Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 93: Bounty Hunter

Feng Yu Chen’s blast shook the entire Tokyo city. The whole city fell into silence as everybody returned to a scene of absolute demolishment. He drew a new line through the city, a line of destruction 1 kilometer in length. Anything his beam of destruction touched got deleted from existence.


“Th-that’s amazing!!!”


Arisa didn’t know what else to say. His weapon was on par with super-destructive grade weapons. If he can fire multiple rounds, he would be an international threat.




The other students rejoiced. His immense power brought renewed faith to their hollow souls. They were shaking with awe and fear. Feng Yu Chen is so strong, he must be able to lead them towards a brighter future.


After releasing one round of Void Laser, Feng Yu Chen turned towards Arisa.


“Contact the Kuhouin Zaibatsu, get the resources near us transported, we will be in charge of security and defense…”


“Okay, I will be back with good news…”


Arisa quickly left.


Xiao Han Yue was told to contact the Kuhouin Zaibatsu but Feng Yu Chen couldn’t be careless with this operation. Over-preparation is better than under-preparation. It would also look good if he had control over the situation from start to finish.




“Player 007 killed player 048. You have successfully completed one instance of Bounty Hunter, obtained 1000 YBB. You’re also granted the title of Iron Bounty Hunter for getting your first kill.”


Strength +10, speed +1m/s.”


Normally, players received notification through their System Smartphone, but, the System can also transmit messages directly into the player’s head so Feng Yu Chen is still up to date even though he lent out his smartphone.


This means Saeko just killed someone. Player 049 should be someone from GHQ.


The new Bounty Hunter title granted him 10 more STR points and +1m/s to his speed. He recalled Guilty Crown’s basic quest gave strength and speed as well. This world is probably a world for players to train their strength and speed.


A bullet came for him as he hurriedly dodged to the side. Given no time to defend at all, he instantly raised his guards against the GHQ player who came to kill him.


Without his smartphone, he couldn’t locate the player. This attack came shortly after the System notified him of a player’s presence in the vicinity. Aside from Suzumiya Haruna and Xiao Han Yue, he designated all but one player from Funeral Parlor as his bounty target. As such, there are only a few candidates left. According to the last signal he got from the System, the player closest to him would be Player 002.


Ah, I see, so it’s Player 002.


“Hare, you’re in charge of the students here, I need to deal with that sniper…”


Feng Yu Chen said.


“Nn, be careful…”


Menjou Hare nodded. She also heard the shot, that sniper must be subdued.


Feng Yu Chen nodded and he quickly ran in the direction of the sniper.


Hehe, you messed up, you chose the wrong target.  It’s this part of the cat-and-mouse game that I relish.


Feng Yu Chen turned invisible when he entered a nearby alley.




A rather handsome youth stood in a room of a high-rise building. He calmly analyzed what just happened. He wanted to snipe Player 007 since he’s number one on the rankings. But, when he got close to Feng Yu Chen (Ouma Shu) at Area D, he couldn’t locate anyone who looked like a player. The System also didn’t detect a player there, it only gave him a ping that Player 007 is there.


This youngster didn’t want to give up at this juncture. Since Ouma Shu is right there, he wanted to kill Ouma Shu for his Void Genome, however, he didn’t think the target would be able to dodge a sniper bullet.


He saw Ouma Shu running in his direction like he knew where he was. How would a native of this world know about the location of a player with such precision? Unless he’s not Ouma Shu but someone who replaced him. That would place this youth in tremendous danger.


When the youth considered this, he recognized that the map wasn’t erroneous, Feng Yu Chen must have used some sort of hiding ability to distort the sensory function of his smartphone. Even more astonishing, he saw Feng Yu Chen turning invisible while on his way here. If his eyes are not playing tricks on him, this means his life is in danger. This isn’t a joking matter at all!


Usa Kazuzu, a second-year high school student. He picked up an iPhone 5 one night and stuff happened before he got transported into Guilty Crown as a Player. As a native Japanese, he is very familiar with Guilty Crown. He chose the neutral faction because he was freaking out at the start of this game.


He started beating himself for screwing up so badly, neutral players aren’t characters who are noteworthy in this work. If he can’t find a way to weave himself into the story then things are going to get boring soon enough.


Neutral players had more freedom than the other two factions. They are also players who can complete quests easier. For instance, quest where they can choose to either kill players from GHQ or Funeral Parlor. Players from GHQ and Funeral Parlor also targeted neutral players because of this. Hence, neutral players had to resort to hiding and ambush to avoid getting ganged up on by either GHQ or Funeral Parlor players.


Today, his biggest mistake would be his attempt to assassinate the no.1 ranking player in this stage of the game. He’s a genius but he’s not going to get the last laugh. Usa Kazuzu got his no.2 ranking although this is only his second time playing as a Player. He thought he was smart enough to challenge Feng Yu Chen who is the reigning no.1


He knew he’s in deep trouble when Feng Yu Chen disappeared from his field of vision. Invisibility is a very troubling ability to fight against. In fact, he reckons it is easily the most terrifying ability to fight in a life-and-death situation.


Kazuzu didn’t see Feng Yu Chen firing his Void Magic Cannon. If he did, he would have run away as fast as his feet can carry him. In other words, it was poor luck that he got here after Feng Yu Chen fired his laser. He missed that shocking display of power and now he’s at hell’s door. He assumed that earth-shattering sound was from a gigantic machine or mecha. He didn’t think it was a skill from another player, if somebody told him about it, he would have laughed that player out the door for spouting such nonsense. Who would believe something like this?

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