Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 99: The Guardian loses...

The final battle, 25th December, the Lost Christmas continued.


Feng Yu Chen, Argo, Ayase, Oogumo, and Arisa entered Gai’s base from the backend.


The Kuhouin mercenaries are fighting hard in Area 24. The army of students armed with Void weapons also came in as support. By this time, the UN’s fleet already got wiped out by Gai who used composite void to decimate them. The third and final Void Genome was used by Gai.


“Okay, this is where we split up. Hold them off while I beat Gai up.”


Feng Yu Chen said.


“Yeah, leave it to me. I won’t let a single soul slip by, hahaha…”


Ayase gave him a v sign with her mecha.


“You better come back alive and successful or I won’t forgive you!”


“Leave it to us, we will make sure to hold down the fort!”


Arisa said.


“Youngster, I know you’re better than Gai, now, prove it! Hahaha!”


Oogumo gave Feng Yu Chen a thumbs-up.


“When I first met you, I thought you were a strange guy. Now, you’re a comrade we can rely on. Go, end the chaos plaguing this world!”


Argo slapped Feng Yu Chen’s shoulder hard.




Feng Yu Chen nodded seriously. Now, Feng Yu Chen understood what it felt like for everyone to put their trust in you in a fight. This feels different from slaughtering your way into the battle. Feng Yu Chen took over Ouma Shu’s identity and he infiltrated the Funeral Parlor. Back then, he felt like an outsider as he viewed everything as an external party.


After fully merging into this world, he felt the bonds connecting his comrades and him. The strong bonds between them allowed him to truly live in the present. It distanced him from the mindless killing as an Infinity Player.


Feng Yu Chen clenched his fists and he ran towards the entrance. He must save this world and make the ending go his way.


Killing off the enemies standing in his path, Feng Yu Chen came to the place where Inori was imprisoned. The envoy, Yuu was waiting for him. It’s unlikely for him to run away, he’s going to duke it out with Feng Yu Chen like what went down in the original work.


The Envoy smiled at him.


“Soon, the end will be upon us all. It’s just too bad you turned down the role of a king when it’s practically served up to you. Now, I will take away the Power of the Kings as you’re unworthy!”


Feng Yu Chen looked at Yuu with a pair of calm eyes. With Inori’s void sword in his left hand, he materialized Saeko’s void demonic sword in the right. With a pair of silver and black swords, he looked up with a pair of silver-rimmed sunglasses on.


“Cut the crap. I let you run away the last time. This time, I am going to make sure you are defeated. I promised her and I am damn sure going to keep my end of the deal!”


Feng Yu Chen snorted. With a stomp of his right foot, he flew like a cannonball towards Yuu. The pair of sharp swords sliced away at Yuu.


“Your speed is good…”


The envoy didn’t try to dodge, he turned into a ball of white light and he zipped away from Feng Yu Chen. He turned back into himself at the other side.


“Are you only good at running away?”


Feng Yu Chen materialized a pair of void augmented boots to help him with flight. He felt a bit troubled because normal tactics won’t be good enough to kill this envoy. He needed to switch up his tactics.


“What? You want me to stand there and let me cut you down? It’s all fair in war. Your mighty power doesn’t mean anything if you can’t hit me. Once Mana completes her duty, you will lose this war.”


The envoy grinned. He can’t bring Feng Yu Chen down but Feng Yu Chen looks like he can’t harm him as well.




Feng Yu Chen turned invisible with his invisibility void. Then, he turned on the skill he got after ascending to the ninth stage of void evolution. He used his clone skill while invisible, the clone had the same loadout as him, the same pair of swords, and the same pair of sunglasses.


This is his Void Clone ability.


A clone that can fight at 100% the strength of the original for 6o seconds a day.


Feng Yu Chen let his clone go out of invisibility to attack Yuu.


Yuu was expecting an attack after Feng Yu Chen turned invisible. He frowned because he wasn’t sure what this guy is up to. Did he expect to land a surprise attack with this petty trick?


Yuu zipped away in a ball of light just like before and he materialized at the other side.


“Ahaha, those kinds of attacks are usel…”


Before he could finish, something that would shake him up happened.




A bullet struck him and he froze up on the spot.


“Die! You confident prick!”


Feng Yu Chen’s real body appeared out of thin air and he decapitated the envoy.


The envoy thought he could use the same trick twice on an enemy who was stronger than him, that was his fatal mistake.


Feng Yu Chen allowed his clone to attack so Yuu would let down his guard. Then, he predicted Yuu’s landing location with the enhanced senses gained from his activated Sharingan. Using the time-stop gun, he stopped Yuu the moment he materialized.


Yuu wasn’t expecting this and he fell into his trap. A second of immobility was all Feng Yu Chen needed to lop the envoy’s head off.


Beep, you’ve killed the Da’ath envoy, completed a unique hidden quest. Obtained Void upgrade +2. Due to the limit of Void being capped at the 10th stage, the reward became Void upgrade +1. The System will compensate the player after the player returns to the real world.


Void: Bandit’s Hand enhanced, Stage 10.


Bandit’s Hand can steal 10 voids, stolen voids can be used 100 times. The number of voids that can be permanently stored increased to 8. Max number of voids that can be synthesized: 10, Void battle armor (combining more than 5 voids to obtain superhuman powers) duration increased to 80 seconds a day. Void extraction enhanced, Void battery enhanced, Void Cannon (fire a condensed void laser at the designated target) number of shots increased to 3 shots. Void clone (make a clone that can fight at 100% the ability of the original) duration increased to 120 seconds a day. Void Rain of Salvation (Unleashes a cleansing wave of Void rain that will soak up all the Void in the world. Only users who have enhanced their voids to the maximum stage can use this ability. Number of times it can be used 1/1)”


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