Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 117: The duel between users of the art of invisibility

When Feng Yu Chen struck down with a reverse grip stab, the cloaked figure retreated in a flurry of black light. Twirling in the air, the figure threw her daggers which bounced off each other with a mystical trajectory.

A normal human would be spooked by this attack, it's too unpredictable. Even if the victim was ready to defend, this sudden change in trajectory would throw their defenses off.

The victim's brain would subconsciously predict the attack to choose the next action. However, when the attack changed after the body moved, it would be hard for the victim to change tacks, this is the weakness of the brain.

The daggers flew towards Feng Yu Chen faster after this second phase, she wanted to see how Feng Yu Chen liked her improvised skills.

Is she going to get her wish?

The Magatama in Feng Yu Chen's eyes spun as his eyes turned deep red.

This attack might have been too much for others, but not for Feng Yu Chen. The Sharingan granted him advanced visual abilities that captured the movements of the daggers. In no time at all, he saw through the attacks. Then, he deflected the daggers after dodging them. Using his Xuan Yuan Sword, he sent the daggers back at its owner.


The crowd and the assassin herself were surprised. How in the world did he do that?

The players started talking about Feng Yu Chen's stat. How high level must you be to be able to pull off a counter-attack like that?

The cloaked figure used her porcelain white hands to grab the incoming daggers. She fully understands normal tricks won't be able to harm Feng Yu Chen. Looks like she has to use higher-level skills on this foe.

The cloaked figure revealed an icy cold grin as she slowly dissipated into nothingness.

The cloaked figure disappeared from everyone's vision.

Feng Yu Chen knows this is only an ability that gave the cloaked figure stealth. Feng Yu Chen also showed a very confident grin. The next moment, he too, disappeared from view.

The skill he got after clearing Guilty Crown, Stealth.

Stealth: Active skill, consumes 5 energy on activation. Upon activation, the user will be concealed for 1 minute, the skill will go on 10 minutes cooldown afterward. During concealment, the user cannot be attacked. When the user attacks, the stealth state will be temporarily removed. Stealth state can only be regained 3 seconds after the user is done attacking.

The cloaked assassin created her own stealth while Feng Yu Chen used the skill he got from the Infinity System. The result is the same, the two were invisible.


The cloaked figure didn't think Feng Yu Chen had an invisible skill too. This was out of her expectation. She had absolute confidence in her own stealth. If the playing field got leveled, her confidence would fade too!

No way, this cannot be. I fought so many monsters and trained so many years before that to acquire this skill. How did this guy learn it in an instant? No way, only someone adept with assassination skills can use stealth. There is also a stringent requirement of controlling one's own breathing rate. Not to mention, he needs to learn how to rein in his own presence. Is Feng Yu Chen an assassin in the real world too?

With each second that elapsed, the cloaked assassin felt a dreadful presence encroaching upon her. She can only hold on to this state for 5 seconds, this was her optimal performance too. After 5 seconds, if Feng Yu Chen didn't appear before that, she would be the first one to have her cover blown!

The point of stealth is to give the concealed fighter a chance to strike a lethal blow on the victim. It also served as a psychological attack to stir fear into the hearts of the enemies. It's easier to block a telegraphed punch than a stab from the back. Assassination is about killing the target, honor is rarely a concern.

But, if the two hostile fighters are concealed together. It should be dreadful for both parties. After all, if their invisibility ends before the other, this will put the revealed fighter in jeopardy.

She's afraid, she's terrified that when her stealth ends, Death's scythe will be on her throat.

What scared the cloaked assassin even more is Feng Yu Chen's more advanced stealth skill. She couldn't detect any trace of movement, scent, or aura, this meant she was up against a more formidable foe than she had anticipated.

Maybe, if the cloaked figure chose to run for the teleport gate, she can survive. But, wouldn't that mean she admits she's inferior compared to Feng Yu Chen? The cloaked figure even went as far as to issue a death threat, the next time they met, one of them would die, that's what she promised. If she ran away now, how is she going to explain herself when they cross paths next time?

Due to her pride, she refused to back down.

This is her first setback after entering a world where she can kill as many players as she wanted. This wasn't in her plan, nobody should be able to threaten her, fear should only be something she inflicts upon others, not herself.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

5 seconds went by and the cloaked assassin hit her limit.

Meanwhile, Feng Yu Chen is still in Stealth mode. He had a little under a minute left, 12 times longer than the assassin can maintain her stealth.

When the cloaked assassin got revealed, she started freaking out. Her eyes widened as she felt an icy sensation enveloping her. Her body couldn't stop trembling.

Is this fear? Am I experiencing terror?


Feng Yu Chen had a cold grin on his face. Having gone through [Highschool of the Dead] and [Guilty Crown] and coming out as the victorious king of both worlds, any weakness on his part would mean he learned nothing from the previous worlds. This cloaked assassin was talented for sure. However, he assimilated his winnings from the previous two worlds and he deployed them on this assassin. Rather, he had no excuses if he lost this duel, death would be a fitting end in that case.

This is a world where the winner takes all, become the king, or become the body that forms the throne for the king. The Infinity System is designed to choose a ruler by making them fight in Anime worlds. There can only be one ruler, one ruler to rule them all!

Having chosen the path of a king, he has no choice but to cut down each and every challenger who stands in his way!

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