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Unlimited anime works chapter 74: Void, the shapeshifter


After Hare’s confession, they got really close, too close for Inori’s comfort. Inori was happy when Feng Yu Chen admitted their relationship in front of everyone in the mansion even if she didn’t know what happiness is. All she knew was that she felt very warm and assured at the time.


Now that they are officially a couple, Hare’s addition made her feel threatened. She didn’t voice this thought but she wanted Hare to stay at an appropriate distance away from her man.


“Inori, what’s wrong?”


Feng Yu Chen presented his dishes in front of Inori who looked like she’s zoning out. He asked her out of genuine concern.


“I-it’s nothing…”


Inori waved her hands in denial. She didn’t want to cause conflict or harm to others.


“Oh, cooking up a feast I see. When did Shu get so good at cooking? Was it because he trained himself to make a little lass known as Inori a very happy lady?”


Arisa poked fun at them but she meant well. She knew Feng Yu Chen loved Inori that’s why she’s doing this to help them get closer.


Feng Yu Chen scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.


“I am only good at cooking Chinese dishes. I ate some back in China and I thought they tasted pretty good so I studied hard to make them. Inori can’t cook very well and if I can’t cook as well then we would have to subsist on takeouts which would ruin out diet.”


Inori felt the same warm and fuzzy feeling again. He’s doing this for her. Maybe the fried rice with eggs tasted good ebcause he cooked with all his love doused into the dish?


“Hehe, Inori-chan, you’re a lucky girl for nabbing yourself a top tier hubby material…”


Arisa patted Inori’s shoulder, she’s honestly admiring her.


Inori started thinking about their future together and another wave of happiness hit her.


Hare and the other guy started getting into a bad mood. The pinkish air around the lovebirds is too much for the two of them.


“My stomach hurts, I don’t want to eat anymore. You guys finish up…”


The other guy got up and he walked towards the exit with a depressed look.


“Oh really, there won’t be anything to eat if you got hungry in the night, maybe I should save some for you?”


Feng Yu Chen smiled.


“Stop playing the good guy here! Ouma Shu!”


The other guy felt a bit pissed when he heard Feng Yu Chen. It’s like he’s rubbing it in his face.


“What’s his deal? He could have just stopped eating if he really didn’t felt like it.”


Hare’s best friend pushed the bridge of her glasses up.


“Another one’s coming up, you guys can eat without waiting for me.”


Feng Yu Chen said as he tried to get back into the kitchen.


Hare stopped Feng Yu Chen by pulling his arm.


“Okay, you can stop being the lovey-dovey hubby. You’re putting the ladies to shame by being so full of love points. Let me make the last dish, you should worry about putting some food in your stomach, I will handle the rest.”


“Okay, if that’s not too much trouble for you…”


Feng Yu Chen nodded and he sat down by Inori’s side before he started eating as well.




After finishing dinner, Tsugumi called Feng Yu Chen for a meeting, Ayase is present as well.


“Ouma Shu, I see you’re enjoying your life. Need I remind you that you still have a mission to complete or did the multiple girls cooing for your attention robbed that memory from you?”


Tsugumi grumbled. The both of them were busy doing prep work for their mission like scouting the terrain, exits and entry points, and battle plans. Meanwhile, Feng Yu Chen is busy too, busy rubbing suntan lotion on Hare, Arisa, and Inori.


Ayase pulled Tsugumi back and she shook her head, she’s signalling for her to calm down.


“Aya-nee, why are you covering for him? Seriously, why are all the girls swarming around him like bees to honey?”


Tsugumi stomped her thin and petite legs.


“Aight, I will go take Souta’s void real quick, are the others, including Gai in positions?”


“They are all ready, we are waiting for you…”


Tsugumi said in a very annoyed tone, it’s like she’s not happy how Feng Yu Chen had it easy.


Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips, this 14-year-old teenage brat had an ax to grind with him. He will not stoop down to her level and bicker with her.


“Yeah, well, I am going to take the void, we will meet up at the designated location.”


Feng Yu Chen left. At the door to Souta’s room, he knocked and he proceeded to take out his void when he opened the door. Feng Yu Chen can still use him so Feng Yu Chen deferred processing his application to meet his maker until a later time. He’s going to meet the same end as Samukawa, maybe they can be buddies in the afterlife.


Moreover, the fact that he’s a love rival only served to make Feng Yu Chen more intent on banishing him from the material plane via forceful methods.


Since he’s in possession of Souta’s void, Feng Yu Chen moved his unconscious body to Gai’s designated rendezvous point.


“Did you get it?” Point in that spot and snap a picture. That’s our entry point into the GHQ research facility.”


Gai said.


Feng Yu Chen followed his orders and they made their way into the facility. They looked for the asteroid that started all of this just like how the original plot went in the original story. Feng Yu Chen & co got to the room but the asteroid is already gone.




Ooshima, Ouma Kurono’s grave.


Keido Shuichiro gloated in front of the tombstone while adjusting his spectacles.


“Looks like I won this time…”


“Think again, chump.”


“Gai” walked out from a hiding spot nearby.


“You’re Tsutsugami Gai, why are you here? Aren’t you-”


He quickly backed away from Gai. Gai should be busy checking out the facility.


Gai and Shuichiro acted around the same time. However, since he’s got Kursou’s ID card, he managed to steal the stone before Gai and the others can locate it. They should still be busy fumbling around in the facility, just how?


“Ahaha, Keido, do you naturally treat people like retards? I already predicted your appearance here, guess the joke’s on you. Ouma Mana is mine, I will never let you have her, now, give me the void stone.”


“Gai” approached Keido.


“You can go to hell, I will become the true Adam of this world, Eve is mine!”


Keido Shuichiro pulled out a gun on “Gai. He pulled the trigger without any hesitation.


“Gai” snorted at him.


“Untrained and unprepared, do you think you can take me down when I am this close to you?”


Keido made the fatal mistake of not aiming properly, Gai kicked Keido’s hand and the gun flew away. Crouching down, he dashed towards Keido and he grabbed his right hand before he slammed him on the ground after throwing him over his shoulders.


“Gai” isn’t done with Keido, he landed an elbow strike to his chest.


Crack splurt




Keido distinctly felt his ribs breaking and causing internal injuries.


“Yo-you!!! I will never frogive you!”


Keido roared, aggravating his injuries.


“Take a dirt nap, old man.”


“Gai” knocked Keido out with a solid blow to the head.


“Gai” released a sigh of relief, his figure slowly transformed until he turned into a girl with flowing hair, wrestling attire and a pair of flashy red fists.


“Seriously, why is nobody messing up the storyline? I guess nobody thought about stealing the void stone. Maybe I am just too damn good. Or maybe, the other players are too stupid?”


The girl laughed out loud, very pleased with herself.

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