Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 7 - Beauty Assassin

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Luo Lin vaguely recalled that a big event once happened on this street. He was still a child at that time, so memories of it were blurry.

However, Luo Lin clearly remembered that it was this event that impacted the Luo Enterprise greatly.

Regardless, he needed a better understanding of the situation surrounding this area.

After Luo Lin purchased a pack of cigarettes, he strolled into a bar that seemed rather decent. He took a seat at the bar counter and started drinking while scanning his surroundings.

As the deafening music blared in the background, a bunch of intoxicated youngsters indulged themselves on the dance floor.

"Oh?! Isn't this Young Master Luo?"

All of a sudden, a bald youngster appeared behind Luo Lin and greeted him smilingly.

Luo Lin turned around to look.

'Oh, this person must be 'Baldie', the gang leader of Night Market Street?'

He goes by Baldie, no one knows his real name. He looked around the age of 27 to 28 years of age.

One could say that Baldie followed the right person, and that was how he became the gang leader of this area within two years.

There’s also probably an organization that supported him in the shadows,  otherwise, how would he dare act so rampantly in these parts.

In the memories of his former self, Baldie chopped off someone's hand in this very bar. In the end, the person didn’t dare utter any words and simply scampered away.

Baldie knew that Luo Lin's father was a well-known wealthy businessman who resided in Zhengzhou City. So whenever he saw Luo Lin, he would squeeze him for money. To Baldie, Luo Lin was his God of Wealth.

"Young Master Luo, this isn’t right! Why didn’t you let Big Bro Baldie know before coming here? I could at the very least arrange some matters for you right?"

After saying that, he raised his eyebrow ambiguously at Luo Lin.

Luo Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly and then he smiled. He took a glimpse at the four ruffian-looking men behind Baldie, and noticed a beautiful lady amongst them.

She was around the age of 22, she adorned a red dress, coupled with a pair of black leggings, that was the typical attire of a 'hostess'.

When he closely observed this lady, he realized that she would be beautiful even without her makeup. The reason why she dressed up like this was probably so she could attract more 'customers'.

Luo Lin didn’t know whether it was an illusion, but this woman's eyes seemed to have flashed with a tinge of...gloomy coldness

That's right, it was a gloomy coldness!

'Hold on a minute, this woman looks a little familiar...'

Suddenly, in Luo Lin's mind, an old memory resurfaced...

'What the fu*k, it can't be this coincidental. I can't believe I managed to encounter this...'

He finally remembered!

In 2005, Baldie passed away in a hotel. It was found that his neck was sliced open with a knife... On the very next day, the hotel released CCTV footage of the killer.

That perpetrator was the red-dressed lady right before his eyes!

After that, the news didn’t spread outwards but on the contrary, it was suppressed.

It was only until a few years later that Luo Lin found out the reason why... There was an organization by the name of 'Heaven's Eye', which dabbled in both illegal, and legal businesses.

Within this organization, a large number of proficient hitmen were assembled.

These hitmen specialized in assassinating criminals that failed to be brought to justice due to the lack of evidence.

It was also implied that the doings of 'Heaven's Eye' seemed to have been approved by law enforcement.

An evil smirk crawled up Luo Lin’s face, he swept his gaze toward the beauty standing behind Baldie: "Oh Baldie isn't it because I thought you were busy. What happened? Did some new goods require you to come out personally?"

"Haaa, this girl isn't part of the new girls under me. Alright, let me tell you Young Master Luo, what you don't know is that I've found a treasure!"

'Found a treasure?'

'What the fu*k, you don't even know you're standing at death's door!'

Luo Lin's brows raised: "What do you mean?"

Baldie had an exaggerated expression as he whispered in Luo Lin's ears: "Do you see this girl? Look at that body, she's voluptuous both front and back. I grabbed her butt earlier, and oh god, it felt so tender and elastic!”

“The most important thing is that she's still a virgin! It’s her first business, so it must be at least this price!"

After he said that, Baldie raised two fingers.

Luo Lin sneered inwardly and took a sip of alcohol: "#2,000?"

"Of course not! Young Master Luo, it isn't as if you don't know my skills. After I give them a little makeover, the appearances of these ladies would be top-notch. We are rich people in Zhengzhou City, so we don't lack these spare change!"

Luo Lin turned to take another gander of that woman before pulling out a card from his pocket: "I don't bring cash, use this card instead. $2,000 right? Let her follow me tonight."

"Oh! Don't do this! Young Master Luo, It was hard for me to discover such a high-quality good. Why don't I introduce you to some other girls?"

Luo Lin had already expected him to do that. He took another sip with a smile: "Add another thousand."

Baldie broke into a burst of big laughter: "Haha, Young Master Luo, you're so straightforward! Come come come, little girl, you shall accompany Young Master Luo tonight. Let me tell you, you'll get it from me next time if you don't serve him well!"

Baldie slapped the woman's buttocks and led his subordinates out: "Young Master Luo, a virgin isn't something an ordinary person can handle. Be careful or you might be covered in stench after! Haha!"

'Covered in stench? Young master is saving your life!'

