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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 98: The final battle begins

The Da’ath guardian immediately jumped away. He opened a portal and he jumped in.


“I like your energy. But, if you want to change this world’s fate, then the only thing you can do is let it burn, Ouma Shu, or should I say the fated one? Hehehe…”


The guardian left with a cryptic line and a creepy grin on his face.


The guardian is probably hinting his knowledge of Ouma Shu’s true identity, a being who integrated the existence of Ouma Shu into himself. That’s a smart move on the part of the guardian, if he caught on, the System would probably delete or modify his existence. As a boss-like existence in one of the worlds, he probably also wouldn’t leak any details pertaining to the System. The Unlimited System created this world, and he is one of many who are ultimately under the control of the System.


It won’t do the Guardian any good to become too self-aware. The guardian just needs to make sure he stayed out of the System’s way. He didn’t blow Feng Yu Chen’s cover, he continued operating as if Ouma Shu is still Ouma Shu. Do his part, test Feng Yu Chen’s viability as the Adam and the Guardian will be alright.


Feng Yu Chen returned to Inori’s room only to find an empty room.


“Damn, he was here for Inori all along, he was only distracting me!”


Feng Yu Chen smashed the bowl into the ground. He promised to protect Inori. This is an inevitable result but the frustration still got him.


Looks like there are more asses to kick and a ton of virus to wipe out before he can end this whole thing.


The way things are going, Mana is going to finish her duty, spreading the virus to every corner of the earth and she will be released from her duty. Then, Inori will get to live on with her original identity…



The second day, Gai who got revived declared his intention to bring about another Lost Christmas Event on 25th December, this time, the whole world will feel its effects. He also threatened the whole world with annihilation by 256 orbital offense satellites known as Leukocyte should any country get cheeky and try to mount a resistance movement.


The United Nations didn’t believe in Gai’s threat, they organized a strike fleet to set sail for Gai’s base.


Kuhouin’s Zaibatsu group also contacted Feng Yu Chen. The group cooperated by supplying mercenaries, weapons, and supplies to Feng Yu Chen’s group.


Feng Yu Chen gathered an army of fighters who are going to put a stop to Gai’s plan.


Kuhuoin Okina, the chairman of the Kuhouin Zaibatsu met Feng Yu Chen with Arisa in tow. He provided the resource needed for Feng Yu Chen’s army to continue fighting.


“That battle of the Defensive Wall really opened my eyes. I thought I had seen it all but you proved me wrong. You played the GHQ like a violin and you showed them all what you can do in one stroke, by that, I meant that huge pillar of laser you shot out.”


Okina assessed Feng Yu Chen’s aura and he found in him a very strong-willed man who had an air of dominance around him. He didn’t think there was another man who can stand eye-to-eye with Gai in terms of character.


Feng Yu Chen rose up as a king in the [Highschool of the Dead]. He forged his regal aura by a year of ruling as the king of an apocalyptic world.


“It was only a small gesture on my part. I should be thanking you for your generous donations. We couldn’t have done it without your support.”


Feng Yu Chen modestly said but his eyes are still as firm as steel.


Okina shrugged.


“Let’s not talk about that. You carved your own path in the face of a tall wall, I only gave you the tailwind you needed to push things forward. Let’s get down to brass tacks, what is your upcoming plan?”


Feng Yu Chen took out a map and he laid it out on the table.


“This is a draft, take look, there are 24 areas in total. The GHQ headquarters comprise a majority of this battlefield. This HQ is a symbolistic structure signifying Japan’s membership and world order. It’s located near Tokyo Bay and there are military, research, medical, and administrative units distributed within this area. Gai took control of this place and is currently using it as his forward base.


On the day of the operation, we will strike in three groups. The United Nations fleet is something we will overlook because they will attract most of the attention away from us. The frontal attack will be led by your subordinates and mercenaries. Feign attack when the defense is overwhelmingly superior to your offense. Concentrate on areas where the defense is relatively weaker.


My subordinates will attack from the side, we will also modify our strategy based on how things proceed. These two forces will be mostly in the role of distraction and confusing enemies. I expect you guys to hold Gai’s subordinates back.


I will form my own personal strike team, this will be the smallest force among the three mobilized forces. I will come in from the back and you know about my powers so I don’t need to explain more on this. There are not a lot of people who can stop me when I set my mind to something.


My team and I will be the strategic force needed to end this battle. You guys only have to worry about distracting the guards and mooks. I will end this and save the world.”


Okina listened closely and he replied.


“That is reasonable, there are not a lot of people who can finish this fight. I will do my part and hold the guards and small fries back. That is the most I can do, however, the future of Japan, no, the whole world, will be in your hand, bring out your ‘A’-game, young man!”


“Nn, that goes without saying…”


Feng Yu Chen nodded. He wanted to start this fight as soon as possible because he wanted to save Inori as soon as possible. He also wants to free Mana from her hell and this world’s storyline.


Okina glanced at Arisa and he turned towards Feng Yu Chen.


“Regarding your relationship with Arisa. Well, I am not sure if I should get involved in the matters between youngsters, but, she’s my granddaughter and I have seen how she supported you throughout this war. If at all possible, I hope you will join the Kuhouin Zaibatsu as a married-in executive, I will be very assured if I have someone like you who can continue to steer the ship in my absence.”


“Hmm… let’s leave that talk for another time. Full disclosure, I am doing all of this to save a girl I set my eyes on. Saving the world is secondary to this.”


Feng Yu Chen said. He’s fighting for Inori because she’s worth putting his life on the line for.




Okina guffawed.


“You are not that different from Gai. He wants to hug the girl of his dream and you want to protect your girl. Youngsters nowadays are so hot-blooded. I feel so old now. That’s right, fight for your woman!”




Feng Yu Chen nodded and he exited the room.


Arisa gave her grandfather a bow and she quickly ran after Feng Yu Chen.


Okina had no objections, he let Arisa chase after Feng Yu Chen and he revised his views of Arisa. She chose the right path and she set her eyes on the one who is poised to become a sovereign. That is a very noble conviction on her part.


Feng Yu Chen gave Arisa a hug after they came out of the conference room.


“Thank you for supporting me until now. Honestly, I wanted to take you with me because you’re an irreplaceable part of my life too. Leaving you here just doesn’t sit well with me…”


Arisa enjoyed the warmth seeping into her from Feng Yu Chen’s chest and she slowly caressed his back.


“There are a lot of choices in life. I am sure if you’re given another chance, you would choose me, if only… Well, just make sure to give Inori the happiness she deserves, and you, you better make sure to live a happy life as well…”


“Arisa, you’re really a fine woman…”


Feng Yu Chen wondered if he can re-enter the world he has already visited in the Unlimited System. It would be nice if the System gave him a choice like that.

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