Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 83: Using the rifle void

This new substitution card came as a joyful surprise for Feng Yu Chen. It’s much better than the card he had before. The old card required him to first kill the target character, then he would have to assume the target’s appearance. It’s unbearable for him to use another person’s body and appearance. He’s technically disguised in front of the female main character. Until now, Inori still hadn’t realized that Feng Yu Chen had taken on Ouma Shu’s form.


Feng Yu Chen was raking his brain thinking about how to explain it to Inori when he takes her out of this world, he would return to his original appearance but what would Inori think about that? He took a wait-and-see approach with regard to this. With the System’s contractual powers, it should be useful when he’s going to bring her out of this world, right? With the contractual ritual, she should be completely loyal to him, let’s just hope that the great and almighty System wouldn’t do him wrong.


With this new character substitution card, Feng Yu Chen is more confident he can achieve his aims. Two salient points came with this card, first he doesn’t have to kill off the target. Second, he can continue using his original body, it’s eerily similar to the setting in [Shakugana No Shana] where after devouring the person’s power of existence, the user can then continue using the devoured identity without anyone being the wiser. As an example, if he descended in [Naruto] and he wants to replace Sasuke for the lols, he can use this card and everyone would think he is Sasuke even if he used his original appearance.


He’s excited about his next world, it’s practically hacking for him to take on another person’s existence without changing anything about him.


After storing away the Character Substitution Card (True), he examined his surrounding. He discovered that he’s in a very strange space. A long stairway appeared in front of him. At the top of the stair, Inori was imprisoned with Keido standing near her and the envoy standing in between them.




Feng Yu Chen called out to Inori as he charged forward.




When he’s about to move, a bunch of Apocalypse virus crystals wrapped around his legs, he used a greater amount of void power to blast the bindings away as he climbed the stair.


“Please wait right there, you are about the witness the advent of a king. Since you rejected Mana, we can only look for another candidate. You were supposed to be the prophesied Adam of the new world yet you gave that up so what can we do but to find another candidate, Keido fits the specifications.”


Da’ath’s envoy swung his right arm and he used the space to form an invisible wave that batted Feng Yu Chen into the distance.


“What’s Inori got to do with reviving Mana?! Return her at once!”


Feng Yu Chen yelled out loud while climbing up.


Keido said in a frosty tone.


“This young lady was created as a replica for the sole purpose of Mana’s revival. She lives only to serve as a medium through which we can contact Mana, The Eve, she’s just a tool.


Mana’s the first person who touched the asteroid of beginning (void asteroid). She’s patient zero and she’s the Eve of the new world. With Inori as the vessel, we can summon her soul into this new fleshly body and continue with our grand ambition, the new and evolved world, we shall continue with the paused Last Christmas, with it, the world will enter a new age!


Lo and behold, Ouma Shu, I will take Mana as my wife and rule this world as the Adam of the new world. You’ve lost the qualifications to continue being the king.”


Keido approached Inori and a pillar rose from the ground. He put the void meteorite on the pedestal and a silver strand woke Inori up slowly.




Feng Yu Chen yelled out loud. More and more crystal chains chained him down until he couldn’t move any further.


Ouma Shu’s personality probably affected Feng Yu Chen as he turned very irritable. He lost his cool, his shout came from his inner self. Both Feng Yu Chen and Ouma Shu wanted to protect Inori with everything they had.


He saw the original anime but he still yelled earnestly because of this subconscious desire to protect Inori. Did this stem from his own weakness? No, maybe his strength is sufficient but he lacked the courage to issue a challenge against Da’ath?


He’s not sure if he can take on Da’ath and that’s why he avoided confrontation with them. He also considered the possibility that Da’ath might give up on Keido so he chose to stay passive.


Is this too soft of him? Feng Yu Chen questioned himself. No, he took that route because it was the most rational route. It wasn’t the time yet, he had to bide his time until his void grew enough for him to take action. He was very close too.


“Chose ones, for the creation of a new race, pledge with your blood…”


The envoy started reciting nuptial verses…


Keido cut his arm with a small knife and he smeared some of his blood on Inori’s mouth.




Feng Yu Chen couldn’t take this anymore. The bindings started coming off but a pair of blood-red eyes appeared in front of him.


“Shu, this won’t do, you know? You rejected me so you don’t have a say in this matter, I am going to give you a little punishment…”


The mysterious voice echoed the same time a void-needle came piercing out of the eyes at Feng Yu Chen’s head.


At this moment, space suddenly got torn open and Ayase came in while operating white mecha. Gai also entered the scene and they shattered the brambles holding Feng Yu Chen back.


“Thanks, Ayase… Gai, you also came…”


Feng Yu Chen looked at the white mecha and Gai.


“Tsutsugami Gai? Are you here to disrupt my ceremony?”


Keido turned around. He took in Gai as his stepson because he was jealous that Ouma Kurosu had children that were destined to become the Adam and Eve of the new world. He also started gathering a lot of orphans to experiment on in order to create a substitute Adam, he injected them with the void virus and Gai was one of the test subjects.


“Keido! I have been waiting for this day for far too long. I have waited so long and climbed so high to confront you and Mana. I am here to tell you that I am going to save Mana!”


“Ah, I see, but you’re too late…”


Keido grinned as two blood-red rings appeared. They are now in the final stages of the ceremony, if they wore the rings, that would make Mana and Keido husband and wife.


“Ayase, carry me over to Shu!”


Gai said.


“Alright, sit tight…”


Ayase brought Gai over to Feng Yu Chen.


“Shuu, take my void out, your memories returned didn’t they?”


Gai put his hands on top of his shoulders.


Feng Yu Chen nodded. A huge wave of void power shattered the crystal bindings around him. He took out Gai’s void, a void rifle gun.


With his advanced mastery of the King’s power, Gai stood awake even after Feng Yu Chen had taken out the void from his body.


“Okay, Shu, run and protect me until I make it to Mana’s side, I will be leaving Inori in your care…”


Gai said.


Feng Yu Chen nodded and he shattered the pair of blood-red eyes in near him with his king’s power.


He fired a bullet from the rifle gun void at Inori’s chest. Immediately, a large void sword appeared from Inori…

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