The red-dressed lady noticed Baldie leaving and her heart cooled down.

'This little fellow, what is he messing around for?! If I don't complete my task by tonight, the $100,000 commission fee will go down the drain!'

Luo Lin turned to look at her and pointed at the stool: "Hey beauty, wine, or beer?"

Upon hearing that, the Red Dressed Lady became delighted.

"Wine, it's much stronger." The Red Dressed Lady sat on the stool in an alluring manner and winked provocatively at Luo Lin.

'Little fellow, how good can you be at drinking? Big sister will knock you down in a second!' She thought inwardly.

She needs to get Luo Lin drunk quickly and get rid of Baldie before the sun rises.

Luo Lin naturally saw through her thoughts.

However, in terms of alcohol, would the skilled Luo Lin be afraid of her?

"Hehe, why don't we mix the wine and beer? It'll be much stronger that way!"

Luo Lin gestured to the bartender, and soon, wine bottles filled the table.

The reason why Luo Lin wanted to stop this lady from taking action wasn't to save Baldie's life. Scum like him was better off dead.

As a result of Baldie's death, the authorities set this area as a highly sensitive area which took more than a year to rectify. This greatly hindered the development of the night market.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken five years. Two years was enough to turn this chaotic place into a brand-new commercial area.

Although this had nothing to do with Luo Lin, it had a big connection to the downfall of the Luo Family.

In these two years, it was Luo Lin's dad, Luo Jianrong who planned to develop this district. If the security rectification does happen, the entire development plan would undoubtedly be delayed for a year or more. During that time, the Luo Enterprise will encounter cash flow issues.

This was one of the fuses which caused Luo Enterprise's decline.

What Luo Lin needs to do was to hinder this assassination attempt.

When that’s done, he will pull a bluff which would make it seem as though Baldie's drug den had been discovered. Luo Lin doesn’t believe Baldie would stay. Once Baldie leaves this district, his life will concern Luo Lin no more.

As he contemplated, the mixed-alcohol had already been drunk halfway through by both Luo Lin and the Red Dressed Lady.

"Beauty, do you still want to continue?" Luo Lin grinned without any fluster.

"You want me to die from drinking...?" The Red Dressed Lady replied tipsily, before groggily falling onto the tabletop. Her soft bosom pressed against the table edge, causing the onlooking men to stare with widened eyes.

'This is bad, very bad. Why is this little fellow so good at drinking... don't even mention making him drunk, he’s not even burping.'

'What should I do?'

'Is the task going down the drain?'

'That is a $100,000 commission... ahhh....'

In Heaven's Eye, excluding the internal members, the rest are hidden experts who lived amongst civilians, they all have their personal lives within society.

In simpler terms, within the society exists law-abiding citizens who hold licenses to kill.

Naturally, to become a member of the organization, one must possess extraordinary skills. Within China, there are no lack of experts.

Amongst drinking enthusiasts, there’s a saying that goes: Once you feel light-headed, you're not far from getting drunk.

At this moment, the Red Dressed Lady already felt light-headed, half of her consciousness was beyond her control. Under Luo Lin's skillful drinking and words, the remaining cup of wine had already bottomed out.

"You rascal... Your m-mother, I... My $100,000..."

Before she could finish her sentence, the Red Dressed Lady collapsed onto the table and dozed off.

Luo Lin found the Red Dressed Lady to be rather adorable. He smiled bitterly: "Not only did I spend $3,000, I even splurged on alcohol. Who can I vent my sorrows to..."

Luo Lin knew that members of Heaven's Eye would never assault an innocent civilian. This was the reason why he dared to come into contact with her.

'As for the $3,000... I'll just treat it like water that flowed away...'

Luo Lin dared not touch this woman, she was a killer after all. Who knows what she would do when she notices something.

Luo Lin looked at the time, it was already 5 AM. When he turned back to the lady, he couldn't resist asking, "Beauty, what's your name?"

The Red Dressed Lady shook her head groggily, and muttered as dizziness overwhelmed her: "Long’er..."

Luo Lin chuckled "Long’er? Haha, that's a nice name."

After he said that, Luo Lin turned to leave...

Morning, 7 AM.

Baldie was sleeping well but was rudely awoken by a phone call.

He picked up his phone and cursed: "Fu*ker, why are you calling me so early in the morning! Are you looking for death?"

"Brother Baldie, this is bad! Someone had been watching our den from the opposite balcony since this morning!"


Baldie leaped up from his bed: "Are you sure?"

"I noticed it after I woke up! They have been monitoring us, I can't be mistaken!"

"Shit! Hurry up! Go clean up our 'treasure'! Don't leave any evidence behind!"

"Yes! Then... Brother Baldie, are you coming over?"

"Come to your mom! Call 'Fish Boy', clear up the treasure, pack it all up and flee!"


When Long’er came to her senses, the sun had risen. She looked at the table filled with bottles with sleepy eyes.

Coincidentally, the bartenders on the side were discussing the matter of  'Baldie' running away.

After a slight pause, Long’er suddenly realized: "That stinking rascal! My $100,000 commission!"

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