End of World Businessman

Chapter 032.2: Carrying Goods [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 032.2: Carrying Goods [2]

Second Young Master Wu rolled his eyes, before a sly idea came to him. “Old man, don’t say that. Even if we can’t get other people’s secret recipes, there are always standard recipes for goods like sweets and compressed biscuits. I don’t ask it to be like the delicacy sold to me in the past. As long as the food can be eaten, then it is good enough."

Wu Ye stopped to take a breath before continuing, "If you want to constantly improve the taste, you can recruit some experienced and innovative people, and set up the food development department, there will certainly exist some brave men who’ll come. As long as you’re willing to pay money, are you afraid that those people won’t empty their brains to create recipes to give to you? If that doesn’t work, I can try to see if I can get you one or two recipes from over there.”

Father Wu agreed in his heart, but he deliberately wanted to test his son. “Even if you can figure out the recipe step by step, what about the factory? Where do you plan to set up the factory? How big will the factory building be? Where will the machinery and equipment come from? Is there enough money in our house to do it? Besides, you can only take a few things with you at a time, what’s to be done about the sales of the remaining goods?”

“Aren’t there a few food factories in the old industrial zone that have gone bankrupt? There should be some random ones who’ll transfer the great majority of their property, and then the only thing we’ll need to do is repair the old machinery and equipment. We can even ask for Hua Peng’s help, especially since he has a wide range of products." Wu Ye immediately answered, eyes bright with impish intention.

"Besides, buying imported equipment from him is not much more expensive than buying domestic ones. Moreover, how many years have you and mom been friends with Uncle Hua and Aunt Xu? Also, isn’t it reasonable to help old friends who are in hardship? As for the sales, there is no need to worry about that. If we can’t sell it, we will give it to Pang Zhi for free, and let him take it back to his supermarket to be used as free promotion." Wu Ye stated. But then, as if thinking it was not enough, he added the following sentence.

"As long as the flavor is good enough, later on, I’d sell some to Pang Zhi, and then ask Hua Peng’s help to sell some abroad. Why would we have to worry about sales? Besides, for these compressed biscuits and sweets, once I bring them over there, the question would be ‘how many grams of gold can I sell them for?’. Like these compressed biscuits, I will be able to sell them at the price of at least 10 grams of gold per package. If I resell all of it, won’t it cover the employment costs of 2000 young Chinese cyber-nationalist? It’d be more profitable than those who sell powder.”

Father Wu sighed. “This is the wealth coming from a troubled country. Oh, that’s right, is it dangerous for you to sell the goods there? Anyway, be sure to make your fortune while keeping a low profile. Carefully restrain your habit of being ostentatious and be careful of everything. It doesn’t matter whether you can make money or not, the only thing that matters is to not let the world know the secret of your ability to cross between worlds or you won’t know how you died.”

How to break the news that someone already knew the secret?

Wu Ye fiddled with the machine guiltily and said, “Don’t worry. I have a sense of propriety. I still have to protect my life and live a happy and prosperous life in the future after all.”

“Happy and prosperous life?” Father Wu couldn’t help but stare at his son. “How old are you to wish for a happy and prosperous life? Your mother and I didn’t enjoy a happy and prosperous life until I was 50 years old, and it still ended up like this. You just put away those lazy bones of yours for me. I can get the food factory for you, but the enterprise must be legally put under your name. So, when you come back and settle down, you can run your own business well.”

Oh no!

Second Young Master Wu felt as if he had done a stupid thing, like he had just picked up a stone, only to drop it on his own foot.

However, looking at his father’s serious and expectant eyes, Wu Ye couldn’t bring himself to say ‘no’.

Ai, no matter. This business is only the first step to be done. When he’d come up with the artificial intelligence later on, the old man wouldn’t be in charge of the small food factory, and at that time, he would just shut it down.

Still, Wu Ye still hemmed hawed over the matter, before reluctantly accepting it. Father and Mother Wu, who saw this, breathed a sigh of relief.

This gave Wu Ye a wake-up call. So, that night, he rummaged through the cabinets for a long time, before finally finding the two business management textbooks that the old man had bought for him. He tore the seal of the books, to see the entirely brand-new pages.

“Ah Li, you can turn over these two books when you have time. Just take it as reading a novel and have fun. However, you must not tire yourself out, you understand?”

Wu Li looked at the two books that were thicker than bricks, then looked at his unreliable Second Brother who looked as if there was a big tail wagging behind him. In an instant, he looked as if he was dazzled as he nodded his head.

“I know that our family’s Ah Li is the best!” Since the Second Young Master Wu’s treachery was a success, he contentedly pinched his little brother’s thin cheek, eyes narrowing with laughter.

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