Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 78: Battle against the mechas

Feng Yu Chen isn’t surprised by his sudden appearance. GHQ had the technology to track sources of infection, with Jun so deeply infected it would be very easy for them to track Feng Yu Chen & co down given enough time.


He came to this secluded place because it would easy to kill Yahiro. In addition, it would also make a fine mass grave for any GHQ members that tracked them down. He can gather some points from killing GHQ members, after all.


“Hahaha, I knew following you would not disappoint. I assumed you would have let Yahiro go. I see how wrong I was, did it feel good? To put down the traitor that sold you out like cheap commodity.”


Segai faintly laughed.


He looked at the mechas behind Segai and he chuckled.


“It’s you guys’ turn now, my anger is still burning, I hope you guys are good enough to serve as the appetizer.”


Segai frantically shook his hands.


“No no, I have no intention to take any hostile action against you. I am just curious about what you’re going to do next. Want to join forces with me? You look more like a puppeteer than a puppet, I think we can go very far if we manipulated GHQ and Funeral Parlor. For me, I just want to see if the world will truly change when the light of the king envelops the world. I will be frank with you, I thought I would observe and use you but I am convinced that you’re the king after seeing you in action. How about it? yes or no? Would you like to accept my help?”


Feng Yu Chen told him off.


“Your words fail to entice me. Not surprising, a dead man’s last words does not intrigue me in the slightest bit.”


Segai shrugged.


“Looks like you don’t want to cooperate. Well then, change of plans, I am going to capture you. Now that Commander-in-Chief Yan got his hands on the Void Asteroid, I expect him to take it out of Japan which will undoubtedly put Funeral Parlor and Tsutsugami Gai in action. Without your assistance, I think they would be in a very perilous situation. I am expecting a very amusing struggle of life-and-death. Just thinking about it gives me the chills!”


Feng Yu Chen lowered his shoulder and he continued in a calm tone.


“I think you’re overestimating your power. Your plan is predicated upon my capture, are you sure about that?”


Segai nodded with a smile.


“The Power of The King Is formidable in its own rights. But, there is no one else here for you to draw a void from. The only person who you could have drawn a void from is dead. Just how are you going to get out of this? Encircled by mechas, communications jammed by me, and all the residents in the surrounding evacuated, you are now, officially cut off from the rest of the world. Let me ask you again, how are you going to get out of this one?”


Feng Yu Chen laughed it off.


“Segai, do you know where you slipped up?”




Segai didn’t know where his confidence came from, he did his homework on Ouma Shu, he is helpless without any void to assist him in battle. There’s truly no one close enough for him to draw a void from.


Feng Yu Chen stretched out his right hand and the silver band of light on his wrist shined brightly. A void sword started materializing.


“You messed up when you thought I can’t store other people’s void. I can copy and store other people’s void. Now then, I guess the predator has become the prey. You thought you’re the cat? Well, run kitty run.”


“Impossible, how?!”


Segai cried out in shock That’s just cheating, how can he copy voids?


“Time for you all to die!”


Feng Yu Chen shot forward like an arrow.


“Att-attack! There has to be a limit to his void-copying abilities. You’re probably going to run out of steam very soon!”


Segai commanded the mechas to attack Feng Yu Chen. Segai still retained enough sanity to scrutinize  Feng Yu Chen’s ability and make theories.


He’s on the right track, Feng Yu Chen’s copied voids had a maximum number of usage to them, excluding the ones he designated as permanent voids.


Whoosh whoosh whoosh


Missiles and grenades were launched at him.


A silver light flashed in his left hand. He materialized Daryl’s Kaleidoscope void and he deflected the attacks…


Boom boom boom


The deflected attacks destroyed almost half of the mechas.




Segai recalled that a void was used in the last Roppongi battle to the same effect. Feng Yu Chen copied that void and he kept it. Does he still have any other voids?


“Heh, I have a bunch of other voids, the dance of death begins here and now.”


Feng Yu Chen flashed brightly, he donned his invisible suit and he disappeared from sight.


“Where is he?”


“Where has target gone off to?”




The GHQ members are confounded by his disappearance.


Segai finally realized what a terrible foe he is up against this time. Keido Shuuichiro wanted to become Mana’s Adam but he seriously doubted if the old man would have been able to overcome Feng Yu Chen. Ouma Shu is supposed to be a wimp, he is practically a monster right now!












“Who goes there?!”


“Come out!”


The mechas were destroyed one by one, causing fear in everyone. People and machines started expiring left and right as if there’s an invisible demon killing them off.


“Don’t panic! Use your thermal visions!”


Segai issued the command.




“Target found!!!”


A GHQ soldier spotted Feng Yu Chen from the heat he is giving off.


“Scatter out and encircle him, don’t cluster together. Use hit and run tactics if you have to, stay on your toes and strafe him while keeping mecha integrity as your top priority.”


Under Segai’s command, GHQ swiftly cornered Feng Yu Chen.


Pew pew pew


Boom boom boom


Feng Yu Chen had another surprise in store for them. Their bullets and shells missed Feng Yu Chen.


One of the abilities of the invisible suit is that non-biological based attacks can’t hit him.


“Captain Segai, what do we do now? Our attacks are ineffective?!”


“Bullets are passing through him and causing no harm?”


“Is that guy a ghost?”




The GHQ soldiers are panicking from this inscrutable assailant.


Segai is also stumped for words. They can see him but they still can’t hit him. How are they going to hit him let alone capture him? Do they have enough time to figure this one out?

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