Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 75: Xiao Han Yue

“Gai” turned into a girl. This girl is one of the Infinity Players sent into this world.


Her name in her original world is Xiao Han Yue. On the way home from an Aikido Dojo, she picked up an Iphone 5 and she suffered the same fate as Feng Yu Chen. The next thing she knew, she’s in Guilty Crown. As a geeky girl, it didn’t take her long to figure out that this is Guilty Crown’s world.


In the 21st Century, everyone’s a geek over something. For Xiao Han yue, it’s Animations, Comics, & games. She’s a die-hard for Mecha genres, she digs most any Sci-fi related stuff especially those cool and badass machines you see in the 2D world. She even used some of her money to buy action figures.


Guilty Crown may not be a pure mecha anime but it had a pithy ending and Xiao Han Yue already finished binging the series multiple times, she also bawled her eyes out multiple times. She’s very excited after realizing her present situation.


Xiao Han Yue didn’t go through the first world so she’s not very clear with the rules of the game. She started by laying low and studying the System phone. After grasping the basics, she knew that this world ain’t as pretty as she thought since people are killing people left and right, including players like her. This is a very scary world for a 16-year-old girl like her.


Guilty Crown is more taxing on a player’s experience and abilities compared to the High School of The Dead. For one thing, in the High School of The Dead, a player only needs to kill 100 zombies to get back to their original world. In Guilty Crown, a player needs to kill 5 players to get back to their original world. Moreover, killing a person required willpower and determination than simply ending the life of a zombie.


Xiao Han Yue chose to be a neutral player when prompted by the System to choose a faction. She didn’t react properly in the first quest but she started moving when the second quest came around. The second quest is where Feng Yu Chen let himself get caught by GHQ and the Funeral Parlor busted him out.


Xiao Han Yue just wanted to watch mechas brawling each other, but, a GHQ player spotted her and came at her with a gun. Xiao Han Yue’s appearance is rather cute so the GHQ player’s hands started itching to get some puddings. Xiao Han Yue evaded capture but the moment the male touched her, her body reacted without her conscious control.


She had talent and training in Aikido and she’s a rather famous practitioner of this school of martial arts. She used chokehold and over-the-back throw with the intent to disable the player. However, because of her technique and subconscious instinct of survival, she used too much power and the player died.


She was terrified at the fact that she killed somebody. She climbed into the sewer to calm her nerves down, she stayed there for a day before she finally realized the gravity of her situation. This world owed her no fun nor excitement, she would have to kill and live through bloodshed in order to get out of this world.


Like an Otaku, she accustomed herself pretty quickly to her bizarre situation. She started thinking about how to survive, her innate demon queen characteristics started appearing after the ethical restraints in her mind are loosened by all that is going on here. In short, she’s starting to go mad.


Her imagination is also cultivated by consuming large quantities of fantasy genre media. Her potential is only limited by her present abilities and imagination.


After that traumatic episode, her heart slowly hardened.


Eventually, she managed to kill a few more GHQ players and she obtained her void ability, the shape-shifting potion. After using this potion, she can change her appearance into any human for an hour at a time and 3 times a day.


With this ability, she participated in the third quest, the Funeral Parlor vs Leukocyte battle. She transformed into one of the Funeral Parlor members and she killed a Funeral Parlor.


Feng Yu Chen had made a miscalculation. In that battle, of the 3 Funeral Parlor members that died, 2 of them were killed by the invisible man and the other one was killed by Xiao Han Yue.


She encountered the invisible man on the day of the operation and they had a mutual agreement, they helped each other in killing Funeral Parlor members.


The invisible man started moving on his own after finishing his neutral faction quest. That’s when he went and tried to kill Feng Yu Chen only to bite off more than he can chew. In the end, he died.


Xiao Han Yue was curious about Ouma Shu, Inori, and Tsutsugami Gai so she snuck into the dam with invisible man. She was nearby when Ouma Shu who was actually Feng Yu Chen who had assumed his identity, killed the invisible man. She left when she noticed his skill as a mixed martial artist.


Xiao Han Yue guessed that Ouma Shu is a player in disguise who is in possession of a shape-shifting ability like hers, only longer in duration.


Xiao Han Yue didn’t know it was due to the character insertion card but she’s pretty close to the right answer.


She came to Ooshima to try her luck, she expected a lot more players to come after Keido Shuichiro. She’s disappointed to see no one trying to do so. This is probably due to the deaths of many players. The remaining players are either in hiding waiting for a chance to strike or are in cahoots with each other not to mess up the current storyline. Keeping Keido Shuichiro alive is beneficial to their current situations, Xiao Han Yue guessed.


Xiao Han Yue isn’t acting on any solid plan. She’s just betting on a beneficial outcome from hindering Keido Shuichiro. This action would lead to uncertainty in the later stages of the game. With more factions and alliances to choose from, it’s anyone guesses what could happen in the future.


Nobody wanted to take the stone because the stone served no important purpose in the film other than being an item to progress the story. Feng Yu Chen sneaked into the lab but he had no particular business with the stone. Everyone’s after the Void Genome but they are afraid what D’aath would do if they did so they stayed put. The players thought that it would be easier to steal the third genome from either GHQ or Ouma Shu after he obtains the power of kings.


The fear of death is also one of the main reasons why everybody abstained from rocking the boat. These players finished their basic mission, they can go back anytime but chose to stay in this world for now. The player who stands out is bound to get killed first. Without insurance or some back-up plans, any risk taken would be poorly-advised with detrimental results. Moreover, the story progression is barely one-third at this point. If they want to go all in, they would have to wait until the end-game.

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