End of World Businessman

Chapter 030.4: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [4]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 030.4: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [4]

While it’s better to choose an auspicious day than meet bad luck, might as well do it today!

Wu Ye quietly crept out of the bed, opened the door and went to the next room. Locking the door, he sat on the bed before he summoned the control panel. He took a deep breath to steel himself, and pressed the ‘Gene Enhancement’ button. Then, the display showed ‘Unlocking Primary Gene Chain’.

Suddenly, Wu Ye’s body was shrouded in a white light, which almost made his whole body look transparent. The source of the light was a chip, only half the size of a nail, located in the center of his heart. Under the guidance of the chip, all the energy accumulated by the enhanced gene spread to the whole body along the blood vessels with the heart as the center.

Wu Ye felt a sharp pain rising from the soles of his feet before it rushed straight to his forehead. There seemed to be ten million fine needles that pierced across the span of his body. The pain was akin to someone scraping his bones and picking at his flesh. Wu Ye groaned before he grabbed a pillow and contained it with great willpower.

Soon, cold sweat and blood started to incessantly pour out. Within a moment, Wu Ye’s drenched in his own blood. His body began to twitch, as he gradually became confused and dizzy, pained from the loss of blood.

The system suddenly spoke up:【Stay awake. Once you lose consciousness, the unlocking process will stop and you will need to start all over again.】

Hearing the system words, Second Young Master Wu used the last glimmer of strength he had and raised his middle finger at the system.

As time went by, the pain did not only not abate, but only intensified. Wu Ye felt that not only was his head getting dizzier, but his body’s endurance was also rapidly reaching its limit...

Will you give up just like this?

Wu Ye felt a relentless drive surge from the bottom of his heart.

Damn it. Hold on. Hold on. HOLD ON.

He staked his all as he started to circulate the ‘Basic Breathing Method’ throughout his body. A weak stream of air began to run along the meridians, faster and faster. This weak stream of air quickly began to become stronger and stronger under the stimulation of energy that’s unlocking Wu Ye’s gene. Thus, making the rushing energy within Wu Ye’s body settle down gradually as it steadily fell into the meridians under the guidance of the air stream...

He didn’t know for how long he was in that state. Wu Ye only felt as if a mysterious switch had ‘snapped’ in his body. What kind of restriction that was forcibly opened was unclear. However, what he knew was the fact that there was an inexplicable powerful force that had instantly filled his whole body.


Wu Ye gasped, greedily swallowing a big mouthful of air, stretching his hands out to see the damage. The palm of his hand had long been badly mangled from his squeezing. Then , with a single thought, he somehow mobilized the mysterious power in his body without being taught. At that moment, a wave of air, that was invisible to the naked eyes, burst and a transparent water sphere appeared quietly in Wu Ye’s palm.

Second Young Master Wu was dumbfounded. Where’s the cool power of handsome and wild tyrants with the ability to blow up the sky?

If he remembered correctly, of all the abilities that seemed to have been awakened so far, water ability was the most useless of ’em all. There’s none more useless!

I... fr*cking... F*ck. F*ck. D*mn it all to hell!!!

The water sphere burst apart, directly drenching his face and cooling his heart, since Second Young Master Wu got distracted.

Wu Ye wiped the blood off his face and feebly asked the system:【Can I change my ability?】

【You can’t.】The system detected that Wu Ye was dissatisfied with his ability. Thus it started to explain:【What kind of ability the host will awaken, depends on the host’s innate potential. It has nothing to do with the system, as such, the system can’t change it.】

【Are you saying that I’m a natural waste?】

The system didn’t understand Wu Ye’s bitterness:【Why do you say that? Water is the source of life. The foundation of all things. The higher the level, the stronger the control. In higher-rated universe, the water ability-user with high level can turn a planet into a dead zone, and turn a dead zone into an area bursting with life.】

Second Young Master Wu paid no heed. Although it did sound awesome, what did that kind of power have anything to do with him? He didn’t even want to unlock the secondary gene chain!

If in the primary gene chain he’d awakened a fire ability, then at the very least he could throw a few fireballs and burn several zombies with it. But, he’d awakened the water ability. What could a water sphere do? Throw it at the zombies and wash their face?

Second Young Master Wu was immersed in self-pity, depressed even, when the system suddenly said:【Oh, it’s a mutated water ability system.】

The author has something to say: Well, the Second Young Master is still the Second Young Master. A young man who does not strive for progress. Light a candle for him.

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