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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 90: Choices in love

Arisa saw that Feng Yu Chen is already aroused and she wasn’t the type of girl to turn him down after saying something like that. Honestly, she just wanted Feng Yu Chen to accompany her, she didn’t expect he would misread her signals. It’s going to reduce his familiarity with her if she rejected him at this juncture.


“Come to my room, okay?”


Arisa blushed and she clasped her hands together. She tried to calm down her throbbing heart.


Feng Yu Chen’s heart also started racing.


“Are you serious?”


“Erm… Of course, I am. What else do you want me to do?”


Arisa lowered her burning face, what more is there to say? The arrow already left the bow.


“Nn, then let’s go?”


Feng Yu Cheng’s heart throbbed for a second there, are there really going to bump uglies?


“Let’s go to my room…”


Arisa grabbed Feng Yu Cheng’s hand and she started walking towards her room. Feng Yu Chen looks like he’s down for it. She is also down for it. She reckons that doing so would draw them closer. Moreover, they have favorable feelings toward each other so it only took a little luck for them to get together.


He misunderstood her on purpose. She’s not someone who is so madly in love with him that she would throw herself at his feet. She was jealous of Inori and she wanted him to console her. He faked it but he didn’t think she would give in so easily. Now, he’s slightly looking forward to this.


He’s a young man and he’s very horny. He’s not going to let this offer of a lifetime go, especially not from a woman as attractive as Arisa.


When they got to her room, they started embracing each other while making out. Their brief exchange of words on the way here ignited the passionate flames of eros. Not flustered by being intimate with the other gender, they instantly melded together in an unsightly mess.


“Wait, if you are going to eat me up, I think you need to show some sincerity, isn’t that right?”


Arisa pushed her fingers against Feng Yu Chen’s lips.


“What kind of sincerity are you expecting from me?”


He said while fondling her gigantic marshmallows.


“My request is a simple one. I want you to say how much you love me. I am a lady who can be easily persuaded since I am already so infatuated with you. Now, let me hear it, make sure to pack it with a lot of love or I am going to have to turn you down. If I am displeased, you are also not going to get some.”


Arisa started acting spoiled.


Emotional connection, huh…


He smiled and then he carried her princess-styled. Placing her on the bed, he caressed her golden locks while gazing into her eyes. He affectionately whispered into her ears.


“Je t’aime~” 


“Nope, not good enough…”


Arisa pouted. She’s already sold but she wants to hear more from him, typical.


Je t’aime~ Je t’aime~ Je t’aime~”


And then he seized her lips, sealing her without letting her protest.


You brute…


Arisa mumbled inside her heart. She entwined her arms around Feng Yu Chen’s back and she started reciprocating his feelings. She didn’t get to properly enjoy it the last time they kissed on the liner. This time, she got more than a good taste.


His hands began creeping into her shirt, feeling up her soft jugs. Her hooters are surprisingly bouncy. In terms of body line and figure, she’s definitely packing top-grade artilleries.


“Auh… Nh…”


Caressed by his hands, she couldn’t help but moan in pleasure as she clawed his back. She wanted to firmly grasp onto this strong domineering male in front of her, she wanted the courage to seek out more of his love.


His bestial side slowly awoke within Feng Yu Chen. His blood is boiling with lustful passion. Instantly, he deprived her of her school uniform. Fortunately for him, his in-depth knowledge of the Japanese school uniform helped him greatly in stripping Arisa. Their design showed an apparent understanding of the male aesthetic. For instance, their mini-skirt not only appealed to him, when they are getting it on, he can also roll her skirt up so it’s very convenient as well.


“Go easy on me, this is my first time. If I can’t walk properly tomorrow then people will start talking about us. You can use a rougher plowing method the next time we do this so just go easy on me this time, okay?”


Arisa pleaded with him.


“I understand, I will be very gentle since it’s your first time. But, I think I might be much gentler if you say hubby in a beautiful tone…”


He teased her while massaging the lump of fat on her chest.


Arisa instantly turned red and she acquiesced to his request.


“Hubby-wubby, please go easy on me…”


“Good girl, a deal’s a deal…”


He removed his clothes and he continued kissing her. Suddenly, he gave her a mighty pinch on her tatas and he used the moment she gasped in pleasure and shock to insert his wick into her slot. There was a thin membrane that blocked him but he rammed through it nonetheless, jamming his rod into the chamber.


“Anh… Nmh…”


The second day, Feng Yu Chen got up early and he saw that Arisa was already wide awake, looking at his face.


“What’s wrong, baby? You want some more vitamin D?”


He said while feeling up her bodacious body.


Arisa shook her head.


“I just can’t get enough of your handsome countenance. Just my luck, why did I fall for someone like you. I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on you that you’re going to be trouble. Isn’t that strange?”


“Haha, not at all. I am a top bloke, heroic, gallant, and an absolute specimen to behold. It would be strange if you didn’t fall for me…”


“Now, look here. There should be a limit to how narcissistic you can be. You are pretty good looking but I am pretty sure you aren’t the most handsome in the universe. I am even more suspicious of your claims about being heroic and gallant. I think you are leaning more towards stone-cold killer, dangerous-vibe giving kind of man, wouldn’t you say so?”




Feng Yu Chen was speechless for a second there.


“Cooperate with me for a minute, will ya? Fine, I may be a bit cruel and I chop off the heads of people I don’t like here and there while feeling remorseless for the deaths of others. But, then again, that’s what got you hooked on me right? What? Don’t tell me you’re regretting the choices you made?”


Arisa shook her head and she replied seriously.


“I don’t regret anything. It’s just the mysterious air you’re giving off really sealed the deal for me. You’ve gotta be tough and break a few eggs, especially when you’re trying to do something big. When I saw the confident smile you had while you went off to face the ruffians, that’s the moment I was sure there’s no going back on my love for you.”


“I like what I hear…”


He nodded.


“Why do I get the feeling that you’re going to leave soon. Could you please stay?”


“I am surprised you managed to guess that on your own.”


Feng Yu Chen chuckled. If he had a choice, he would take all the girls he liked with him. But, he can only bring one character away from this world with him and he reserved that spot for Inori who he liked the most. It isn’t an easy choice to make but he has to make up his mind on this matter. It’s selfish for him to tap Arisa’s butt when he can only take Inori with him but that’s his style. He is overly close to Ayase for a similar reason, he wants to get to know that type of girl a bit more.


“Stay, please? I can’t live without you. I can give up my name and status, I just want to be someone that can support you from behind, gaze upon your figure every day, it’s a small request, right? Is this world that bad? After saving the world, you can mold the world in your image, I can help you create the biggest commercial enterprise on earth, it will all be yours, why do you have to leave?”


Arisa begged.


It might be a small request but it’s an impossible request for Feng Yu Chen. Inori is a very lonely existence he has to save.


“Arisa, I…”


He didn’t continue, he couldn’t.


“If you have to leave, I want you to give me as much happiness as possible within the time we have left with each other. I want you to accompany me every night until our love crystallizes (tl;dr I want your baby). At least, I won’t be lonely like this…”



Arisa said with a hidden bitterness in her tone.


As expected, he chose Inori over me, huh?

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