn’t working. She was actually proud of carrying such a pungent fragrance, thinking that she smelled good. Have you considered other people?

As expected, Zhao Wanying entered to see Little White kneeling in the courtyard doing nothing.

“Hey, Little White, you’re up so early to guard the door?”

Zhao Wanying had come here many times so she naturally heard the housekeepers say that Little White was just an useless wolfdog and Su Zhan’s little pet. When facing Little White, Zhao Wanying still revealed a beautiful smile (at least she thought so).

Little White didn’t know what to say.

This divine beast is cultivating right now! Do you understand? You ignorant human~

Little White cat walked away from Zhao Wanying. Wait until my master wakes up. See how he’s going to teach you a lesson. Hmph. Stay away from me, in case your blood splatters on me~

Zhao Wanying wasn’t surprised with Little White’s performance. She stood in the courtyard. Hearing movement inside the room, she immediately fixed her clothes and hair before walking there lightly. Before she could knock on the door, someone opened the door from inside.

Zhao Wanying immediately revealed her charming smile. “Su...ah!”

A bowl of warm water suddenly poured down on her, soaking her wet.

Hearing Zhao Wanying’s shriek, Su Wan stood by the door and rubbed her eyes in a daze still. “Sorry, my hand slipped. I thought that there was a ghost standing outside the door.”

“Su. Wan!”

Zhao Wanying was completely soaked right now. She had put in utmost care into pulling her hair up but now that was wet. She knew that Su Wan must’ve done this on purpose so that she’d purposely be embarrassed in front of Su Zhan.

Speaking of, Zhao Wanying gathered her spiritual power and summoned her proud Nine Snake Bow. This was a divine weapon with an incredible power if struck by the arrow.

Seeing that Zhao Wanying was going to resort to violence, Su Wan sneered. She used her spiritual power and summoned her own weapon.

Love rivals, hm? Su Wan thought that she’d beat one up if one came. If two came, she’d beat them both up. She felt no pressure at all.

If she beated one to death, it meant one less love rival.

The two’s magical weapons were almost equal in power. However, Su Wan was a whole realm above Zhao Wanying. Even more, Su Wan’s spiritual power was a few folds more than Zhao Wanying’s. Therefore, since they started fighting, Su Wan had been beating her own. Su Wan didn’t even use her full power either. The sword would make slashes on Zhao Wanying’s wet clothes here and there, causing her clothes to look beyond recognition.

Right now, the battle between the two women had attracted many Su Family’s disciples’ attention.

Even Su Qing and his brother who just arrived yesterday were walking here because of the noises. Seeing that Su Wan was dueling with someone else, Su Qing immediately became nervous.

“Elder brother, elder brother, look at that woman.”

Su Chuan tugged on his elder brother’s sleeves a bit excitedly.

Hearing his brother’s words, Su Qing immediately nodded, feeling a bit conflicted. “I saw. She’s using a bow and arrow.”

Although Su Qing wasn’t a summoner, he was a talented hunter. He was great with archery.


Su Chuan immediately revealed a disdainful expression hearing his elder brother’s words.

Why are you looking at her bow and arrow?! I want you to look at her chest!

Look at the bouncing globes. Don’t you see people drooling? No wonder no one wants you.

“Third miss, you got this!”

“Woah! Oh! Third miss, you’re amazing!”

Su Family disciples naturally knew what Second Miss Zhao was thinking. Therefore, seeing that Su Wan had beat her, the group of men immediately started cheering enthusiastically.

That’s right! Third miss, you go! Quickly stab her chest. Give us brothers a treat for the eyes.

Right now, Zhao Wanying’s expression had turned unwell. She knew that she wasn’t Su Wan’s match. The only reason why she fought her was to find an opportunity. If Su Wan really injured her, she had an excuse to get close to Su Zhan. But what was going on now? Su Wan had been beating her down but didn’t really hurt her. Instead, she kept on slashing her clothes. She was clearly humiliating her!

Zhao Wanying felt humiliated. She secretly used her power and suddenly summoned a magical sword when Su Wan was a bit absent-minded, Youming Dart, a concealed weapon!

A dark sea green light suddenly made a beeline for Su Wan’s chest.

The audience didn’t even have time to react when Su Qing rushed over.

“Xiao Wan, be careful!”

At the last moment, a silver shield suddenly appeared in front of Su Wan and blocked Youming Dart’s sudden attack.

Earth Shield!


Everyone just processed what happened. They couldn’t help but sigh in relief at the terrifying experience.

This Young Miss Zhao was really sinister. This shield was...

A silver-white figure appeared by Su Wan’s side. He gently waved his hands and the shield disappeared within mid-air.



Su Family disciples were all excited. Su Rui stood there quietly. He didn’t even look at Zhao Wanying. His gaze landed on Su Qing first.

Su Qing felt a bit awkward. When he detected danger, he couldn’t resist the urge to rush out. Who knew that halfway through, Su Zhan’s shield had appeared out of nowhere.

Su Qing forced himself to stop. He stood by the side, feeling complicated.

This was the difference between summoners and ordinary people.

When you have someone and something you want to protect, it is useless if you don’t have the power to. Even if you die as a result, it might not do anything...

Seeing that Su Qing had turned and left quietly, Su Rui lazily looked up at Zhao Wanying.

Su Rui originally didn’t plan on doing anything. After all, it was best leaving this woman to his wife.

Plus, Su Rui believed that even if Zhao Wanying wanted to play tricks, she couldn’t win against Su Wan. But Su Qing had suddenly rushed out. Su Rui was forced to make his move as a result.

He couldn’t give his love rival any opportunity to save his wife. This was General Su’s bottom line.

“Brother Su Zhan!”

Seeing Su Rui, Zhao Wanying’s eyes immediately teared up. Like the rumors, Master Su was handsome and eluded an imposing manner.

“A-Zhan, when did you get another sister? How come I didn’t know about it?”

Su Rui placed her weapon away after hearing Zhao Wanying great Su Rui coquettishly. She narrowed her eyes at Su Rui.

She was actually prepared for the sneak attack but Su Qing had suddenly rushed out, surprising Su Wan.

Okay. Now that she led Su Rui out and the boss was here, there wasn’t much to play with.

Su Rui smiled gently before turning and caressing Su Wan’s hair pampering. Then he gently fixed her robe, saying, “Wife, don’t say nonsense. There are lots of insane people in Meite City who want to claim relations with me. You’re too naive. How can you believe whatever people are saying?”

While saying this, Su Rui looked coldly at Zhao Wanying. “I remember that this young miss’ surname is Zhao. I don’t think you have any relations with our Su Family. Don’t say that you’re the illegitimate daughter of your mother and Su Ya. Even if my father has an affair outside, he’d pick someone better. Not just anyone can get his favor!”

Su Ya far away at imperial capital: achoo!

Who was thinking about this Lord? Ah, I can’t do anything about it. This Lord is just that lovable!

Lord, time for you to take your medicine~

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