Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 8 - Disappointing Young fellow

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The hidden dangers which might hinder the development of the Night Market District have been solved mysteriously by Luo Lin.

A month later, Luo Enterprise would have successfully taken down half of the area. For the remaining stubborn households, as long as they are offered a suitable price, there’s no worries of being unable to solve this problem.

Not to mention, that piece of land was a prime location. Once the development is completed and turned into a commercial district, profits will start rolling in.

During this month, Luo Lin had been a good student. His grades soared, which greatly surprised the beautiful class director.

Days spent on the campus had been colorful, and if he ever got bored, he would discuss 'life' with Lan Lan.

It’s worth mentioning that after a month of strenuous exercise, Luo Lin's body had become more robust. He could at least handle three or four ruffians barehanded without much trouble.

After he walked out from the school, Luo Lin got into a taxi.

"Master, Jingxiang Gardens, sorry to trouble you but please drive a little faster."

Luo Lin wished to go home quickly because it was the 1st of October, Qin Wanshu would be returning home soon.

'Tsk tsk tsk, my dear Qin Wanshu, you've been gone for a month, I miss you to death!'

Qin Wanshu rushed home the moment she left the airport. Even though she had only been at Yanjing for a month, she missed the bed at home dearly.

As Luo Lin had mentioned, Qin Wanshu was suited to become a wife. She was someone who cherished the past, and if she had to sleep in an unfamiliar environment other than her own home, she would get insomnia.

Qin Wanshu took a warm bath the instant she got home. She then changed into her pajamas and when she was about to slip under the covers, she glanced at the clock.

"Ah, it's 6 PM, Little Lin's classes should have ended? ...His parents aren't home, I should go make food for him."

While thinking of that, Qin Wanshu re-energized herself. She came over to Luo Lin's house in her pajamas and began preparing Luo Lin's meal.

For some reason, whenever she thought of Luo Lin, her weariness would vanish and be replaced with a blissfulness.

As an aunt, these kinds of emotions were extremely dangerous. It was just that Qin Wanshu had yet to notice it.

She murmured under her breath as she prepared the food, just like a housewife that looked forward to her husband's early return: "This brat... What’s going on, it's almost 7 and he’s still not home? ...don't tell me he went to fool around with those ruffians again."

As she thought of these matters, worry began to sprout in her heart along with an inexplicable loss.

At this moment, Luo Lin arrived at his door with a fresh bouquet in his hands.

When he smelled the fragrance emanating from his house, his lips curled upward in an arc: "Today is a holiday, so tonight will be our world alone. Hehe, Aunt Qin, will you be able to resist my handsomeness~~"

Luo Lin sneakily opened the door and tiptoed toward the kitchen door without making a sound.

Qin Wanshu wore a pink apron over her pajamas. As she concentrated on the preparation of food, tiny beads of sweat formed on her forehead. At this moment, she looked extremely virtuous

Luo Lin wanted to tease her, but her appearance aroused his love and pity, so he couldn’t bear to do it.

He laid against the kitchen door and called out softly: "Aunt Qin."


Qin Wanshu was startled at first, but when she realized it was Luo Lin, she sighed in relief.

She didn’t know why, but when she noticed the smiling Luo Lin holding a bouquet, her mind shook.

"Big beauty, it's been tough on you."

Luo Lin handed her the bouquet with a smile, "I'll spare you from the sentimental words. Anyways, if you didn’t take care of me, I might have gone astray. A beautiful lady paired with a bouquet, I believe this is enough to express my gratitude for you."

Luo Lin had traits of a ruffian in his personality, so he couldn’t help himself from talking slickly.

Qin Wanshu looked at Luo Lin who had a naughty smirk on his face and felt inexplicable fondness in her heart. If Luo Lin had spoken seriously, then she would have felt uncomfortable instead.

'This little brat is born to become a playboy.'

Qin Wanshu reminded herself incessantly: 'It's ok, everything is alright. I’m his aunt, it’s only right that I love him... like a senior treating a junior well.'

After consoling herself, Qin Wanshu heaved out a breath and generously took over the bouquet.

She rolled her eyes at Luo Lin and spoke in a slightly complaining tone: "At least you still have some conscience. You finally realized my hard work. In the future, please stop fooling around outside. You’re only seventeen, visiting places like bars will only expose you to danger."

Luo Lin let out 'hehe' sounding laughter: "I don't go often okay."

"Hmph! Looking at you, you must have gone often. Did some beauty catch your eye?"

She took a whiff of the roses which refreshed her. As she felt better, Qin Wanshu began her 'education' of Luo Lin.

"I'm telling you Little Lin, your Aunt Qin had also visited clubs several times with colleagues in the past. Girls who frequent those places have bad intentions. If they discover your identity, there would be a lot of girls who would stick to you. Aunt Qin’s worried that you might be seduced since you're still young. If you wish to go, I’ll go with you when you turn 18."

Luo Lin fell into a daze upon hearing her words.

'Very well, Aunt Qin, I have underestimated you.'

After experiencing a rebirth, there are two women who Luo Lin views in a whole new light. One of them was Lan Lan, and the other being Aunt Qin.

One used the guise of studying as an excuse to not get a girlfriend, while the other used her seniority to tell himself not to visit clubs in case he got seduced.

