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Unlimited anime works chapter 87: Void healing

Feng Yu Chen’s ability to cure Apocalypse infection made people bow down in reverence. In just a short while, Feng Yu Chen solidified his status as the ruler. Indeed, his authority outgrown his title as the student council president, he’s now effectively the one who calls the shot in this school.


“Okay, I am going to talk about the flaws of Voids. Voids are strong but like everything else, they come with flaws as well…”


Feng Yu Chen grabbed the glasses guy and he forcibly extracted his void from his chest. A pair of gloves flew into Feng Yu Chen’s hands.


He placed the Void gloves on the table and he materialized Inori’s void sword to hack it.


The glasses guy stared with wide eyes as Apocalypse Crystals started appearing all over his body.


Feng Yu Chen continued slashing the gloves.


With every slash, the gloves got damaged. Corresponding with this, the glasses guy’s state got worse and worse until he finally crystallized into a full-crystal mode and he shattered into nothingness.


The others knew what he is trying to say with this.


Feng Yu Chen continued.


“As you can see, the void is materialized psyche. Destroying it would be the same as destroying a person. A damaged void and you will start experiencing symptoms like the glasses guy just now. This is the cruel truth you people need to know before you join my camp!”


“How can this be?”


“What should we do? Wouldn’t we die if our voids get destroyed?”




The crowd started panicking. They will die if their Voids get destroyed during combat, it started sinking into their minds.




Feng Yu Chen slammed the table.


“It’s not the end if your Void gets damaged in battle. Allow me to demonstrate, bring that guy over…”


Saeko nodded and he brought the guy who stood up for the glasses guy.


Feng Yu Chen drew out his void and he lifted his Void sword up.


“No, please, I don’t want to die. I won’t defy or protest anymore, please, just let me go, I beg of you…’


He saw how the glasses guy died, dying after slowly turning into a crystal is a death too horrible for him to accept.


Feng Yu Chen didn’t heed his pleas. He swung his sword down and he gave the lackey’s void a good cut as evidenced by the Apocalypse crystals that appeared on his body.


“Now, this may look like I am silencing dissidents with an iron fist, but, look closely…”


Feng Yu Chen’s actions were perceived as acts to thwart potential oppositions, or maybe he’s gripped by bloodlust. Either way, everyone including Tsugumi and her friends thought the same thing about him. Of course, it’s partly Feng Yu Chen’s fault for not telling them about this beforehand.


“If this is how he is going to run the show then forget about it. He’s not a leader, he’s just a sadistic killer, bad to the bones…’


Tsugumi frowned.


Ayase pulled Tsugumi back.


“He’s not as villainous as you think. He’s probably putting this show on for a purpose. I for one believe that he isn’t a person who killed because he can, he has to be doing this on purpose.”


Tsugumi pouted.


“Ayase-nee, you keep defending him, are you in love with him or something?”


“Y-you, what are you talking about? How did you get that idea?”


Ayase blushed.


Tsugumi saw her bashful look and she got the picture, pursing her lips she continued prodding her.


“You tell me, I mean, your red face told me about it. Seriously, what’s so good about him I just don’t get it…”


“I…I… I don’t…”


Ayase tried to come up with denials but her tone sold her out.


Feng Yu Chen activated Void Extraction and his right hand started glowing with void power. He placed his hand on the damaged void belonging to the lackey and the void started recovering at a visible speed. It didn’t take long for him to fully repair the void. After finishing his treatment process, the crystals fell from the lackey’s body.


The students finally realized what he was trying to do.


Feng Yu Chen laughed


“Like guns and machines that were damaged, voids can be repaired in a similar concept as conventional guns. My ability allows me to repair voids. Hence, fight with all your hearts! With me here, you are all going to survive with me. My Power of Kings gave me the ability to repair voids in addition to curing infections. With my leadership, a bright future awaits all of you!”




The others started jumping in joy. He dispelled their fears, they could see the bright future he envisioned, only those who followed him can bask in this glorious light of hope.


He waved his hand and everyone stopped to listen.


“I am not going to sugar coat this. Your lives will not be the same after today for from now onwards, we have to band together against our common enemy. I don’t want to see backstab or betrayal. If you want to leave then you are free to leave. After joining my team, I expect absolute loyalty. Traitors and deserters will not be given any mercy!”


Feng Yu Chen crushed the repaired void inside his hand and the lackey finally joined up with the glasses guy in the afterlife, after shattering and evaporating into nothingness.


The students started going over their options, it didn’t take long for the wise ones to come up with the most rational solution…


“Those two deserved deaths, if we had listened to them, we would have been shot down like criminals the moment we approach the quarantine barriers…”


“Yeah, fuck them for going up against Shu-Kaichou. Only Kaichou-sama can steer us towards a better tomorrow…”


“Yes, I want to stay and fight. If we go out there on our own we are going to die from Apocalypse virus infections or get executed by GHQ members. I vote no on venturing out there…”


“I want to live and only Kaichou-sama can give me that hope. His enemies are my enemies as well…”


All of them made the conscious choice to follow Feng Yu Chen. More like, they had no choice but to do so since the beginning. With no other viable paths left for them, Feng Yu Chen is their only hope. They saw how capable he can be and they know that only he can give them Voids to defend themselves, cure their infections, repair their damaged voids. He’s the only individual that can get them through this nightmare.


Feng Yu Chen saw their resolute faces and he smiled.


“I am sure you all wouldn’t regret following me. Prepare yourselves, I will draw out all your voids tomorrow and then we will split up into three squads. The first squad would be in charge of long-ranged attacks while the second squad will be composed of combatants with close-quarters-combat abilities. Meanwhile, the third squad will be the rearguard.


Today’s mission: all the males are to search for resources nearby, food, water, fuel, anything we can use in the upcoming battles. All the females are in charge of making food. Today’s the first day of our Void Task Force. Work hard and we can seize a better future for ourselves…”




Everyone looked at him with touched expressions, for them, salvation is just around the corner.



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