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Unlimited anime works chapter 89: A night of temptations


After seeing a practical exhibition on the power of Voids, the students hesitated no longer. They are convinced that the power of Voids will be able to carry them through this valley of despair.


Nighttime, all the students are asleep but Feng Yu Chen & his retinue aren’t resting just yet. The student council room became their main office for the moment.


“Now, we are going to divide up the tasks. We are all going to move in squads so it won’t do us any good if we are disorganized from the get-go. We must stay in communication with the other squads and move in one fluid formation. Synergies should be taken into consideration in the formation of squads as well.


Firstly, while the Kuhouin Zaibatsu is still able to support us, Arisa, I am going to put you in charge of getting guns and ammo for us. I expect the GHQ to clamp down on all supply routes including air freights, as such, we are going to need a stockpile. Arisa, I am expecting you to cover my back on this


As for our intel network, Tsugumi, you’re the perfect individual for this. I am putting you in charge of monitoring the intranet and security cameras around the campus. You are the eyes as we continue moving forward. I expect flawless coordination between you and the other, especially on combat operations, superior communication is the key. In short, you’re one of the lynchpins of our group.


Finally, PTSD will arise among our students from the ensuing battles. Hare, you’re in charge of psychological evaluations and counseling. Do some group activities, give a few pep talks here and there, keep them hopeful and keep them optimistic.


Inori, you’re going to do a similar job. However, you are going to keep tabs on anyone who’s trying to start trouble. Report them to me at once, we don’t need suspicious and doubtful individuals in our group, they only need to listen to me”


Feng Yu Chen passed down his orders. He isn’t going to negotiate with his subordinates. Granted, he’s going to listen to legitimate ideas and suggestions.


The others all nodded and they firmly engraved his orders in their minds. They are now in a group together and they can’t fool around or people will die.


“Okay, I am sure everyone’s tired. You are all dismissed, get some rest.”


Feng Yu Chen ended the meeting. He exited the room with Inori in tow. They grabbed some food made by Chef Feng Yu Chen.


“They really can’t leave each other alone, huh…”


Arisa said after watching Feng Yu Chen and Inori with a nonchalant look. Although she looked calm, she’s actually feeling sour inside.


Hare and Ayase also shared her sentiment. They are both crushing heavily on Feng Yu Chen, Hare already confessed and although Feng Yu Chen chose Inori, she still managed to say her piece in the end.


Ayase is also reviewing her own feelings. She was only slightly attracted at first. After that battle, however, she enjoyed the most exhilarating battle of her life. When Feng Yu Chen gazed into her eyes while putting the mecha legs on her, she finally recognized the fact that this man had already taken Gai’s place in her heart. Of course, being a Tsundere, there’s no way in hell she’s going to say this out loud. She buried her feelings inside her heart, trying hard not to let others notice.



Feng Yu Chen used the school’s canteen to cook up a feast for both him and Inori. They sat down and they started enjoying their grub.


Inori’s mind is off thinking about Ouma Shu’s (Feng Yu Chen) confession, she couldn’t calm down no matter how hard she tried to stop thinking about this. Like a blank canvas, Feng Yu Chen’s arrival stained her canvas with warmth and passionate red color.


However, she saw Feng Yu Chen fighting together with Ayase and she felt a piercing pain inside her heart. It’s like somebody stabbed her with needles. She could vaguely tell that this is the result of her jealousy affecting her state of mind. But, they only fought together, it’s not her place to say anything about it, right?


“What’s wrong? Inori?”


Feng Yu Chen saw her anxious look and he asked her out of concern. Is she upset because the taste of his dish isn’t up to par? That shouldn’t be the case, he was sure he used maximum effort in cooking up a proper feast.




Inori gasped in surprise. Suddenly, she hugged Feng Yu Chen while pushing her face up against his chest.


“Shu, you’re not going to leave me, right? Right? You’re going to stay with me forever, right?”


Feng Yu Chen flinched in shock. He sensed something from her tone and he embraced her.


“Inori, there is no way I am going to leave you. If you don’t like the relationship between Ayase and me, it’s okay, I will treat her as a friend and just a friend. You’re the only girlfriend I got from this world. Since you are very important to me, you can say whatever is on your mind. I want to receive all of your love. Remember how I confessed my love for you in front of Hare and the other students in order to make our relationship clear, I only have eyes on you…”


Inori relaxed and she loosened her tense expression.


“Wouldn’t that be unreasonably hard on you? It’s only natural for you to fight with Ayase since we are all comrades. Maybe I am thinking too much about this? Shu, do you hate me for saying this?”


“Look here, you silly girl..”


Feng Yu Chen rubbed Inori’s head.


“What are you talking about? We already promised to stay together forever, obviously, that means sticking together through thick and thin, isn’t that so?”


Inori nodded and she rested her head on his chest. She started dozing off as the fatigue caught up with her. His chest felt very warm to her. Compared to the rest of the world, right here, on his chest, that’s the best pillow for her.


He watched as Inori slept like a kitten. Overwhelmed by her cuteness, he placed her in a princess carry and he walked towards his quarters.


He placed her on her bed and he closed the door to her room. A voice came when he came out of Inori’s room.


“Is the little princess fast asleep?”


Feng Yu Chen was startled by her appearance, Arisa, greeted him.


“You almost scared the crap out of me. What are you doing up so late? Are you going to be okay if you don’t get enough sleep?”


Feng Yu Chen rolled his eyes at Arisa.


“Drop the act, I like your original personality more than your façade. Your original personality is much more attractive compared to your wimpy act.”


Arisa stated her dislike for Ouma Shu. She preferred Feng Yu Chen over the original protagonist of this world.


“Fine, what do you want?”


He rolled his eyes again. This girl really needed to watch the time and place, what if someone overheard her? It’s his secret which he would like to keep a secret for a while longer. But, he still entertained her with his usual personality and appearance.


After watching him transform back, Arisa glomped him.


“I can get jealous too, you know. I am your woman and here you are giving all your attention to Inori. Are you doing this on purpose to make me envious? Mission accomplished, I want you to spend the night with me.”




Feng Yu Chen felt blood boiling up in his body. Her words and actions are turning him on. He had to admit that she’s got style almost unmatched in all of [Guilty Crown]. She has got smooth skin, she’s the Ojou-sama of a large Zaibatsu, it felt pretty good to tango with a girl like this.




Arisa knew he must have misunderstood something. She only wanted him to stay by her side for the night, maybe chat a little.


Wait, is he thinking about that kind of stuff?

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