At the end of the day, both of them had one thing in common, they didn’t want Luo Lin to have too much contact with the opposite sex.

It had to be said that the more docile and well-behaved a woman is, the stronger their possessiveness would be. They won’t act hysterical and compete for their partner's affection, but they would carefully manage their 'man'.

Aunt Qin and Lan Lan are similar in that regard, they treated Luo Lin as their 'personal belonging'.

Even though these actions were all done subconsciously.

Luo Lin gazed at Qin Wanshu playfully, his smile was brimming with an ambiguity which caused Qin Wanshu to blush and become embarrassed.

In the end, it was as though Qin Wanshu had gotten caught doing something wrong, so she lowered her head, not daring to meet Luo Lin's gaze.

The atmosphere gradually became shifted.

All of a sudden, 'bang bang' sounds could be heard.

When they looked toward the kitchen, they saw flames burning exuberantly in the pan.

'Oh no! I got too caught up with talking and forgot about the food!'

"Little Lin, go grab a bucket of water!" Qin Wanshu retreated in a fluster, she then called out to Luo Lin as she held the bouquet tightly.

Luo Lin ran out and hastily grabbed a bucket from the washroom. He then rushed back into the kitchen and in a moment of panic, he tripped over the doorstep, causing him to stagger forward and spill the water..

Fortunately, the water spilled in the direction of the flames which instantly extinguished the fire.

Unfortunately... Qin Wanshu stood in the middle, so the water also spilled onto her. She was drenched in an instant.


Luo Lin was about to grab a towel but he froze in place while his gaze was fixated on Qin Wanshu.

Coincidentally, Qin Wanshu came over to Luo Lin’s house in her pajamas, so there was nothing underneath it.

Summer pajamas were made of thin fabric, so when the water splashed onto her, it caused the fabric to stick closely to her body.

At this moment, Qin Wanshu stood still whilst drenched in water. The two roundness on her chest wasn’t bounded nor covered by underwear, so it caused them to sway in an unrestrained and eye-catching manner.

Regrettably, as there were some colored patterns on her cartoon pajamas, Luo Lin could only make out a faint protrusion.

Qin Wanshu was stupefied, and when she noticed Luo Lin acting a little strange, she looked along his gaze which quickly turned her face beet red: "I-I'm going to go change my clothes!"

Qin Wanshu's figure sped out from Luo Lin's home before her words fell.

Luo Lin watched as Qin Wanshu’s silhouette rushed out, her semi-transparent pajamas outlined her beautiful alluring physique.

After seeing that, Luo Lin felt blood rushing to his head. Alongside that, he also felt some physiological reactions which made him rather ashamed.

'It seems that the younger me can't stand too much excitement...'


More than two hours had passed since Qin Wanshu fled from Luo Lin's house, and she hadn’t returned.

Luo Lin cleaned up the kitchen and helplessly shook his head.

'Sigh, it's my fault, why did I stare at her so intently earlier?'

'Qin Wanshu’s so thin-skinned, what if she doesn’t dare meet me anymore in the future because of this?’

'Tsk tsk, these two disappointing eyeballs... It had seen so much in the past few decades, so why couldn’t I control it during such a critical juncture?'

'Sigh... If there's something to blame, then it must be Qin Wanshu's figure coupled with her blushing appearance which made her look all the more alluring.'

Ding dong~!

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Luo Lin became delighted and ran up to open the door, but what he saw was a delivery man.

"Sir, this is your takeaway."

Luo Lin's brows furrowed: "I didn’t call for any takeaway."

The delivery man smiled and pointed at the opposite side: "It's that lady who called it for you, she has already paid for it."

Luo Lin broke into sudden realization and took over the takeaway: "Ah, alright, thank you! You've worked hard."


After shutting the door, Luo Lin placed the sumptuous meal on the table: "Hehe, my dear Aunt Qin, looks like you still worry about me oh..."

At this time, Qin Wanshu was laying on her bed. She hugged her pillow tightly while her thoughts were in complete disarray: 'Little Lin grew up into a man... I can't treat him as a child anymore...'

Qin Wanshu felt so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in. While her body was dripping wet with water, Luo Lin's eyes were staring at her... breasts!

Her pajamas were see-though, and she didn’t wear anything on the inside!

'Ahhh... I don't want to live anymore...'

Qin Wanshu became more and more ashamed. She buried her beautiful face into the pillow and shook it: 'Qin Wanshu, you stupid woman. Why didn't you wear any underwear, why???'

'Luo Lin is already an adult, you can't treat him as a child anymore...'

When Qin Wanshu was fleeing, she seemed to have noticed something... Luo Lin's pants seemed to have picked up a small tent... Thinking of this, she felt a little proud, a little emotional, and a little excitement...

'Do I look that attractive?'

'I aroused Little Lin's physiological reaction... then what if I put on a bikini for him...'

'Ahhh... Qin Wanshu, what are you thinking about?'

'Are you not ashamed?'

'You’re Luo Lin's aunt, how could you think of that?'

'Right now, Luo Lin is in his puberty, it is normal for him to have that type of reaction. As his elder, you should guide him toward the right path, you can't have these messy thoughts...'

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