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Unlimited anime works chapter 77: Samukawa Yahiro dies

Samukawa Yahiro replied nonchalantly.  


“Well, I guess I am just that kind of asshole. I wanted money and selling you out got me money. I guess I never really treated you as a friend. If you thought about it that way, I am sorry…”  


Feng Yu Chen laughed before he continued with a frosty tone.  


“That’s a cold way of putting it, isn’t it? I have a feeling that, deep down, you don’t just think of friends as burden, you think of your little brother as a burden that you wish you could cut off too, right? If he died you would have a simpler life, minus the troubles of associating with someone so infected by the virus that the government is hunting you two down like dogs.”  


“No, no, I sold my friend out to save my little brother. I can never hate him, go to hell man, your words cannot shake me!”  


Perturbed that Feng Yu Chen struck too close to home, he started attacking Feng Yu Chen.   He dodged his attacks with ease.  


“What? Did I hit the nail on its head? I think your actions speak louder than words. Let me tell you a little something, your void, the representation of your psyche is a shear. A shear used to cut life, I wonder what troubled you so much that you’re so concerned with ending lives? I think your younger brother is starting to piece together the puzzle. You fake hero, you’re just a scumbag coated with shiny tinfoil, how abominable.”  


Yahiro recalled that his younger brother would flinch from time to time whenever they met eyes. Is he terrified of him? No, Ouma is putting the thoughts in their heads. He just needs to kill Feng Yu Chen and be done with it.  


“Die, you!”  


Yahiro charged at Feng Yu Chen blindly.  




He did a roundhouse kick and knocked Yahiro to the ground.  


“Come, do try and kill me. Oh, stand much? I don’t think you can kill me if you’re on the ground though?”  


Yahiro couldn’t understand how Ouma Shu got so strong. But, he knows that he must put this guy down so he got up and charged at Feng Yu Chen again.  




Not formidable enough for Feng Yu Chen, Yahiro got knocked down again.  


“Ugh… go to hell…”  


Yahiro obviously can’t read the memo, he stood up and charged at Feng Yu Chen in another desperate attempt at killing Feng Yu Chen.  


Wham bam pow  


Yahiro got whacked within an inch of his life. At this point, he finally had to recognize a fact, Ouma Shu had unusually strong combat skills when he didn’t in the past.  


“Y-you, just who are you?! Shu is never this good at fighting, you’re not him, you can’t be! That wimp would never think about killing me!”  


Feng Yu Chen laughed out loud.  


“Again, too little too late. You’re still going to die anyway so why don’t you take a guess at who I am? Hint, I am not Ouma Shu. Oh, but I have a little bonus for you even if you can’t answer it.   Going back to the representation of psyche, do you know what a void is? It’s something found within those born after the apocalypse virus struck earth on an asteroid. The void inside a person exists as intron sequences in the human genome, it materializes a person’s deepest desire or thoughts when analyzed by someone who can use the power of kings. Oh, I won’t be telling you the story about the power of kings, just know that I have it right now.   Well, now, I am going to extract your void. My power of kings got an upgrade so now I can keep a person conscious as I extract their void, a feat I am about to demonstrate with you, heh.”  


Feng Yu Chen pointed his index finger at Yahiro’s body, a blue light appeared around Yahiro’s chest and a shear flew out from his body into Feng Yu Chen’s hand.  


“It’s your life-severing shear. It can cut life-strings and induce death. Your younger brother can see the form of your void, he instinctively knew your void is born out of the desire to sever your attachment or rather to lighten your perceived burden.”  


Feng Yu Chen grabbed the shears and he held it at Jun’s neck.  


“Y-you bastard, face me like a man, don’t drag Jun into this.”  


Yahiro tried to crawl over to Feng Yu Chen.  


“I am just finishing what you have always wanted to do. Look at your brother’s eyes, he saw this coming when he saw your void. You’re the sword of Damocles over his head, now, let me realize your desire…”  


Feng Yu Chen tightened his hold on the shears and…  






It was a clean cut. Blood spilled down and to Yahiro’s horror, Jun’s head fell near him.  


“Ah!!! Ju-Jun! You can’t die…”  


Yahiro hugged Jun’s head.   Feng Yu Chen threw the shears in front of Yahiro.  


“Heh, how’s that? I used your void to kill your younger brother. I granted your wish, aren’t you glad he’s finally out of your hair? You are pathetic, you sold your friend for your younger brother who you wanted dead, look in the mirror and see walking abomination that you are.”  


“N-no, shut up!!!”  


Yahiro grabbed his own head as he started to tremble. Is he really like that? Sure, he wished to see his brother dead, he added so much trouble for him when he could have lived a much more normal life. This is his fault, right? For making his life a living hell…


“So unsightly, are you trying to defend your evil soul? It’s okay, I won’t judge you, I will send you to be judged although I am pretty sure I am going to see you again when I actually go to hell!”  


He started walking towards Yahiro in a slow and steady manner, each step silent like the Grim Reaper. He’s caused enough mental damage to scar him for life, now it’s time to cause him so much physical pain that he will wish he died.  


“Ah… I am going to bring you with me if it’s the last thing I do, you asshole!”  


Yahiro grabbed the shears and he sprinted towards Feng Yu Chen.  




He disarmed Yahiro with an accurate kick to his hand, with another kick, he sent Yahiro flying to a wall. Grabbing the shears in mid-air, he threw it at him.  




The shears pierced Yahiro’s heart. His eyes widened and he looked at the wound before he fell down with a thud.  


Clap clap clap  


“Not bad, not bad at all, Ouma Shu-kun, I never thought you had the balls and skills to pull this off. Like a king, you executed him without mercy, I mean, with the power of kings, surely you are a king right? Now, I admire you even more, I find you more interesting than Tsutsugami Gai!”  


Segai Waltz Makoto walked out from the shadows. His expressions, is he excited?

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