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Unlimited anime works chapter 84: A new beginning

Tsutsugami Gai used his own rifle void to force Inori’s void sword to come out, he took the sword and he threw it over to Feng Yu Chen.


“Go, if you love her then go save her!”


Feng Yu Chen received the void sword and he chopped away all the brambles holding him back. He ascended the stairs while demolishing his way up. He sent the envoy flying with a swing of his sword and he undid Inori’s bindings and he hugged her tight.




The warmth seeped into her cold body. It felt very comfortable to be hugged by her beloved one.


“You people…”


Keido is not amused by this disruption. He wanted to stop Feng Yu Chen and Gai.


“Okay, you lost your qualifications…”


The envoy stopped Keido. Like how it played out in the original work, Feng Yu Chen’s retrieval of Ouma Shu’s sealed memories probably triggered a growth flag that disqualified Keido. Maybe Da’ath found a better candidate, either way, Keido’s out of the picture. Da’ath’s envoy looked at Gai intently. He felt that this guy possessed the makings of a king, he’s more suitable than Keido. Also, Gai’s feelings for Ouma Mana surpassed anyone here. Keido is just in this to use Eve to his own advantage, right?


Da’ath’s envoy is now leaning towards making Gai the new king. Unlike Ouma Shu and Keido who disappointed them, Gai’s way better, he’s not hesitant in his actions, he’s also very bold and organized.


The envoy changed his mind, he’s going to crown Gai as the king this time.


The envoy disappeared through a portal with a mysterious grin on his face.


Gai ran over to Mana’s soul and he told Feng Yu Chen.


“Shu, do it. Pierce me and Mana, it’s our turn to save her. The infection has taken my body, there is no hope for me anymore.”


Ouma Shu’s old memory must be playing tricks on his mind, he actually felt a bit sad for Gai, did this hesitation originate from that piece of memory?


“Faster, Shu, I believe you can do it. I chased after you when I was a kid. Strong, bold, and gallant, I grew up wanting to become as strong as you just like how you want to become as strong as me. I probably won’t be able to continue walking alongside you. You’re going to have to finish this. Live on with Inori and make sure to give her happiness, she’s a good girl and she loves you very much. I am starting to envy you, Mana and Inori both chose you. But, I lucked out this time, I get to die with Mana’s soul accompanying me, is this what I have always dreamed of?…”


Gai talked with joy and sadness mixed into a complicated mess. He’s said that this is where he parts with his friend, he’s glad because he can finally go with Mana.


Feng Yu Chen looked at Gai’s lonely shadow and he gnashed his teeth. He used the void sword to pierce through Gai and Mana’s soul.


Strange, why did this hurt?


Feng Yu Chen grabbed his chest.


“Inori, I want to do something. My head is in a total mess right now but I know one thing for sure, I want to save this world. I thought it was a laughable idea at first but the power of kings probably entailed a fiduciary duty to this effect.”


Feng Yu Chen might have been influenced by Ouma Shu’s remnant consciousness but he experienced a change in perspective. As opposed to going through the motions and playing it like it’s a game, he might as well take the throne and become a true king, the world-saving king.


Mana’s soul didn’t disappear. Her soul appeared when Keido used the void stone in conjunction with the ritual. The ritual failed but the soul didn’t dissipate along with the failure of the ritual, instead, it entered Inori’s body. Losing its own power, it is going to stay dormant in Inori’s body, influencing Inori in a subtle manner, making her exhibit signs of turning evil.


Mana’s power was lost during the events of the Lost Christmas, a part of her entered people’s void. Whenever Feng Yu Chen drew out people’s void, a part of this power would return to Mana bit by bit. In the later parts of [Guilty Crown], she started gathering everybody’s void to restore her power and possess Inori’s body, consuming her body and soul, clearing out the house to forcefully take over ownership of her material body.


Feng Yu Chen knows that according to the original plot, the Da’ath envoy will probably revive Gai and crown him as the new king, making preparations for Mana’s revival.


From now on, he has to forge his own future. To save this world, he can’t follow the original plot. He has to start making his moves, it’s time to pull out his guns. He’s going to force his designs upon this plot, destroying the storyline.


Beep, destroyed Mana’s revival and stopped Keido from becoming a king, maintaining the original plot as a result. Unique mission completed (unique missions are player-exclusive missions that can only be completed by the player). 

Reward: Void upgrade +1  x2


Bandit’s hand: Stage 8

Usage limit for stolen voids: 80 times

Number of Permanent integration of void allowed (Permanent stolen voids): 6

Maximum number of voids that can be synthesized: 6 ( combine 6 voids and greatly augment one existing void)

Void battle armor ( Combine 5 voids or more to temporarily enhance the user’s body and achieve powers beyond the grasp of humans) Maximum duration: 20 seconds per day

Void extraction: Extract and store void, can be released when under the effects of the Vod battle armor.

Void battery: Absorb and store void, can be converted into void energy and released as an attack without using the void battle armor.

Void laser cannon: Charge up a huge amount of void power and focus it into one point and unleash a void laser bolt, maximum number of lock-on target: 1


His void, Bandit’s hand, focuses on taking someone else’s power and making it his own. Enhancement of his void seemed to be directed at devouring other people’s void. His void battery can also assimilate other people’s void virus, it’s different compared to Suzumiya Haruna’s void cleansing ability.


His void laser cannon can even lock on to the enemy, as long as he is not running on an empty tank, he can continue bombarding the enemy. Even Da’ath’s envoy’s ability to escape through portals will not be able to escape. By locking on to a target, no matter where the enemy ran to, he will always be able to attack him.


So this is the power of a stage 8 void, huh? Strong.


“Say, Inori, come create a new world with me, let us save the world, together.”


Feng Yu Chen grabbed Inori’s hand as he confidently stated his ambition.


Inori looked at Feng Yu Chen’s confident expression and she nodded.


“It’s like what Gai said, we have to live on. It’s our fight from today onwards. Remember this, Shu, I will always be on your side.”


Feng Yu Chen nodded and he carried her in his arms as they departed the crumbling Roppongi skyscraper. The destruction of Mana’s revival ritual destroyed this building.


The second Lost Christmas was thwarted. The apocalypse didn’t unfold completely. Though the world obtained temporary peace, the insidious presence never left the world as Tokyo fell into a calamity soon after this episode. Many people fell ill and died after getting infected…

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