Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 76: Killing intention detected

After defeating Keido, Xiao Han Yue searched him but she couldn’t locate the Void Genome. Xiao Han Yue frowned when she only found the void asteroid. Did D’aath take the second void genome?


Disappointed,  Xiao Han Yue picked up the void asteroid and just like Feng Yu Chen, she obtained the same enhancement Feng Yu Chen did and her void got enhanced by two levels.


Xiao Han Yue completed the basic quest to kill 5 players and she got void level 1. Completing 2 quests, her void got enhanced by 2 levels. With the additional upgrades, her void is now at level 5, a level lower than Feng Yu Chen since she didn’t complete quest 1 in time.


Without any hesitation, she chose to upgrade her void. She grinned when she saw her upgraded abilities. Tossing the asteroid back to Keido, she departed. The asteroid isn’t useful to her at this point.




Ooshima’s operation ended in failure, Feng Yu Chen & co had to leave the island because the asteroid couldn’t be located anywhere.


On the second day, Feng Yu Chen’s vacation time with his club members ended so everybody started packing to leave.


“Ugh, I wanted to stay here for a few more days. I am going to miss the sea and the refreshing breeze.”


Arisa said while the other ladies nodded energetically. It’s not easy to find a chance to lay back like this. Like every student ever, nobody wanted to go back to class.


“It’s okay, we can come back here the next weekend, the ride here is pretty quick so I don’t think it would take long for us to get here.”


Feng Yu Chen said.




Inori seems really interested. She enjoyed spending time with Feng Yu Chen like this.


“Of course…”


Feng Yu Chen smiled at her.


“It’s not hard, plus, it’s summer, we have to hit the beach as often as possible.”








Hare, Kusama Kanon, and Arisa all cheered up. These girls wanted to continue partying at the beach.


Meanwhile, Tamadate Souta isn’t happy. He’s not happy because he has to look at Ouma Shu and Inori flirting with each other.




Feng Yu Chen resumed his life as a student after the Ooshima incident. Samukawa Yahiro who is on Feng Yu Chen’s shitlist started some trouble again.


Like in the original work, after betraying Ouma Shu for funds to cure his younger brother’s virus erosion, the GHQ decided that Jun is a lost cause so they wanted to put him down. Yahiro grabbed Jun and they went on a run. They are going to need money to buy virus suppressants and food so Yahiro begged Feng Yu Chen for help.


If Feng Yu Chen is still naive, he would pity him. But, after the stuff he had seen and done in Highschool of The Dead, pity is a deadly weakness, a cruel amusement in Unlimited Worlds.


It’s not fun to get stabbed in the back. Feng Yu Chen isn’t the same as Ouma Shu who helped Jun even after his brother had betrayed him. Trust is very hard to build and delicate to maintain when players can turn tail at any moment.


Zi Yue Ling avoided meeting with Feng Yu Chen to prevent the unlikely event that Feng Yu Chen kills her. This game placed players in situations where they would have to kill each other. However, she didn’t voice this out loud because their relationship is still okay for now.


The traitor is now asking for help from Feng Yu Chen. How will he deal with this jerk?


“Shu, you’ve got to help me. I know it’s going to sound ridiculous but I don’t have anyone else I can rely on. Please, help me out…”


Yahiro knows the chances are slim but he’s got to try even if the person is someone he stabbed in the back.


Feng Yu Chen sniggered inside but he showed him an amiable smile anyway.


“It’s cool, I saw everything at GHQ. You screw me over for your brother Jun’s treatment right? It’s okay, I forgive you, I mean, we are friends aren’t we?”




Yahiro can’t believe it, this guy actually forgave him. Yahiro is seriously moved by his compassion.


“No need to be so emotional, let’s go, where’s your brother?”


Feng Yu Chen asked in a warm tone when his heart is cold as the North Pole.


“Okay, I will bring you there…”


Yahiro is glad someone finally helped them.




Yahiro led Feng Yu Chen to their hiding spot. He could see Jun’s condition is very serious.


Feng Yu Chen suggested that Yahiro and his brother evacuate to somewhere safe. He said he can’t stay with them because he needed to check out the surroundings for vantage points.


Feng Yu Chen led them to an underground parking lot.


Yahiro isn’t dumb, he felt something is up. His brother is also yelling, not from the pain caused by his condition. It’s like he’s’ afraid of Shu. Could it be that…


Yahiro stopped and he shielded his brother from view. He glared at Shu.


“I knew it, you aren’t over it. You’re still holding it against me, you want to kill me don’t you?”


Feng Yu Chen laughed.


“Too little too late don’t you think? You scumbag, tossing your friend aside for your brother? If Funeral Parlor and luck wasn’t on my side, I wouldn’t have made it out you know? Don’t give me some crap like you did it for your brother, you’re smart, you knew there are better ways to earn funds for your brother’s treatment. You chose the easy way out and that’s why I held it against you.”


Yahiro frowned.


“Stop framing me like that, I am a realist, that was the optimal choice. It only came down to two choices, your life or my brother’s, I don’t regret my choice.”


Feng Yu Chen laughed in a cold manner. Ouma Shu took a page from this guy in later parts of the story, he gave up weaker components (people) to keep the important ones. To people like Yahiro, it’s highly questionable if he really treated Shu as a friend. This is why Feng Yu Chen couldn’t understand why Ouma Shu ignored his betrayal. By taking a page from his book and sorting people according to the usefulness of their voids, Ouma Shu would eventually be abandoned by his underlings who grew tired of his tyranny.


Yahiro would have made an excellent government servant, pure meritocracy is probably his modus operandi. In the future, Feng Yu Chen can see this guy using fodders as meatshields and retaining the talented ones for his benefit. It’s hard to imagine if this guy thought of his friends as friends or just tools and means to an end.

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