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Unlimited anime works chapter 91: A battle for resources

Feng Yu Chen and his retinue came to a decision, they are going to fight. Kuhouin’s resource cargo got forcibly seized by GHQ. They have enough resources stored up for the short-term, however, they can no longer deliberate on this matter as they won’t have enough to last them in the long-run.


The players were also issued final notifications of an incoming grand battle.


“Mandatory quest (Death for those who fail the quest after taking it, an existing player can leave the world if they already completed the basic quest from before. 24 hours after quest issuance, all players will be barred from returning to the real world until they either complete the mission or die on failure) Quest reward: void enhancement +1


Resource war (Mandatory): 72 hours


Funeral Parlor faction: Join the battle, contact Kuhouin’s zaibatsu and offer at least 1 ton of food or similar resources


GHQ faction: Join the battle, kill the current mastermind behind the Funeral Parlor, Ouma Shu


Neutral faction: Join the battle, the player must kill at least one member from Funeral Parlor or GHQ.”


The mandatory quest stirred Feng Yu Chen & his faction into action. This world wasn’t meant to be treated like a vacation world, players are required to kill each other to survive in this world. This Infinity System was designed to play with the players’ lives and pit them against each other in a disturbing game of life and death. This world is a stage meant to disqualify players. By repeating this process, it’s highly probable that there’s only going to be one survivor at the end of this game. [Highschool of the Dead] isn’t as dark as [Guilty Crown], you killed zombies in the former while you have to start killing living humans in this world. Nobody can change the rules of the game, to live is to kill.


The System issued another shocking news.




“The resource war is in preparation: 23:59;59 until the start of the quest.


Players currently alive

Funeral Parlor faction: Player 007, Player 012, Player 018, Player 029, Player 074

GHQ faction: Player 005, Player 031, Player 078, Player 049, Player 051, Player 027

Neutral faction: Player 055, Player 002, Player 010.”




“After the Resource War begins, an activity called the Bounty Hunter will also begin. Players can pay 100 YBB (the currency of the Infinity System) to designate another player as the target. The System will issue the target’s location to the bounty hunting player and this will continue for 24 hours. If the target is not killed within 24 hours then the bounty hunter will have to pay 100 YBB again until the successful elimination of the target when 1000YBB will be given to the bounty hunter. Any player who successfully completes this activity the first time will be given the Iron Bounty Hunter title, Brozen Bounty Hunter for 3 consecutive kills, Silver Bounty Hunter for 5 consecutive kills, and the Gold Bounty Hunter for 10 consecutive kills and above.”


A quest for titles, Feng Yu Chen gasped. This System is really vicious. It issued a quest that will incentivize player-killing at the most crucial point of this stage of the game. The players who are still alive are either very capable, smart, or both. This Bounty Hunter quest is also a good way to quickly increase one’s power.


Feng Yu Chen’s power is currently categorized in the middle stages of the white silver tier. Going up, the attributes increase will surely be greater, no doubt about that. He expects the worlds following this one to become harder and harder to survive. What if the black iron tier or white silver tier isn’t enough to survive the next world?


Of the players currently alive, Feng Yu Chen’s Player 007, Zi Yue Ling is player 005, Suzumiya Haruna is Player 012, Xiao Han Yue is Player 055. As for the rest, they are all fair game. He can designate them as targets. Suzumiya Haruna can be trusted. He can spare Zi Yue Ling if she knows where to draw the line. Xiao Han Yue is also a girl he can train, so for now, she’s not his naughty list.


Feng Yu Chen made up his mind to obtain the Silver Bounty Hunter title. That’s the bare minimum he can take. He wants to get the Gold Bounty Hunter title if possible, however, that has to come after he completes the mandatory quest or he will be killed.


This is a war between all the players. The battlefield is the world of Guilty Crown. This Bounty Hunter quest threw existing coalition and partnership into the air, anyone can now stab their partners in the back. Trusting no one is a reliable procedure if one coveted life. The players are now presented with a choice, leave this world before the death game starts, or, strive to become the king of a hill of corpses.


Feng Yu Chen predicts that the endgame is close at hand if the System issues this kind of quest. This is the final battle to determine the winner of this world, the winner of this stage.


At present, Feng Yu Chen is still the number one ranking player. By virtue of the resources available to him, his calculating personality, and his character substitution card, he became the most successful player in this world. Only Suzumiya Haruna, Zi Yue Ling, Busujima Saeko, and Xiao Han Yue knew about his real identity as a player. Meanwhile, Arisa, a native of this world also knows about his otherworldly origin. But, he couldn’t guarantee that Zi Yue Ling won’t sell him out to other players. The System also acknowledges Ouma Shu as his other identity. If Ouma Shu is determined to be dead by the System, it wouldn’t issue another quest to kill a deceased person.


After the quests start, smarter players would be able to tell that he’s not the real Ouma Shu. Anyone who is familiar with the original work can tell that the main character wasn’t as capable as the “MC” in this world.


Ring ring


Zi Yue Ling sent Feng Yu Chen a message. This is the second message she sent him after entering Guilty Crown. She sent her first message on the first day they entered this world. There is a very large gap in time between these two messages. What’s worth mentioning is also the fact that Zi Yue Ling is the no.3 ranking player in the player rankings. In other words, she has the third-highest kill-count in this stage of the game. She looked like a malevolent women but all the players who are alive at this stage are all killers who were forced into this by the System. If they didn’t kill others, they would be killed by other players.


Zi Yue Ling steeled herself up to kill others. She’s also not strong in a fight, but, she did get no.3 in the rankings so she must have made up for her deficient power with wit and clever ploys. Moreover, Zi Yue Ling trained her marksmanship in [Highschool of the Dead], and she’s very good at picking off targets at a distance. She can blow the head of any target outside within 1 kilometer and then some. She’s probably on par with Minami Rika from [Highschool of the Dead]. When people talk about smart girls who can quickly learn anything, they are talking about her.


Feng Yu Chen checked  Zi Yue Ling’s message.


Did you send someone to keep an eye on me? Don’t ask me how I found out. I knew something’s off when Segai returned. Segai is a tricky fellow for sure but I don’t think he’s capable enough to escape an ambush from you. Oh, tell “Segai” to get good at acting because I can tell it’s not the real Segai. The Bounty Hunter quest is the last line for me, I am afraid of a certain god of death. Bingo, yeah, you. Alright, I am going to leave this world first before someone sent me away in astral form. Goodbye…”

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