Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 80: Cooperation

Gai’s attack was easily dodged by Feng Yu Chen. He jumped overhead and he unleashed a kick at “Gai” after he landed like a nimble cat.


Gai blocked the kick with his arm, he wanted to grab his leg for easy pinning but Feng Yu Chen’s kick is inhumanly strong. He lost his balance and he got pounded into the floor.




Gai turned into a cloud of white smoke. After the smoke dissipated, he noticed a strip of paper on the floor.


He picked it up.


“Surprise, it’s a clone. It’s an ability I got after strengthening my void to the fifth stage. I am guessing your void is also stage 5 or above, right? A contest of strength is not one I would win. Bye, I am sure we will meet again.”


Feng Yu Chen examined his surroundings. He’s pretty sure the impostor Gai is still somewhere nearby.


“You think you can hide? I will find you, a game of cat-and-mouse fits my mood just right.”


Feng Yu Chen grinned. a void+5 user? Completing all the missions would only allow one to attain void +4, unless…


It’s the void stone. Feng Yu Chen guessed that this guy must have been snooping around Ouma Kurosu’s grave. The user probably touched the void stone and got +2 upgrade to her void. She’s probably gunning for his void genome, she probably didn’t expect that he’s already got his hands on them.


Xiao Han Yue turned grim. Feng Yu Chen’s power is far greater than she had imagined. Her clone had the same abilities as her, it was not inferior in any way. He can easily defeat her and he can do it again, she won’t stand much chance in a direct confrontation.


Xiao Han Yue prepared that note just in case she lost, it was to divert his attention so she can get away. However, she might have got lucky if she didn’t write that note. Feng Yu Chen hypothesized that she’s still nearby, if she moved now, she would be exposed.


Xiao Han Yue thought Feng Yu Chen relied on his void to win. She never pegged him as someone who had better skills than her. His mixed martial art background and his inhuman strength will probably kill her if she’s not careful.


“Not coming out? Alrighty then, let’s begin our little game!”


Feng Yu Chen donned his invisibility suit and he disappeared into thin air.


Xiao Han Yue felt stressed. He turned invisible, without establishing a line of sight, it’s only a matter of time before he spots her. Even more depressing, if she moved, chances are, Feng Yu Chen will spot her immediately.


Each second was like an eternity to her. Xiao Han Yue started sweating hard. He’s going to spot her any time now.


Xiao Han Yue started wondering why she dug herself this huge hole. Feng Yu Chen was clearly very dangerous and vicious. He’s practically a terminator when it comes to killing enemies, she recalled how she tried to tease him. He’s not going to take that very well, and, he has a secret he wants to protect. As things progressed, she can only see two outcomes: Death and painful death.


It doesn’t bode well for her that Feng Yu Chen played with Samukawa Yahiro before he executed him. He even tortured him by making him misfire and kill Samukawa Jun with his own void.


Xiao Han Yue decided to stake it all on this one bid. The only remaining option is to wait and be executed when Feng Yu Chen finds her.


“Erm… I’ve got another idea, we can work together…”


Xiao Han Yue came out of her hiding place, she forced a smile.


Feng Yu Chen uncloaked himself, he grinned.


“Ah, I knew you would come out sooner or later.”


Feng Yu Chen didn’t move much to her surprise, he just stood there and let the pressure grill her.


He expected her to break under the immense pressure and willingly expose herself.


“You sly bastard, you’re just the sneakiest fox I’ve ever met!”


Xiao Han Yue bitterly laughed. He even bested her in a mental fight.


Feng Yu Chen replied.


“I clawed my way out of a hell filled with the walking dead, fear is something you overcome or die trying to overcome. From what I am seeing, you appear to be in your first Infinity world, you’re weak in the heart. If you hit properly I might have given up since GHQ is bound to send more personnel over to investigate the loss of their assets and human resource. I don’t want to waste more energy and time camping out here with nothing to gain.”


“Isn’t it a bit too late for this? I thought you are a happy-go-lucky person. To think I got played so hard…”


“Happy-go-lucky, you say?”


Feng Yu Chen is speechless. Suzumiya Haruna is the one who flew by the seat of her pants.


“How about it? You can only get 100 points for killing me, I am sure you have seen my ability, I can easily infiltrate GHQ, if you have someone like me it’s going to be very beneficial for you no matter how you played your cards in the future.”


Xiao Han Yue stated her case.


Feng Yu Chen frowned.


“Is that all? That’s not enough for me to let you go. I can do without your assistance.”


Xiao Han Yue smiled bitterly.


“You’re going to kill everyone? There are still survivors and they can band up and overwhelm you with their sheer numbers. I doubt you can win against an entire alliance of Infinity players.


I can make you the king. There is bound to be people who know about you, but I am the dark horse, I can be of use in eliminating such targets. With a piece like me in GHQ, it’s going to make your job easier.”


Feng Yu Chen recalled that Zi Yue Ling didn’t contact him at all since the start of this game. Zi Yue Ling might have burned him and she might have sold his information out to other players. If so, it’s certainly going to be easy if he had a high-ranking officer backing him up from within GHQ.”


“For our cooperation to proceed successfully, I want to know the true extent of your shapeshifting abilities.”


“I can maintain my shapeshifting for an even longer period of time since leveling up. After stage 5, players can’t see through my cover. I am very confident that no other player will be able to tell me apart from Segai if I choose to take his form.”


Xiao Han Yue said.


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“Not bad, alright, you are to infiltrate GHQ as Segai and your first objective is to investigate a player known as Zi Yue Ling, she might have hidden her name but her Infinity ID is 005, she can’t hide her ID. She’s a smart girl and that’s why I need you to investigate her.”


Xiao Han Yue loosened up, she just bought herself more time.


“Okay, I will relay any information I find on her.”


Feng Yu Chen took out his Infinity phone.


“Let’s form a party. Oh, I need your contacts. I don’t need to say this but I am sure you are aware of what will happen to you if you ever try to betray me, right?”


Xiao Han Yue nodded with a grave expression. She formed a party with Feng Yu Chen and they exchanged contacts.

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