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Unlimited anime works chapter 81: The ritual begins

Today, the funeral parlor mobilized, they arrived at Haneda Airport to intercept a plane presided over by Daryl Yan. He’s planning on bringing the void stone out of Japan.


This time, things are proceeding in a different flow than the original anime. Feng Yu Chen, disguised as Ouma Shu, participated in this operation.


Xiao Han Yue reported to Feng Yu Chen that Shuichiro ordered for her to initiate the void stone and cause a second Lost Christmas event.


Xiao Han Yue asked if Feng Yu Chen wanted to continue playing according to the original plot or not. Disguised as Segai, she still needed Feng Yu Chen’s approval before she can do anything.


Feng Yu Chen told her to proceed according to the plan. Segai still had his uses, they can’t afford to expose her, at least, not right now.


Feng Yu Chen knew that this is just a sting operation by GHQ. The plane didn’t have anyone in it. He thought he might as well save a few lives while he’s at it.


“Gai, hold up, something feels wrong here.”


Feng Yu Chen stopped Gai & co.


“No, the plane is about to take off, if we don’t intercept now then we will never get the chance to intercept it again.”


Argo wrinkled his brows.


Gai raised his guard, he didn’t behave rashly like Argo, he asked for Ouma Shu to continue.


“Shu, speak your mind.”


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“Isn’t this whole thing weird? If they are going to move the void stone, surely they would expect us to rob it. If so, wouldn’t it make sense that they would set a trap and lure us into the plane? We are going to be screwed if no one knows how to operate the plane once it takes off, we would be sitting ducks in the sky. Moreover, why is the defense for an asset of critical importance so lacking? Give me 5 minutes, I think they are going to do something on their end…”


A drop of cold sweat flowed down the side of Gai’s head.


“Indeed, the defense here is appalling. Segai would surely set this kind of stuff up, I think they are expecting us here.”


“What do we do then, Gai?”


Argo asked.


“We will infiltrate the enemy command center and steal the void stone. Change of plans, Tsugumi, plot the safest route into the command center…”


Gai ordered through his earpiece.


“Order received, relaying route to your visual unit…”


Tsugumi replied.




The plane started moving into the distance.


“It is as Shu said, this was a setup. They probably assume we are dead. We will give them a big surprise in the command center, Shu, I am counting on you…”


Gai said.


“Not bad, kid…”


Argo slapped Feng Yu Chen’s shoulder.


“You saved our butts today. I have got to hand it to you, I didn’t think you would see through their plans. Phew, that was a close one.”




“Alright, I’ve got the new route, let’s go…”


Gai shot the two guards at the entrance with deadly accuracy. They entered the center and…




A jarring sound hit them. The whole of Tokyo City got engulfed in the strange signal.


The pedestrians on the road started crystallizing, it is the terminal stage of the apocalypse virus…


Everybody started panicking. Here comes the second lost Christmas, a massive spread of apocalypse virus over a large area. It looked like the end of the world.


“Genetic resonance, damn you Segai! That guy used the void stone!”


Tiny crystals started appearing on Gai’s face and body.


“Gai, are you okay? I can help you…”


Inori said in a concerned tone.


“I am fine, let’s go…”


Gai gnashed his teeth.


Tap tap tap


Ouma Haruka came running from the front.




Feng Yu Chen cried out. This is Ouma Shu’s stepmom. Her relationship with Ouma Shu is quite close and she works at a GHQ research lab. Also, she’s Shuichiro’s younger sister. Feng Yu Chen has made contact with her since she returns to the unit they are living in from time to time.


“Shu, you’re here. As expected, you were in Funeral Parlor, are you guys okay?”


Haruka examined Shu to make he’s okay.


“Yeah, we are fine. We came here to retrieve the void stone…”


Feng Yu Chen said.


Ouma Haruka shook her head.


“You’re too late, Shuichiro took the void stone to Roppongi, he’s probably going to wake Mana up…”


“What?! No!”


Gai knew what Shuichiro wanted to do, he’s probably going to propose to Mana in the hopes that she would make him the new Adam.


“Let’s get rid of the virus in your bodies first. I believe the citizens in this city are also affected by the virus as well.”


Inori wanted to use her song to heal Gai and the ones who are infected by the virus.


“Haruka, Inori can mitigate the effect of the genetic resonance and neutralize the Apocalypse virus within a certain area…”


Feng Yu Chen explained.


Haruka thought about it and she replied.


“It’s the first time we do this but, okay, come with me. I will broadcast her song and let’s pray it will neutralize the virus.”


GHQ’s research teams invented a piece of equipment that can manipulate the spread of the virus through sound. Segai (Xiao Han Yue) used this equipment to aggravate and accelerate the progression of infection in infected people and create new infections. If it is possible to spread the virus through this equipment, it should be possible to stop the spread through this equipment as well.


“Okay, Shu, you make sure Haruka stays safe. Argo and I will hold down the enemies here, the rest of you stay here and get detoxified. We are going to need that neutralization to move around better. After that, we will go to Roppongi and stop Shuichiro. I think we will see Mana’s spirit by that time, right?”


Gai said.


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“Okay, watch yourselves. Inori, Haruka, let’s go…’


Feng Yu Chen told them.


Inori and Haruka nodded as they made their way towards the equipment with Feng Yu Chen.


“Seriously, how long have you been hiding this from me, Shu? That’s not very cute of you. You joined the Funeral Parlor for a long time now, right?”

Haruka grumbled at Feng Yu Chen.


“Er… More like, I didn’t know Haruka is working at a place like this, you also seem to be really high ranking in this place…”


“But I am not worrying you, am I? Your actions are more worrying. Have you regained your lost memories, Shu?”


Haruka questioned him.


“What? What about my past? I still don’t remember, it’s like I sealed the memories away…”


Feng Yu Chen said while faking an anguished look.


“Ugh… I didn’t think Gai is the one leading Funeral Parlor. It seems a lot has changed since then. Shu, promise me you will survive!”


Haruka looked at Feng Yu Chen with a serious look.


“Okay, you can count on me…”



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