End of World Businessman

Chapter 033.1: Low-key Luxury [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 033.1: Low-key Luxury [1]

“Why are you just standing there? Hurry up and help me untie this.”

Wu Ye fluttered around several times before he stood still. Seeing the queer expression on Qin Wuhua’s face, he thought that Wuhua was laughing at him, which made him a little unhappy.

Qin Wuhua quickly gathered his wits about him, kneeled down on one knee and helped Wu Ye untie the cloth strip on his knee, letting the counterfeit cigarettes inside fall and scatter all over the floor. He then stood up and helped Wu Ye with the collar. Next, Wu Ye went down and left the ‘coating’, finally feeling relaxed. He sat down at the edge of the bed, and began to speak to Qin Wuhua proudly. “Look at what I’ve brought with me this time!”

Saying that, he took out everything one by one, and unexpectedly the goods he brought occupied all the space in the room. Finally, he took out the crispy chicken he brought in his hand and raised it to Qin Wuhua.

“I specially brought this for you. I was the one in the wrong before. I am not gay and I really hate it when people think that I’m in a messy relationship with someone of the same gender. I overreacted when you asked me to beware of Ji Chong’s ‘good intention’. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me, okay?”

Qin Wuhua hadn’t yet recovered from the blow that came from Wu Ye’s words of not being ‘gay’, but when he looked down and saw Wu Ye’s ingratiating dark little eyes that reflected his figure, he couldn’t help holding his breath in his throat.

At that, Qin Wuhua really wanted to ask him. Why are you staring at me with such wide eyes? Don’t you know that look is illegal?

“You’re the boss. How can I be angry at you? Just, please let me know in advance the next time you leave, or at the very least, let me know whether you will come back or not so as to save me from waiting foolishly alone.” Qin Wuhua’s eyes dropped slightly as he spoke with a slight self-deprecating tone. His cold and handsome face held a faint sense of defeat on it, his whole person emitting an indistinct grievance and loss.

Seeing this, Wu Ye felt even guiltier. “I really didn’t do it on purpose. I began to think of coming back once you’re not that angry anymore, then it took me some time to get these goods. I promise I won’t do it again, really.”

“You promise?”

Wu Ye smiled as he said, “Absolutely guarantee. Come on, try the secret crispy chicken I specially brought for you. It’s so delicious and no one else has a share.” As Wu Ye tore open the vacuum pack, the appetizing salty fragrance wafted and assailed the nostrils.

The sentence of ‘No one else has a share’ succeeded in warming Qin Wuhua’s mood. In any case, at least in Wu Ye’s heart, he was different from other people.

Qin Wuhua went to wash his hands and came back to chew the chicken bones while filling Wu Ye in on all that had transpired in his absence.

“Ji Xiang was generous, but he actually went so far as to try to pry open one of my cornerstone behind my back. He really thought that I, Young Master Wu, was that easy to bully? Originally, I planned to give his wife a perfume, but now...forget it. I’ll just save it as the treasure of our shop.”

Wu Ye finally felt a sense of  crisis now. The fact that he could mingle and have a good reputation in this zombie world, Qin Wuhua’s contribution couldn’t be discounted and absolutely undeniable. By all means, he couldn’t let his number one brother be abducted.

“Give one bottle and keep one for sale in the shop.”

When you have perfume, you’d always use it by spraying it. Currently, you won’t be able to find a bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume even if you search the whole Lan Cheng base. Therefore, once Ji Xiang’s wife applied some onto herself, people would notice and wonder where she had gotten the perfume from. Then, wouldn’t her answer be tantamount to free advertisement for their shop?

Anything brought by Wu Ye was scarce in Lan Cheng. So, what he needed was a group of buyers with high-purchasing power in the upper-echelons. When there were more buyers, he would be able to bring more scarce goods, such as the favorite cosmetics of those canaries kept by these big shots in parties.

There’s no need to rush to empty their pockets, so just take your time, Wu Ye.

After figuring out the key points, Wu Ye then smiled and said, “Ok, we’ll just do what you say.”

Late at night, Wu Ye was lying in bed. He hadn’t even managed to finish listening to Qin Wuhua’s report on the arrangement for the shop’s staff, before he was already sound asleep like a tiny pig. He then turned over and successfully wrapped his errant slender arms and legs around the target.

As soon as a smooth and warm little person arrived in his arms, Qin Wuhua’s body felt heavy. There was a large area of bare skin nestled together at practically zero-distance between the two. At this, Qin Wuhua’s whole person instantly felt like he was being roasted on fire. The temperature of his whole body rose and blood rushed to his forehead, nose heated up, making him wipe at it with a clammy palm.

What the f*ck!

The heroic veteran, who had always been proud of his outstanding self-control, was defeated and couldn’t help but to use foul language within the confines of his heart. Under the hazy moonlight that shone through the curtains, Wu Ye’s delicate and beautiful face seemed to have an indescribable magic. And as if bewitched, Qin Wuhua softly pecked on Wu Ye’s slightly pouting lips before coming back to his mind,

He quickly peeled himself off, wiping the nosebleed that surged up once again. Then, he pried Wu Ye’s arms and legs apart from his body, put him into the thin quilt, and left the room by himself.

Second Young Master Wu, who was still sleeping soundly, smacked his lips unconsciously, as if he was tasting his favorite crispy chicken in his dream.

Meanwhile, the heroic veteran hid in the next room and continued his insomniac journey tonight, fingers, absentmindedly, stroking his dry and soft lips. His eyes were deep while his mind had flown to who knew where.

The next day, Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua wandered to the small building to have breakfast that was prepared by Professor Li. They also gave An An some sweets and chocolates. While he had Pang Zhi send some canned milk powder, he had no time to repackage it for the time being, so he could only bring it to the little guy next time.

These days, An An had been eating with Professor Li and the others. Furthermore, aside from being provided with three meals a day, he could also eat some meat and fish from time to time. So, the little guy now looked much better and was not as afraid of people.

He took the candy Wu Ye offered and thanked him sweetly with a bulging mouth that was carefully savoring the sweet and sour flavors of lemon sugar, eyes squinting with laughter.

Looking at him, Wu Ye thought of the chubby Little Prince. Then he looked at the bony An An, sighing helplessly.

In the apocalypse, it’s not easy for the adults to live, but it was even harder for children to live.

Shaking that thought away, Wu Ye teased An An for a while before Ji Yun brought two middle-aged men out of the slums to him.

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