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Unlimited anime works chapter 73: wholesome


At the beach, Hare and Feng Yu Chen had an awkward moment because Feng Yu Chen found it hard to move his glance away from Hare’s porcelain smooth skin. Hare is also blushing because she’s like a fish out of the water with her tiger-striped bikini. She had a wild vibe going on and this beats your average lacey, basic striped, or even transparent bikinis. This kind of bikini really got his engine revving.


While different types of bikinis each had their own unique charm. For Feng Yu Chen, lacey types are elegant and posh while ribbons are for girls that like it cute. Meanwhile, transparent types are for girls who want nothing less than absolute victory from the start. For him, girls that wear tiger-striped bikinis are wilder in his mind.


Personally, he like transparent or tiger-striped bikinis more than lacey ones. These are the ones more likely to make an impact in his mind than plain striped or lacey ones.


“Shu… Co-could you help put some sunbathing oil on me?”


Hare practically forced herself to say that.


“O-oh… sure…”


Feng Yu Chen subconsciouslly nodded while still busy thinking about her bikini. His heart started racing after the fact of the matter.


Wait, does this count as her attempt to pull me in?


Hare’s heart trembled. She started questioning if following her friend’s advise was the correct one. Maybe Feng Yu Chen will think she’s an easy woman for being so easy-going with this whole affair.


Now that she said it, she has to see this through. She bit down on her lips in a nervous manner as she made her way over to the large parasol.


Feng Yu Chen followed her. If he turned her down she might be really hurt. Plus, Hare’s already putting up so much courage and bravery by requesting this of him, what kind of man would turn a woman down in this situation?


Hare gave Feng Yu Chen the bottle of oil and she laid down onto the mat with her back facing him.


“Please, Shu…”


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


Hare undid the loose tie behind her back that kept the upper halve of her bikini in place. She’s really starting to question whether it was wise to follow her friend’s advise afterall. Maybe Shu will get the wrong idea that she’s kind of girl that will ask any man to do this for her. The last thing she wanted was for Shu to think less of her.


He poured a generous amount of oil onto her body before he started rubbing the oil all over her back.


“Nn… Mhh…”


As if she’s being slowly tortured with pleasurable short bursts of electricity, she started moaning. Her rocking body that she kept protected all this time is being touched by a man. She’s freaking out and her heart is racing but she felt right, she kinda likes being caressed by Shu like this.


“Am I using too much power? Maybe I should go softer…”


Feng Yu Chen stopped moving his hands. If he kept this up, he’s not sure if he can deal with the aftermath.


Hare quickly sat up.


“I-it’s okay…”


However, she forgot something. Specifically, she forgot to tie the upper halve of her bikini. So, when she turned to speak with Shu, guess what Feng Yu Chen saw? Let’s just say Feng Yu Chen is glad he’s not blind right now.


“I-I didn’t see anything…”


Feng Yu Chen covered his own eyes. Of course, he told a big fat lie. With his reflex and mental acuity, he practically scanned the the whole frontal region of her torso, intentional or not. He only covered his eyes after their gazes met.


Hare’s heartrate jumped up again. Strangely enough, she’s not feeling bad or distraught that a man saw her body. She rationalized this as her deep attraction to Shu. Normally, a girl would be freaking out or panicking if her hooters are not kept in check by clothes.


She laid back onto the mat. In a small but audible voice, she asked him.


“Say, Shu, what do you think of me?”



Feng Yu Chen put down his hands and he answered her.


“What do I think of you? Hmm, I have to say I think Hare’s a warm and fuzzy girl that is like a panacea to any troubled soul. I feel like your existence alone is enough to get me through any trouble. All the down times would probably float away or disappear if I talk to you. You also have the uncanny ability to make people’s anxiety and hesitation go away. Plus, you’re there when it counts and you make really good food. In all honesty, I think you going to make a very good bride someday.”


His words suffused her heart with happiness. The guy she has a serious crush on praised her to no ends. This multiplied the effect his praise had on her. She felt like the happiest girl alive.


She grabbed his hand before she continued.


“Shu, you saw didn’t you? It’s okay I don’t mind. I don’t mind because it’s Shu. Please, continue…”


Feng Yu Chen can feel the emotion in her words and he let go of her hand before resuming his duty. He’s touched by her words.


Hare didn’t make a peep this time. But, her face is still flushed red like an apple. She just let the sensation of Feng Yu Chen putting sunbathing oil on her carry her up to the clouds, her thumping heart a reminder that she’s still bound to earth.


“Say, Shu, can I ask you a question?”


Hare asked after she renewed her courage.


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“What, I will answer if it’s within my power to do so.”


“If, and I am just saying if, Inori didn’t come along, would Shu pick me?”




Feng Yu Chen retorted in slight confusion.


“I… I like you very much, Shu! I wanted to say this from the beginning, I wanted to tell you how I think you’re a very nice guy. I know about you and Inori but I still want to say this. I am more afraid that I won’t ever find the bravery to say this if I don’t do this now, Shu, I love you!”


Hare said while drawing an overdraft from her courage bank. The balance wasn’t enough for her to look Feng Yu Chen in the eyes because of the fear of rejection.


Feng Yu Chen didn’t know how to answer her feelings. How can he do this in a manner that will minimize the damage it would have on her? He only wanted the other guy to backoff from pulling any moves on Inori but he reckoned his confession must have done some damage on Inori as well. He never intened to harm her like this.


Hare tied the strings behind her back and she started walking towards the sea without waiting for a response. She’s terrified at the answer she’s expecting.


He could see the loneliness radiating from her and he just can’t let her go like this.


“Hare, I-if Inori didn’t come along, I would have chosen you in the end.”


Hare’s body trembled. Her frustration was replaced with hope. The only reason he would say this is because he still had feelings for her even after getting together with Inori. This meant that she still had a fighting chance even if the odds are stacked against her when comparing herself to Inori’s beauty and excellence. She didn’t lose to her on feelings and that’s what she wanted to hear.


“Shu, no matter what, I will always love you…”


She placed her hands behind her waist and she turned around, giving Feng Yu Chen the most blinding wink he has ever seen in his life.


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