His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 15 - A Jinx

Before Old Madam Shen could say anything, Shen Ziqiao looked at her with eyes full of gratitude. She smiled and said, “That is right. It is all due to grandmother. Otherwise, how could the three of us sisters live this well?”

Mama Gu casually asked, “Is that so? I know that Old Madam guides you in the right direction.”

“If it were not for grandmother who spends time to care for me, how could I, a jinx, survive until now? I am incredibly grateful to grandmother.” As Shen Ziqiao words were brimming with genuinity, the people were moved by her tears.

“A… jinx?” Mama Gu was stunned, her face contorted, she was unwell all over as if she had swallowed a fly.

“Yes. Although I am young, I know everything. My mother’s body had complications after giving birth to me. After a few years, she died. Grandmother had someone come and read the fortune. They said that I have a complicated life, I am a jinx. So, I’m thankful that grandmother did not turn her back against me. Even more, she raised me to this age. I’m the immature one that usually makes grandmother unhappy,” Shen Ziqiao said with a twinge of guilt.

Mama Gu’s face turned green and she asked, “Is, is that so?”

She glanced at Old Madam Shen. How come she didn’t tell her Madam about it yet? She probably wants to marry Shen Ziqiao, this ominous granddaughter, out. Therefore, she didn’t care about whether or not the Elder Master was a fool.

What if Madam gets jinxed by her daughter-In-Law?

The more Mama Gu thought about it, the more unwell her expression became.

Old Madam Shen wore a cold face as she stared at Shen Ziqiao sternly and maliciously. It seemed as if she was about to devour her granddaughter.

“Yes.” Shen Ziqiao pretended like she hadn’t seen Old Madam Shen’s expression and talked to herself, looking at how Mama Gu was smiling splendidly like the blue sky and white clouds.

Mama Gu’s smile became more and more forced. She stood up and said to Old Madam Shen, “Old Madam Shen, this Mama needs to go back and report to the Madam, so I won’t be staying for long.”

Old Madam Shen finally squeezed the words: “Mama Li, go and see Mama Gu off.”

Mama Li acknowledged and brought Mama Gu out the door.

Shen Ziqiao smiled and watched as Mama Gu walked out. She scraped the teacup twice and took a sip.

Seeing how satisfied she saw, Old Madam Shen was trembling with rage. She suppressed the ball of anger and asked calmly, “Who told you to say this?”

“No one taught me this. I was just telling the truth. Grandmother, am I wrong?” Shen Ziqiao widened her innocent eyes and smiled.

Old Madam Shen sneered and said, “You think you have firm wings?”

[*T/N: Firm wings - Grown up and independent from others.]

“Grandmother, I have no wings.”

“Do not think that you can get your way by saying that? Even more, do not think about marrying the Ninth Prince! Just what makes you think that you can marry into the Tian Family? Scram... Scram!” Old Madam Shen was incensed. If she didn’t toss Shen Ziqiao out, she would probably choke this granddaughter to death.

Shen Ziqiao smiled. “Grandmother, I’m still young, so I am not worried about getting married. Even more, the Elder and Second Miss are not married either.”

Old Madam Shen glanced gloomily at her. “Your way of dealing with me is to ruin your own reputation? You are not good enough yet.”

“Grandmother, did you not say that? How come I am the one wrecking myself?”

She did not want to be schemed and get married to Qi Zheng. What’s more, she was unwilling to marry the Ninth Prince or any other man for that matter. With regards to her marriage, she wanted to be the one to decide who she would marry. She would never give that satisfaction to this conniving old woman.

“I do not want to see you.” Old Madam Shen closed her eyes and said, “Return to your room and reflect over what you did today. When your father returns, how are you going to answer him?”

“My father is coming back?” Shen Ziqiao was stunned. As it turned out, Shen Xiao was  really returning. No wonder Old Madam had been enduring her attitude.

Old Madam Shen took it as Shen Ziqiao was pretending she didn’t know. She coldly humphed and said, “If your father knows of your actions, who knows if he will die from excessive anger?”

“Grandmother, you are jesting. Father has a strong and sturdy body, so how can he easily be angered to death? Plus, no matter what, Father will not go as far as to get me married to a fool.” Shen Ziqiao smiled.

“Then who do you want to get married to? Who do you think you can get married to?” Old Madam Shen asked.

Shen Ziqiao smiled and said, “Grandmother, I’ve already said that I am young and I am not worried about this. Since Father is coming back, I will have people tidy up the room, so I won’t disturb you.”

She watched coldly as Shen Ziqiao walked out. Then, Old Madam Shen’s tightly clenched fist slowly relaxed.

Mama Li walked in and saw Old Madam Shen’s face suffused with fury. She hurriedly delivered the tea and said, “Old Madam, do not be angry with Third Miss. That is just her personality.”

“No, she is different from the past. She would be arguing noisily like a brainless straw bag, but she had become much more intelligent and astute.” One could tell her attitude was different from usual.

“Could it really be because of Sheng Peiyin?” Mama Li asked confusedly.

Old Madam Shen knitted her eyebrows. She always thought that she knew the three granddaughters’ personalities and was able to control them. There was not a day where she believed she could not see through Shen Ziqiao.

“Let me see what she plans on doing,” Old Madam Shen said faintly.

So, she does not plan on beating the Third Miss? Mama Li looked down and softly said, “Then regarding Madam Qi… once she hears about the Third Miss, she most likely will abandon any thoughts of settling a marriage with us.”

Old Madam Shen didn’t worry at all. “Who is Madam Qi? If she believes that stupid girl so easily, how did she become Duke An’s wife this easily?”

Mama Li sighed. The servant and mistress fell into a silence, each lost in her own thoughts.

Once Mama Gu left the Shen Family, she immediately returned to the Qi Family, rushing into the doors. She looked nervous and didn’t notice someone staring at her from the corner as she walked in.

She came to Madam Qi’s room and saw her standing by the window, leisurely pruning the stems and flowers. She slowed down once she saw her and said, “Madam.”

Madam Qi wore a honey-colored thin muslin dress and stood facing the window. Her overly sharp and strict gaze became more gentle now. When she heard Mama Gu’s voice, she faintly raised her eyebrows and said, “Hm?”

The moment Mama Gu saw her, she knew that Madam Qi was in a very good mood. She walked over and said, “This Mama has returned from Old Madam Shen and saw the Third Miss of the Shen Family.”

“How is she?” Madam Qi asked.

“Third Miss Shen… said that she is a jinx… Madam, this marriage probably isn’t suitable. It is not good for you,” Mama Gu said carefully.

Madam Qi softly laughed and said, “A jinx?”

“En.” Mama Gu nodded and said, “The Third Miss of Shen Family doesn’t have good characters for matchmaking.”

“If she really can jinx that fool, I will thank you.” Madam Qi placed her clippers down and curled her lips into a disdainful smile. “I’m not afraid that she has bad characters for matchmaking. Even though she is unwilling to marry in, the Old Madam Shen wants her to. Therefore, what am I scared of? If she could jinx people, wouldn’t that cheap woman be dead by now?”

Speaking of which, Qi Zheng’s biological mother was the real Madam.

Mama Gu didn’t dare to answer. She just gazed at the floor and said nothing.  

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