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Unlimited anime works chapter 86: Void healing: the world savior

Void power stirred up feelings of worship in everyone. Feng Yu Chen used his void power to make a beacon of hope in the slowly crumbling place known as the school.


A few students who were gunning for the seat of student council president stepped out to confront him with their definitions of justice.


A guy with spectacles walked out from the crowd and he said.


“If we just surrender the Funeral Parlor wanted criminals, GHQ would pardon us and let us go…”


The others stopped to think about it and they had to agree.


Feng Yu Chen grinned. This guy wanted to take control of the whole school by becoming the student council president. In the original work, Arisa wanted to spread the flaw (You die if your void gets destroyed) among the students so she seduced him. This guy would then turn on Ouma Shu. He even tried to sexually harass Ayase.


Feng Yu Chen had no sympathy for someone like this. It would be best if he just cut him down right here.


And so…


Feng Yu Chen approached the man slowly…


“Yo-you, what do you think you’re doing?!”


The glasses guy started fearing for his life. If he wasn’t afraid before Feng Yu Chen unleashed his killing intent, he’s definitely pissing his pants in fear now.


“I am going to need you to die!”


Feng Yu Chen grabbed the guy by his neck. He easily lifted him up before smashing the male student into the ground.






When he forced the glasses guy to kiss the ground, the impact force wrecked his body and he spat out mouthfuls of blood.


“Are you going to me?! Look, he’s a tyrant, a killer, how can someone like this lead us…”


The glasses guy had enough strength to call out Feng Yu Chen. he wanted to use this chance to let people know of Feng Yu Chen’s cruel tendencies.


“That’s right. Let’s just catch this guy and hand him over to the GHQ. Then, everyone will get their freedom…”


His comrades stood up for him, they pointed their fingers at Feng Yu Chen.




With a snicker, he turned around to give the newcomer a nasty roundhouse kick. He gave the drop-dead gorgeous floor a kiss like his comrade before him.



All of them wanted to call him out but his overwhelming power silenced them.


He stepped on the glasses guy with his right foot while beaming at him.


“Any last words? Make it quick because you’re going to miss your appointment with death at this rate, you did get tired out living, right?”


“N-no… spare me… please…”


He started shaking from the core. This wasn’t the Ouma Shu he knew, this guy is absolutely mad lad, he’s a dictator! He was wrong to rub him the wrong way in the first place!


“Oh, come now, begging for your life after being so damn tough? I thought you wanted to replace me? This shouldn’t be, trying to suck off the person you want to exceed, that’s not what a good kid should be doing, that’s why I…”


Feng Yu Chen lifted his leg and he stomped on his chest.




Everybody heard a chilling crack.




At this moment, the guy finally saw the face of pain and death, with his broken ribs puncturing his organs, it hurt him just by wheezing in agony.


Tsugumi gulped when she saw Feng Yu Chen going to town on the guy.


“What happened to him… why did his personality take such a drastic change?”


“Gai’s death probably shook him or something. What’s important is that he changed…”


Ayase said while trying to justify his actions. It would better for him to use shock and awe in order to bring the others under his command, she didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.


Arisa just watched from the sidelines because she knew that the current Ouma Shu is actually Feng Yu Chen. Plus, she liked his man who ruled over others.


“No, please… I don’t dare anymore…”


The glasses guy started begging while clinging onto Feng Yu Chen’s legs, nobody wanted to die, including him…


Feng Yu Chen laughed at him.


“Don’t want to die? No problem, I can let you live for just a while longer. Saeko-senpai, can you please make sure this fine gentleman stay put while I attend to other matters…”


Feng Yu Chen had a better death planned for this glasses guy, if he died here then it would be a waste.


Saeko nodded and she pointed her blade at his head, any weird movements then he will have get to see his own body from his decapitated head on the ground.


Feng Yu Chen got up the stage, he nodded towards Arisa and a projection was displayed on the silver screen.


He showed them a simulation of what would have happened if they captured GHQ to hand him over to the GHQ. The GHQ aren’t impressed by their meritous behavior, they started shooting the students, killing them all.


Feng Yu Chen continued.


“See, I saved all of you. If you handed me over, GHQ will still kill everyone. Take a moment and think about it. GHQ already usurped the Japanese government, they persuaded the government to put in place this quarantine, anyone who even approach the borders of this quarantine will be shot with total prejudice.


I will make sure to punish the two who tried to get everyone killed. I am going to repeat a cruel truth: Fight with me or die a dog’s death under GHQ’s persecution. I will grant you the power of void, with the power of void, we can defeat them. Our lives are in our own hands!”


Tsugumi nodded and she took out her void which she used to make another copy of herself.


“My ability allows me to create a clone which I can operate remotely from distance. This clone is the real deal, you know?”


Arisa also vouched for him.


“I am going to resign from my position as the student council president. The only one who can lead us is Ouma Shu. The void granted to us will bring us great power, these powers can be used to strike the abominable GHQ down.”




Galvanized by her, they started looking up to Feng Yu Chen like he’s the sovereign of this whole place.


Feng Yu Chen used the simulation to get rid of their hesitation. He wanted them to know that their survivals depended on him. He wanted them to know that they need him for this upcoming struggle.


“I want to stay and fight…”


“I want to fight too, with the void given to us, I think we can do this…”


“Yes, we can do it…”


Everyone started putting their faith in Feng Yu Chen. They started treating him like a regal existence.


Feng Yu Chen calmed them down with a wave of his hand.


“We are also lucky to have the support of the Kuhuoin Zaibatsu. They used their own private air-freight to supply us with enough resources to fight it out with GHQ. As for the endemic viral situation, I already have an idea for that!”


Kuhouin nodded and she led a child severely infected with the Apocalypse virus into everyone’s view.


Feng Yu Chen approached the kid and he stretched out his right arm, he activated his Void Battery ability which appeared in the form of a blue-glowing hand. He sucked away all the virus in the child’s body. It didn’t take long for the child to regain his normal appearance.


“Thank you, big bro, you saved me!”


He thought he was a gone case, he eagerly thanked Feng Yu Chen for giving him a new lease on life, it was really nothing short of a miracle for him.




The students clearly saw him cure a terminal case with his special ability. This ability is formidable in its own unique way and it blasted their pre-conceived notion of doom.


Ayase, Tsugumi, and Arisa didn’t think Feng Yu Chen had this kind of ability. With the ability to grant life, it’s only a matter of time before this person became the shining savior in this disease-ridden world. With the vaccine woefully inadequate at stopping outbreaks, Feng Yu Chen’s ability is their only hope.


Feng Yu Chen spread his arms wide.


“I was given this ability by the gods above. I can cure patients with severe Apocalypse infection. With this ability by our side, what do we have to fear? Do you see now? GHQ can’t save you, the temporary government also can’t save you. Meanwhile, compared to those executioners, I am the true lord and savior!”




They all cheered out loud. They looked at Feng Yu Chen with eyes like that of followers who saw the coming of the world savior!

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