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Unlimited anime works chapter 85: The King's establishment

After the second lost Christmas, GHQ tried to suppress the pandemic by locking down the city of Tokyo to the outer regions of the seventh ring. They also stopped internet service, telephone, television, and other forms of mass media.


GHQ’s true objective is to reduce the population inside the quarantined zone to 0.


Funeral Parlor members gathered when Feng Yu Chen got out with Inori in his arms. The fall of the Roppongi tower means the conclusion of this episode. It’s technically a victory for them, they all wanted to celebrate but…


“Sorry, guys, Gai… He…”


Feng Yu Chen said in a desolate manner.


“Gai, he…”


They knew what news he brought them just from his tone.


“Gai’s dead, should we disband the group?”


“Yeah, we stopped the apocalypse so we should return to our normal lives…”




Gai’s death almost destroyed the camaraderie of the Funeral Parlor. A lot of them wanted to quit.


Feng Yu Chen didn’t stop them. He lacked the leadership and the authority to keep them here.


Ayase and Tsugumi chose to stay and return to Tennoz high with Feng Yu Chen, living as students for now.


GHQ’s quarantine didn’t spark a panic in the people. Everyone believed that this quarantine would be over soon.


But, everybody started getting flustered when Shuichiro Keido who took on the role as temporary prime minister of Japan announced the cleansing of everything within the seventh ring of quarantine. He claimed that there were no survivors in the quarantine zone, only patients that are fatally infected. GHQ and Keido worked together to begin killing everyone in the quarantine zone. Everyone is now marked for death.


The students also fell into a panic. Arisa found Feng Yu Chen and came to him as the student council president. She reckoned that he had an idea on how to solve this situation, it’s time to make her man the king.


“Yo, you guys are doing just fine, the news can’t get you down, huh?…”


Arisa chirped after seeing Feng Yu Chen, Inori, Saeko, Haruna, Ayase, Tsugumi, Hare, and Kanon eating together as if the purge isn’t something to fret over.


“Are you joining us?”


Feng Yu Chen joked.


“It’s not time to sit down for a nice meal and you know it. We should do something by tomorrow morning or the school will go into pandemonium.”


Arisa knew he had a plan but she still can’t calm down. It’s more accurate to say she wants to know what Feng Yu Chen is going to do from now on.


Feng Yu Chen wolfed down his meal and he placed his chopsticks down. He addressed everyone with a stern look.


“Everyone, I am sure you are all aware of our present situation. We are officially dead to the people outside, we have to survive this on our own machinations. Nobody is coming to save us, we will have to save ourselves!”


“Yah, are you planning to fight like Gai?”


Tsugumi curled her lips in disbelief. She only acknowledges Gai as the leader.


Feng Yu Chen continued in a resolute tone.


“I am not as perfect as Gai but he left everything in my hands so I have to be strong in his stead. I will become stronger and use my powers to save this world. If Gai can do it, why can’t I do the same?”


Feng Yu Chen’s firm mannerisms moved Tsugumi. She hesitantly replied.


“Fine, I will trust you for now. I will watch your show tomorrow and if we are not satisfied, Ayase-nee and I won’t be helping you, ya know?”


Ayse pulled Tsugumi back by her sleeve, she glared at her. This isn’t the time to disrupt Ouma Shu’s rebuilt convictions. He’s the only one who can take out people’s void.


“Seriously, Aya-nee, you’re defending him too much…”


Tsugumi pouted at her. Recently, Ayase and Ouma Shu are getting awfully close.


“Okay, I will gather every student in school, I am looking forward to your show.”


Arisa said.


“Oh, I need your help with something. Can you look for a terminally ill infected individual and bring him here? I need an individual like that.”


Feng Yu Chen said.


“Why would you need a person like that?’


Arisa felt confused, she accepted anyway.


“Okay, I will help you look for one.”




Every student in Tennoz High gathered the next morning.


Much to everyone’s surprise, it’s not Arisa who took to the podium. It’s Ouma Shu, everyone was puzzled as to why this guy appeared on the podium.


Feng Yu Chen glanced over everyone.


“I am guessing you are all curious as to why I am standing here. I will withhold the answer from you all for now. You shall soon see why I am standing here.


Firstly, I am sure you all know about our situation. The government’s temporary president and GHQ are in cahoots to wipe us all out and sweep our bodies under the rug as infected people. I am not saying this to cause an uproar. I just want everyone to understand our predicament, don’t hope for any external help, we can only find salvation in ourselves.”


“Even if you say that, what good does that do us? Can we walk out of this just like that?”


“Yeah, we don’t you Captain Obvious.”


“We want to hear actual solutions, not some vague idea…”




The crowd started getting rowdy.


Feng Yu Chen said nothing and he nodded towards Inori. He pulled out her void sword.


This scene immediately silenced everyone. They were filled with shock when they saw him drawing a sword from a person’s chest. What is this? Are they still dreaming?


Feng Yu Chen brandished the void sword.


“I am someone from Funeral Parlor, remember the Roppongi incident? I used this void sword to decimate a GHQ hit squad. I also took part in the first confrontation against GHQ with the Funeral Parlor.


This thing in my hand is known as a void. It’s a crystallized weapon formed from a person’s psyche. Everyone has one in them and my ability allows me to draw out this void. With this power, we can fight against the ones who want us dead.


I believe I can lead everyone into this battle and attain victory. Together, we will break out of this quarantine zone. Without solid evidence, I don’t expect you people to trust me as your savior so you people are presented with two choices: Run away with your lives, or stay and fight as we break out of this prison. Oh, let me just say something first, those who choose to stay will probably make it out alive as opposed to those who run away. Hehe, without power, even survival would be too much of a luxury to ask, maybe you would live today but what about the day after and the day after that?”






“This power, I will follow you…”


“Bring me with you, I want to fight too…”


“He’s right, we have only got ourselves…”


“The power of void, do I really have that in me?…”




Everyone started agreeing with Feng Yu Chen’s plan after a brief moment of silence. This proved that if someone with a strong enough power or influence appears following a crisis, he or she will become the beacon of hope for the others!

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