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Unlimited anime works chapter 82: Book of revelations no. 2

With Ouma Shu’s assistance, Inori’s voice reached everyone in Tokyo City, her mesmerizing voice instantly healed everyone’s aggravated Apocalypse virus infection. Everyone started shedding crystals from their body as they recovered.


Feng Yu Chen looked at Inori who is singing on the stage, he touched his chest trying to feel his own heart. This soothing sensation came with her voice, it pacified and calmed him down. Her voice drowned out all the darkness and violence in the world, letting him see a perfect world.


Inori’s voice to Otakus is like that of a siren’s to sailors, fatally alluring. When the anime started, a ton of weebs probably got petrified from her charms. Her angelic figure, her impossibly beautiful voice, the calmness, the intent to heal, and the faint hint of pain in her voice all hit everyone’s soul like a deadly attack.


He has seen a lot of animes during his lifetime, however, an anime where the first episode tugged his heartstrings, he can’t really think of an anime aside from [Guilty Crown]. One needs to prepare properly before going into this anime, it’s a tear-jerker for sure. Feng Yu Chen admitted that he got a little bit too emotional when Inori died. He cursed as he expressed his frustration about Inori’s death. He almost smashed his computer too, like damn, how can someone kill off a goddess like that?


He swore he’s going to keep Inori happily living this time around. He’s going to save this pure-hearted girl and bring her out of this hell hole. He’s going to cook her fried rice with eggs every day, okay, maybe he should switch up the menu from time to time since eggs with fried rice ain’t exactly a balanced diet for anyone. Anyway, he’s fighting in this world to strengthen himself, of equal importance would be the salvation of Inori.


As he basked in Inori’s song, a crack in space appeared behind Inori. A short-haired boy with pink hair came out of the crack as he stood behind Inori.


Feng Yu Chen immediate frowned.


Someone from Da’ath, the secret organization from an ancient era?


Feng Yu Chen ran up the platform and he questioned Da’ath.


“Who are you?”


“Ouma Shu, huh? You have in you the power of kings and you chose not to use them properly, I am very disappointed in you, your potential as a king has been denied…”


The envoy sneered.




Feng Yu Chen leaped and he stood between the newcomer and Inori, firmly guarding her.


“Shu, use me…”


Inori knows that Feng Yu Chen is about to go into a fight so she spread her arms wide, cueing Ouma Shu (Feng Yu Chen) to draw out her void.


Feng Yu Chen drew her void out but she didn’t faint as in the original anime. After obtaining the second void genome, he entered the second phase of the King’s power which allowed him to draw voids out without making the person faint in the process. He can also let the person wield her own void and dispel it by themselves.


“Oh, you have grown. This is more like it, even without releasing the seal on your own memories, you still grew so much? Splendid, haha, I changed my mind, will you become someone I envisioned?”


The envoy made an observation after seeing the void pad beneath Feng Yu Chen’s feet. He’s too strong, he never expected Feng Yu Chen would be able to enter the second phase, maybe he needs to revise his expectations of Feng Yu Chen.


“I have a different objective, I want to save this world and not cleansing it with destruction like what you people have in mind. A new world? Bah, there’s no need for that, this world works just fine, I like it very much!”


Feng Yu Chen expressed his ambition with all due seriousness.


“Ah, I see, so you have appeared, Envoy of Da’ath?”


Gai walked up the stage.


“Oh, you know who I am?”


The envoy turned away from Gai as he addressed Feng Yu Chen.


“Humans need to improve, this apocalypse is just a catalyst to make it happen. A human’s heart is so fragile. Materializing it in physical form may yet force humans to become stronger. This evolution cannot be stopped, neither you nor I can stop this.”


“Hah, I disagree. If the extermination of mankind is your method of evolving the world then it’s an abominable one to say the least. A human’s heart looks ephemeral because it contains the dream everyone has. If you turn it into some special technique I am afraid that your so-called evolved humans will become emotionless drones, is that your vision of an evolved world?”


Feng Yu Chen said.


“Evolution is a must, evolution comes with creative destruction. It’s impossible to save humans and attain world evolution at the same time. Time and time again, historic revolutions came after a period of calamity. Humans climbed out of the cinders and were reborn anew each and every time. Enough, I haven’t the time to waste with you. I need to start making preparations for the ritual in bringing about a new world. Keido Shuichiro is someone we favor greatly, he’s going to become the king of all humans in this new world as the Adam…”


The envoy appeared behind Inori in an instant, he knocked her out with a quick chop on the neck. He whisked her away using a crack in space.


“Shu, chase him down and stop whatever he’s planning to do. He’s probably going to use Inori as a vessel to revive Mana and continue spreading the virus to the whole wide world!”


Gai told Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen nodded and he slipped through the crack in space.


“Following me? I will let you but you need to recover your sealed memories first…”


The envoy snapped his fingers and a golden cube imprisoned Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen felt dizzy all of a sudden as countless memories flooded into his head.


Feng Yu Chen used the character substitution card to integrate Ouma Shu’s existence into himself. He took everything Ouma Shu had, his body, his memories, he also took in his sealed memories along with that.


The System erased Ouma Shu’s consciousness to prevent the player from experiencing severe personality dissociation due to the merged memories. This process also erased the memories Ouma Shu had so Feng Yu Chen only got the body with a blank state of mind.


However, the System failed to properly sanitize the character. Some of the memories weren’t erased and those appeared in Feng Yu Chen’s mind.


Onee-chan, Ouma Mana… Triton (Tsutsugami Gai)…


The two of them appeared in his mind as the locks on the remnant memories opened. His head immediately started hurting like someone smashed his skull with an axe, it hurt like hell…


Feng Yu Chen’s pain didn’t last long, he looked around with a dazed look. It felt like an eternity and an instant mixed together, suddenly, he lost his own identity, he’s not even sure who he is right now!


Loophole detected in system administration, User 007 is experiencing mental breakdown, initiating automatic mental mending…”


“Loophole mended, User 007’s memories as Feng Yu Chen, the dominant ego will overwrite Ouma Shu’s ego as the dominant ego…”




After a long while, Feng Yu Chen finally woke up. He wanted to curse at the System for not properly making the character substitution card, he almost got his own personality permanently affected. It’s good that the System managed to fix it in time but Feng Yu Chen is still speechless since a part of Ouma Shu’s personality mixed with his own ego. Even the System emergency repair can only do so much to piece together his own mental state.


As compensation, the System gave him another character substitution card and it looked very high grade as well.


Character substitution card (Mk II True)


Description 1: Hey, you wanna sub yourself into an anime’s protagonist and change something you didn’t like in the original development of the future? Sure, why the hell not, just use this card and make your wish come true!


Description 2: Substitute any character in any fictional setting, take over the target’s power of existence, take the status of the target, knowledge, and ability, all while retaining the user’s own original appearance!


Description 3: After devouring the character, the character shall cease to exist and the user will replace the character with the entire universe perceiving you as the devoured character.


Description 4: No jokes, no need to change your appearance, this is a godly card, use it with care!

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