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Unlimited anime works chapter 95: Skill card, Sharingan

After permanently stealing Kazuzu’s Void, Feng Yu Chen wasted no time in using his void sword to pierce this guy’s heart. He could have bought more time with his ability. It’s like in LoL, when you’re busy running without counter-attacking, you are just going to die when you give up in a team fight. If you have full health you should commit to the team fight. At this rate, the more you run, the more your Hp will decrease until finally, the enemy lands the final blow on you.


LoL is a very popular game over in Feng Yu Chen’s homeland. Feng Yu Chen also had the pleasure of playing it. Of course, he also had those goddamn teammates who fucked the team over by giving up when the gold balance is still okay between the two teams. Just try and fight the other heroes, will ya?! If you’re just gonna run whenever an enemy hero aggroes or harass you, this clearly isn’t a game for you. Are you going to win by ditching your teammates in a team fight? Are you going to win by not killing the other heroes? (Somebody’s stuck in elo-hell.)




“Player 007 killed Player 002. You have successfully completed one instance of Bounty Hunter. You obtained 1000 YBB.”




“Player 007 killed Player 027. You have successfully completed one instance of Bounty Hunter. You obtained 1000 YBB. You have successfully completed Bounty Hunter three times in a row. Iron Bounty Hunter Title became Bronze Bounty Hunter.


Effect: Strength +20, speed +2m/s.


“Strength is now at 97. Player 007 entered the upper stages of the Bronze tier. You’ve unlocked another ability in addition to 50% armor penetration, the Power of Healing, by using your immense power, you use your immense energy to speed up recovery speed to heal wounds.”




“Player 007, you’ve unlocked one special attribute, you can use this special attribute for your skills.”




“Player 007 is the first player to achieve the upper stages of the Bronze tier. You obtained one random skill card.”




Congratulations, you obtained the Sharingan (potential) from the random skill card.”


Skill cards are divided into three types: One-time use, potential, and fixed skill cards. One-time use skill cards disappear after a single use. Potential skill cards can be improved based on proficiency. Fixed skill cards cannot be upgraded. Potential and fixed skill cards are permanent skill cards.




Player 007 is the first player to learn an Infinity skill. You obtained 100 energy as a reward.”


Player status


ID: 007


Titles: [Zombie Exterminator], [Bronze Bounty Hunter]


Tier: Upper-stage Bronze


Tier specialties: [1]Armor-piercer, 50% chance to pierce armor with each attack. [2] Power of Healing, use the body’s enhanced strength and attributes to increase recovery speed.


Strength: 97


Stamina: 20


Energy: 200 (skill active) (Energy refresh back to the maximum value at 00:00 every day)


Speed: 13m/s


Potential-type skills:

Sharingan Lv1(Proficiency 0/500): Can be activated and closed at will, consumes 10 energy when activated. Consumes 1 energy per minute.

Sharingan subskills:


[1] Eye of Insight Lv1: Enhanced visual capabilities, offers a certain extent of predictive abilities based on enemy muscle movements, can dispel genjutsus, and look into the meridian energy, chakra of objects or lifeforms being viewed. Abilities become greater as proficiency rises.


[2] Eye of Hypnotism Lv1: Gives the user the ability to perform genjutsu, illusion & hallucination spells. Requires eye-contact for genjutsus to work. Abilities become greater as proficiency rises.


[3] Eye of mimicry Lv1: Gives the user the ability to copy Jutsus and Taijutsu. Proficiency with copied skills can be improved with training. There are spells that cannot be copied or copied completely. First, Bloodline spells which require said bloodline to perform. Second, Spells that need a contracted beast or monster to perform. Thirdly, Physical skills like the Eight Gates which require breaking human limits to perform, including the subsidiary and derivative skills of skills like the Eight Gate (Front lotus, etc). Finally, Spells outside the Naruto universe. Abilities become greater as proficiency rises.


Contractor: Busujima Saeko.


Item: Xuan Yuan Sword (Strength 30) x 1, Character Substitution Card (True) x 1, Knight’s Armament Company SR-25 x 1, Colt Officer’s ACP x 1


YBB: 7,963.


A series of information flooded Feng Yu Chen’s mind when he killed Usa Kazuzu. It happened because Saeko killed Player 027 while he killing Player 002. He obtained the Bronze Bounty Hunter title and his stats increased. Following that, he climbed up into the upper stages of the Bronze tier. After that, an information deluge came.


Power of Healing, it increases recovery speed by using up energy to heal wounds. It’s like the healing potions in Infinity Store. It’s a healing spell that can be used during dire times to save one’s life.


Then, he unlocked his energy attribute. Skill cards came after that. He memorized the three types of skill cards. This will add another dimension to battles from now on. Brawls between players will probably be hinged on who has the greater power or skills.


Finally, the System gave him a potential skill card in the form of the Sharingan. This got him excited because the Sharingan is a potential ability that can grow almost infinitely. He also got three sub-skills from Sharingan, the Eye of Insight, Eye of Hypnotism, and Eye of Mimicry. The skills aren’t fully developed yet. But, for the current stage of the game, these skills are more than enough to handle the competition. For one, the Eye of Insight meant that he can use it to cheat and win in a fight of swordsmanship against a formidable opponent like Busujima Saeko. Granted, there are other factors that can foil his plans. If his current eye of Insight turns out to be lacking in proficiency, he won’t be able to see past Saeko’s movement.


Furthermore, he can train and increase his proficiency in potential-type skills. After he gets Mangekyo Sharingan, he can use Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Susanoo, Kamui, Kotoamatsukami, Izanami, and Izanagi. Those are all game-changing abilities. What kind of abilities will he obtain when he achieves the final stage of the Sharingan evolution, the Rinnegan? He can’t wait to see.


Now, he has an additional task, using his Sharingan as a form of training. His energy limits him so that he can only use the Sharingan for a maximum of 190 minutes per day.


He also needs to test out the proficiency system of his Sharingan. 1 proficiency point per minute would be very different from 1 proficiency point every 10 minutes. He can guess and theorize but he will only find out when he actually uses this ability.


He immediately used this ability. He watched Naruto before and he always felt that Sharingan users are super cool. Now that he has a pair of Sharingan, it would be a shame if he didn’t use them.


When he activated his Sharingan, he felt a stinging pain in his eyes. The pain faded soon and he started exploring his surroundings with his augmented ocular powers. A brief glance was all it took to memorize his surroundings down to the last blade of grass. His memory also improved to retain that much information. His perception of his environment also improved drastically, he can even feel the tiny movements of the spider moving around in a web above him. He can even predict the spider’s movement.


This is awesome…



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