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Unlimited anime works chapter 92: Void magic missile

Feng Yu Chen isn’t surprised Zi Yue Ling left when the quests came. This was in-line with her personality. If she stayed, Feng Yu Chen might not let her go. She made the rational choice to leave before things get out of hand. Feng Yu Chen is okay with this, she didn’t do anything to obstruct him so far.


“What a cautious woman…”


Feng Yu Chen stored away his phone with a smile on his face. That message was probably Zi Yue Ling’s way of asking for leniency. She could have left this world without saying anything but she chose to inform him anyway. She probably wants to reduce Feng Yu Chen’s suspicions of her. She wants him to know that they are on the same side.


He expects Zi Yue Ling to do anything in her biggest interest to survive. She did what she had to do to survive, bowing her head down to him while also minding her side of the business. When the chance presented itself, she cut herself off from impending trouble. He praised her for being so astute and quick-witted.


After Zi Yue Ling sent him a message, Xiao Han Yue sent him messages as well. Apparently, she’s not planning on leaving this world.


That woman you sent me to spy on left. Also, I am planning to obtain the Iron Bounty Hunter title by killing one Funeral Parlor player. As an exchange, I will provide you with locations where GHQ defenses are very compromised. I will also pull some strings to divert some of the seized goods to that area. After infiltration, you and your friends can obtain all the resources you need to complete your mission, how about it?”


That was Xiao Han Yue’s message.


Feng Yu Chen narrowed his eyes. This girl is one ambitious lady. He likes her better this way, better for him to manipulate her. He can easily predict what she’s going to do since he has a solid vision of what she wants to do. Unlike Zi Yue Ling, Feng Yu Chen can read Xiao Han Yue like a book.


Granted, Xiao Han Yue might be lying to Feng Yu Chen. It’s a good chance to sweep up Feng Yu Chen and his followers by leaving a generous bait like this. But, Ye XingHe reckons that Xiao Han Yue isn’t dumb enough to do something like that. Even if she did lay a trap for him, Feng Yu Chen still has more cards to play. His current power exceeded the other players’ imaginations.


Okay, find those locations and give me the map. I will attack with my comrades, I will give you a temporary opening by feigning weakness, this should attract the players you want.”


Feng Yu Chen sent her a reply.


Xiao Han Yue sent him a map soon after that. It’s a blueprint with GHQ’s defenses, manpower, installations, and other security details meticulously recorded and labeled on it. Xiao Han Yue prepared for this, this degree of detail isn’t something one can do in just a few days.


With GHQ’s defenses in his hand, Feng Yu Chen prepared for this operation by first summoning everyone in the school.


Starting up a presentation, he laid out GHQ’s defenses on a screen as he started explaining.


“I believe everyone is aware of our recent logistic chain disruption by a certain hostile party. In order to get our resources back by force, I am giving every participant a map I obtained from an internal spy planted in GHQ. On this map, you can find all the defense and security details of the GHQ’s quarantine walls. At dusk tomorrow, we will fight. Now, let us get down to the details, perk your ears up and listen closely.


There are four designated areas: A, B, C, and D on the map. Those are target areas where we will strike. Area A, B, and C are only decoy targets to attract the enemy’s attention. These places will be staffed with combatants with ranged-attack Voids. Fire at anyone standing on the wall or near it. If the enemies return fire or come chasing after you, retreat while suppressing the enemy with your ranged voids. Tsugumi will direct you guys on retreat routes and escape routes. I expect everyone to follow Tsugumi’s direction.


Those with melee Voids will move with me as we attack Area D, we will break down the walls there and seize our goods back.


Those are basically what we are going to do in this upcoming operation. Those who aren’t willing to participate should stay behind in supportive roles. This is our first fight against the GHQ, follow me and the damage shall be reduced to a minimum. Cowards who are afraid of battles should not participate, those who doubt the success of this mission should leave too.”


Feng Yu Chen scanned over everyone with a stern gaze. This is a very important battle. He will not back down because he’s going to win for sure.



8 Hours 21 Minutes, 44 Seconds before the start of the Resource War.


“All squads, give me a situational report…”


“Squad A, on-site, and ready…”


“Squad B, on-site, and ready…”


“Squad C, on-site, and ready…”


“Squad D, on-site, and ready…”


“Squad A, begin your attacks within 5 minutes from now. Squad B, begin your attacks after 5 minutes. Squad C, start your attacks after 10 minutes. Squad D, start attacking after 15 minutes. Over and out…”



“Squad A, Voids checked, guns ready…”




“Squad B, Voids checked, guns ready…”




“Squad C, Voids checked, guns ready…”




“Our feigns were successful. GHQ is already on the move. Squad D mobilize, Squad A,  start moving back. I want all combatants to be back by 10 minutes, come back along the directed routes…”




Orders continued to move the squads according to Feng Yu Chen’s plans.


Feng Yu Chen immediately designated Players 029, 074, 031, 078, 051, and 027. He assigned the targets to Saeko by lending her his phone. She can handle most any average human, he also ordered Suzumiya Haruna to assist her, she can disrupt the enemies with her psychic powers.


He left Player 018 to Zi Yue Ling as agreed. Neutral players are required to kill at least one player from the GHQ or Funeral Parlor.


After arriving at Area D, Feng Yu Chen discovered that this area was only guarded by a few GHQ members. It’s very easy to infiltrate but there are still threats here. For one, that giant meddling quarantine wall standing in opposition to them.


“What now? Do we take the defensive wall down with explosives? I don’t think we have enough firepower to take down that thing. I don’t think we have personnel that can demolish something this big. Inori’s Void Sword can open a small hole but how do we transport the cargo away?”


Feng Yu Chen chuckled.


“Haha, watch closely as I show you the power of Voids.”


A silver ring of light appeared before a gigantic void missile launcher appeared in front of Feng Yu Chen. It’s a missile launcher that floated in violation of gravity.


Feng Yu Chen grabbed the cannon and he fired one round at the defensive wall…


The cannon sucked in Void energy, creating a mini-storm in the area. The energy condensed within the barrel got so great that it snuffed out the light in that area. At one point, people noticed it…


“What’s that?”


“Who is it?”


“I-it’s an enemy attack…”




The GHQ soldiers stationed here noticed the light coming from his big cannon and they started freaking out. They wanted to mount a counter-attack but…


“Hehe, die for me!!”


Feng Yu Chen launched a shot after he charged his attack.


Boom crackle sizzle


A silver lightning bolt of a gigantic proportion shot out from the void launcher. Feng Yu Chen was pushed back by the enormous backlash. Then, he was assaulted by the drizzle sounds coming from his attack.


The bolt of silver lightning struck the defense wall and the wall immediately got incinerated. The attack didn’t stop there, the attack also reduced everything behind that wall into ashes, he created a 1kilometer-long line of crumbling infrastructure and ashes.


There was nothing left of the buildings and people struck by his void lightning missile.


The ground is still crackling with silver lightning even now, clouds of dust and smoke started floating into the air.



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