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Unlimited anime works chapter 94: Void, material repulsion and energy defense field

Usa Kazuzu knew he wouldn’t be able to run, not with an invisible enemy after him. He would be dead the moment he starts running.


“I don’t know if I will die this time. But, this Guilty Crown world was pretty good. Player 007, you can try to kill me but I sure as hell won’t make it easy for you. My void is also very unique, how else did you think I made it so far, to reach No.2 on the rankings!”


Kazuzu manifested a green orb of light and a silver-rimmed sunglass appeared in his hands in the next instant. A mystical field expanded the moment he put it on.


Pew pew


Two bullets were fired in Kazuzu’s direction. He grinned suspiciously.


The bullets stopped and rebounded when his silver glasses glimmered in a magical light.


This took place in a very short amount of time.


Bang bang


The bullets hit the wall and they bored holes in it.


Feng Yu Chen who is still invisible slightly gasped in surprise.


So he has the Void that can reflect attacks, huh?


In Guilty Crown, the hidden boss, Daryl had the ability to stop bullets and reflect them at will. Needless, to say it was a very strong ability.


It’s a neat ability, sure, Feng Yu Chen isn’t intimidated by it though. His current state is only tangible to sufficiently large lifeforms. Bullets can’t touch him.


Following that, he took out Inori’s Void sword and he started hacking away at Kazuzu. His middle stage bronze tier special ability is 50% armor piercing. If Kazuzu’s Void counts as defensive armor, Feng Yu Chen has a 50% chance of hurting Kazuzu with his void sword. He’s prepared if this doesn’t work out though.


Bam bam bam


He unleashed a series of melee attacks on Usa Kazuzu but his forcefield stopped his attacks. It’s not armor, it’s more like a reflective field so his armor-piercing ability didn’t work on it. He tried using different degrees of force to assault the bastard. The stronger his attacks, the deeper the indent on his force field.


Usa Kazuzu is also very flabbergasted with what he is seeing right now. His reflection ability had a limit when this threshold is exceeded, he is going to get hit. Although Feng Yu Chen couldn’t reach him, it’s very impressive that he made indentations in his force field.


Currently, Feng Yu Chen can’t harm Kazuzu. Bullets can’t pierce his force field, forget other forces.


Feng Yu Chen only used his unenhanced strength to fight. What if he used void power to augment his own powers? Moreover, Inori’s void sword can unleash very strong long-ranged attacks. He used it to bring down a falling satellite if it can take down something like a falling satellite, what about this player here?


Kazuzu can reflect physical attacks and bullets, what about completely energy-based attacks?


Feng Yu Chen analyzed Kazuzu’s ability and he nailed his weakness on the spot. He immediately unleashed a huge sword beam at Kazuzu.




The moment Kazuzu felt an energy attack coming for him, he shifted his force field into another mode. He is shocked that Feng Yu Chen caught on so quickly, however, he was prepared for this. After enhancing his Void to the fifth stage, he got an ability that made up for his initial weakness.


The sword beam got blocked by a pale-blue energy barrier.


That’s right, an energy barrier. Kazuzu learned this mode when he enhanced his void. But, the downside is that he can’t use both the energy barrier and material repulsion force field at the same time. Also, he can only switch modes a few times.


There are no invincible foes, only foes that are a bad match for the combatant in question.


After achieving a sufficient mastery in switching defense modes, Kazuzu advanced very quickly to the No.2 spot on the rankings.


Feng Yu Chen was speechless when his attack got blocked by the energy barrier.


So he can block that as well? Is this guy that OP? Maybe God is fair after all, he showed favor for this player he’s fighting.


Kazuzu released a sigh of relief when he saw that Feng Yu Chen stopped attacking. However, he didn’t relax to the extent of slacking up. He knows that Feng Yu Chen won’t leave just like this.


“Player 007, let’s make a deal. You’re very strong, I can’t kill you when you’re invisible. You probably also have other abilities that you’re not showing me yet. I understand the power of the No.1 now. But, similarly, you can’t kill me as well. You still have to gather resources for the mandatory quest. If this continues, your fellow students are going to be attacked by the GHQ. I promise to leave this world after this quest, let me go and we will go our separate ways, how’s that?”


Kazuzu tried to negotiate with Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head in the darkness.


“A deal? With your current leverage? Oh, the moment you attacked me, you basically signed your own death warrant. Did you say something about not being to kill you? Funny, how would you know without trying? I know there’s a weakness in your Void, when I find out, not even your great ancestors will be able to recognize you when I’m done with you.


Don’t you worry about the Resource War, I still have a little under 3 days to do that one. GHQ can’t do anything to me. I am not too worried about the students too. I trust Tsugumi and her ability to find a way out, she will demobilize them when the situation is dire. Plus, what do I care? It’s a game, I don’t plan to mourn for a bunch of students!”


Feng Yu Chen’s confident words shook Kazuzu. He finally realized that Feng Yu Chen is not only strong, but he also combined his strength with wit and a merciless attitude. Once a guy like this is convinced, it’s going to be hard to persuade him to do otherwise. In other words, he can’t be talked out of this.


Kazuzu shouldn’t have picked a fight with this guy. He’s smart and he knows how to exploit his own power.


Fear is a great motivational power, especially when death draws near. The helplessness, the panic, the anxiety, the sense of impending doom, the unknown darkness that is threatening to Gate of Babylone him up…


I need to run!


His desperation and desire to survive sparked another idea in him. Run as fast as possible away from this monster.


When two warriors are fighting, death usually comes to the one who recklessly reveals his back to the enemy. Running away from the enemy, that’s how you die quicker in an intense fight with another fighter.


Time stop


Feng Yu Chen took out one of his trump card, the time-stopping gun. He locked the coward in place.


Because Kazuzu was so busy running he didn’t have the time to put up a proper defense. Hence, he got struck by his time-stopping bullet, something which Kazuzu’s energy barrier can’t block. This is the one mistake that will end his whole career.


Bandit’s hand, permanent steal


The moment he subdued Kazuzu, he used the chance to permanently disarm Kazuzu by stealing his void. His reflection and defensive voids will make fine additions to his current arsenal.


His silver-rimmed glasses appeared in Feng Yu Chen’s hands, a giant black-headed dragon coated Feng Yu Chen’s right arm as he devoured the glasses with it.

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