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Unlimited anime works chapter 88: Waltz of death

After the school returned to its peaceful state, an invading force stirred up chaos.


A bunch of ruffians in mecha and armored vehicles rammed their way into the school. With the law and order inside the quarantine zone completely destroyed, looting, killing, robberies, rapes became common inside the quarantine zone. The quarantine zone became hell on earth, complete anarchy.


“Kuhouin, lead the others into the shelter. Tsugumi and Ayase prepare to engage the enemies. Tsugumi, I am putting you in charge of intel and communications, Ayase, you will be fighting with me. You didn’t get too rusty waiting for a fight, right?”


Feng Yu Chen steeled himself up. This is his first fight since crowning himself as the king. This will also be a PR stunt for the other students to see his capabilities. He wanted to hit it home that anyone who followed him will survive.


“How is Aya-nee going to fight? We don’t have our mechas with us! Aya-nee, let’s take shelter!”


Tsugumi wanted to push Ayase’s wheelchair away, is this guy serious? There’s no way Ayase can fight without the support of her mecha.


“I… don’t want to…’


Ayase pressed down on the brakes of her wheelchair. She won’t back off. She lost the right to happiness, she also couldn’t find joy in battles. Running away isn’t a choice for her, she didn’t want to return to her useless self.


“Tsugumi, do your job. Leave Ayase to me, I guarantee with my life that Ayase will return unharmed with my protection.”


Feng Yu Chen slapped his chest with his right arm. It’s an oath he intended to keep.


Tsugumi saw his confident look and she nodded.


“Fine, but if you allow even one strand of her hair to be harmed then I am not going to forgive you. Keep that in mind and make sure she’s safe, you got that?!”


“Nn, relax, leave it to me. I will protect Ayase. It’s my manly promise to you, I won’t go back on my words!”


Feng Yu Chen winked at her.


“Tsk, you’re still far away from getting my acknowledgment…”


Tsugumi pouted but she left anyway.


“I-I, Shu, give me the power to fight. I wasn’t sure what to do with my life until Gai gave me freedom (her mecha), I want to shine brighter…”


Ayase started crying, a rare behavior coming from her, while biting down on her lips She didn’t want to admit her weakness.


Feng Yu Chen got down on one knee and he grabbed her small hands, he placed them by his cheek and he whispered into her ears.


“Inside my heart, Ayase has always been a strong girl who strode forward with courage. Sure, you’re too Tsundere for your own good but I adore that part of you. Gai gave you a pair of legs, I can give you freedom too…”


Ayase looked at Feng Yu Chen with a dumbfounded look. She wanted new emotional support. She wanted to rely on him as her emotional support. She wanted someone to give her the courage to live on.


A silver glow appeared beneath Feng Yu Chen’s feet. The silver glow encased both of them as Feng Yu Chen pressed his palm against her petite chest. A blue light appeared in front of her chest and he reached into her…


“Ngh… Ah…”


Ayase started moaning in pain as the process of Void extraction tends to hurt at the beginning. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


He took out a pair of mechanical legs that looked like Endlave mecha legs, it was the right fit for Ayase.


“My princess, now that you can stand, would you like to dance with me?”


Feng Yu Chen pulled Ayase up and she used her Void legs to fly. It’s a high-grade Void that materialized her embedded desires to roam freely with her own legs, it’s no wonder that her Void had the ability allow flight and increased speed.




With a renewed sense of mobility, she stood up with her own ability.


“Here, I think you know what to do with these 2 guns. That’s my present to you.”


Feng Yu Chen bought two Colt Officer’s ACP pistols from the System shop and he gave it to Ayase.


She thanked Feng Yu Chen with emotional eyes. She never felt so blessed in her life as she did right now.


“Thank you very much…”


“It’s not the time to say thank you, not yet. With this, I believe you should be able to fight, right? Now, what do you say? Wanna dance with me? A waltz of death, wouldn’t that be dandy?”


Feng Yu Chen looked at the ruffians who barged their way into the school. They appeared to be mercenaries.


Ayase gave him a radiant smile, she looked like someone who was reborn. She gave him a firm nod.


“Okay, you’re the lucky guy I am giving my first dance to…”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


“Hmm, you’re telling me you aren’t happy being with me?”


Feng Yu Chen gave her a cheeky chuckle and he materialized Inori’s void sword.




Ayase stuttered. She continued in a small voice.


“Of course I am a lucky girl as well… Uh, thank you…”


“I already said spare me the thanks. Oh, right, the gentleman is supposed to be the one who invites the girl for a dance, right?”


Feng Yu Chen laughed out loud and a silver band of light appeared beneath his legs. He bounced up and he landed heavily on an approaching Endlave mecha.




The mecha burst out in a grand explosion.


“Let me reciprocate, hehe…”


Like a graceful swan in flight, she took to the air and she back the triggers on her guns.


Bang bang


Two infantrymen got shot and they swiftly fell into a pool made with their own blood.




The mercenaries encircled both of them. They wanted to thoroughly finish off the both of them!


“The third movement…”


Feng Yu Chen.


“Let’s do it together!”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ayase finished his sentence for him.




Feng Yu Chen jumped high into the sky while Ayase followed behind him.


They swooped down with Feng Yu Chen cutting a Humvee in half. He turned around and he slashed another Humvee open.


Ayase finished off hired guns who wanted to open fire on them.




The students had front row seats to their performance. They watched with gaping mothers. Is that the power of Voids? Will their Voids turn out as strong as them? They started picturing themselves fighting in the battlefield with their Voids in hand.


Feng Yu Chen and Ayase took a brief while to completely place the situation under their control. They easily dispatched the thugs who infiltrated the school. The both of them stood watching the destruction they wrought, their bored expressions suggested that they didn’t have enough fun from that brief fight.


“Tsk, I expected more from them…”


Feng Yu Chen clicked his tongue. He wanted to showcase the power of voids in order to hype up his followers. He reckoned that this should be enough to elucidate the students on the power of Voids, hopefully, their morale would be heightened as well.


Ayase gave her pistols back with a blush on her face.


“Here, can I thank you now? Also, you are quite good at ‘dancing, I didn’t think you had it in you…” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips.


“I already said it’s my gift to you. Keep them, oh, I also made it so that you can take out your own Void, you are now as capable if not more capable than the average individual walking about…”




Ayase hugged the guns and she giggled.


“Mkay, then I am going to keep them. I am very happy with your presents…”

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