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Unlimited anime works chapter 72: The beauty of the summer

Seeing as Arisa is on the verge of crying, Feng Yu Chen dispelled his invisibility and he smiled at her.


“I am a spooky ghost, are you sure you still want to follow me?”




Arisa is stunned at first but then she got really angry at him.




“Haha, how’s that? Ya scared? You better run off if you’re frightened by this…”


Feng Yu Chen lifted Arisa’s chin up.


Guhouin isn’t taking any of this from him, she slapped his hand away and she stepped on the gas pedal. Even Feng Yu Chen is afraid of her driving right now.


“Hey, it’s dangerous to step on the gas pedal with such recklessness. Are you angry? Don’t be like that, come on…”


“Oh, so fear is an emotion you’re familiar with huh? That was nasty of you just now, I was really scared you know?…”


Arisa still kept her legs on the gas pedal. She is fuming right now, this guy didn’t check the time and place before messing with her like that, any girl would be pissing her pants in fear when something like that happened to them.


“Hey, I am sorry. Are you alright?”


Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips. He honestly thought he didn’t go overboard.


Arisa braked and she turned around.


“You think sorry is going to cut it? Did you know how terrified I was just now?”


The supernatural event just now was enough to scare anyone, tears started forming at the corner of her eyes.


Feng Yu Chen smiled as he wiped away her tears. He locked lips with her in the hopes that she would calm down. Technically, he did cross the line.


The kiss calmed Arisa down. She started thinking more about the kiss and she forgot about what happened just now. This distracted her from the fear she felt. Of course, she accepted Feng Yu Chen’s kiss because she loved him.


“Nh… Mnn…”


Feng Yu Chen ravished her inner oral sanctum with his tongue in a way that would make French people admire his technique.




Feng Yu Chen let go of Arisa.


“Okay, let’s return.”


Arisa nodded while looking dazed. She’s completely enamored with Feng Yu Chen and she drove the car away.


As planned, Shu and Gai organized a trip to Oshima. However, something different happened this time, Arisa also tagged along out of a pleasant “coincidence”. She provided accommodation to Feng Yu Chen & co. The accommodation is a gigantic villa that easily housed them and then some. Heck, they could probably invite more people and there would still be empty rooms.


“Wow, this house is so big. Shu, is this really your relative’s house, that’s incredible…”


Menjou Hare gasped as she placed the luggage she’s carrying on the ground.


“Oh yeah, I can pick my favorite room right?”


Kusama Kanon (Author note: A fellow picture club member and Hare’s best friend) said in an excited manner.


“I am going off to find my room, I didn’t expect to find you guys here so I thought I might as well invite y’all over, the more the merrier right? The sea has so much to offer in the summer I thought you guys would like that.”


Arisa smiled at them.


“Treat this villa like your home, there are too many rooms here, you can sleep together in one room or you can sleep on your own.”


Feng Yu Chen said.




Inori grabbed Shu (Feng Yu Chen)’s arm, it’s clear what she wanted, to live together with him.


“Okay, we can stay together…”


“Wow, so lovey-dovey, are you two a couple now?”


Tamadate Souta chirped, he pointed his camera at both Feng Yu Chen and Inori. He wanted to know because he had a crush on Inori.


“Yeah, we are an item now…”


Feng Yu Chen smiled. He wasn’t planning on being a spineless fool like the original Ouma Shu who couldn’t say his honest feelings out loud. He’s not going to let anyone else have Inori.


“O-oh, is that so? Congratulations…”


Souta forced a smile and he stored away his camera. This is certainly not a piece of good news for him. Meanwhile, there’s another one who was adversely affected by this revelation. Hare more or less guessed this but it still hurt to hear this out loud. She grabbed her luggage and she headed upstairs.


“Hare, wait for me, let’s stay together in a room…”


Kusama Kanon tagged along with Hare.


Inori’s heart raced when she heard Shu’s declaration. She tightened her hold on Shu’s arm.


“Let’s go put our stuff in our room and then go for a swim in the sea. We’ve got to take a swim after coming all the way out here.”


Feng Yu Chen led Inori upstairs leaving Souta all alone in the living room.


“Wh-what am I supposed to feel?”


No matter how he sliced this, it’s the end of the road for him. If he didn’t ask Shu about that he could have continued living in his own dream world.



Feng Yu Chen wore his swimming trunks and he left the room to go downstairs. Even if they are cohabitating, he has to make sure not to move too fast.


Exiting the villa, he spotted Arisa in her swimsuit. Her well-developed body is on full display. She wore a red bikini adorned with frills that served to accentuate her voluptuous figure.


“How is it? Does it look good on me?”


Arisa posed so Feng Yu Chen can better observe her curvy figure. She is very confident in this department.


“You minx, watch what you say, we don’t people knowing about the thing between us, got that?”


Feng Yu Chen facepalmed. He really wished that Arisa wouldn’t do anything rash so as to expose them since that would be troubling for him. There are also a lot of Funeral Parlor members here and he didn’t want them to suspect anything.


“Fine, I know when to put a stop to it unlike someone. Alright, I am going to head into the sea for a swim, don’t be a stranger now.”


Arisa laughed and she started swimming like a graceful mermaid.


The picture research club all came out of the villa except for Souta.


Kanon told Feng Yu Chen.


“Souta said he’s carsick so he can’t come out to play, he told us to go without him.”


“Shu, does this look good on me?”


Inori wore a blue and white striped bikini and she asked Feng Yu Chen for his opinion.


“I-it’s very cute…”


Ouma wanted to cry tears of joy. What a goddess, he only suggested it but Inori went along with Ouma Haruka (Author note: Ouma Shu’s stepmom, very cordial relationship with the protagonist) to buy the swimsuit.


“Hey, hey, stop ogling like that. Our Hare over here is also quite the looker you know…”


Kusama Kanon curled her lips. She pushed Hare and presented her to Feng Yu Chen.


“Tiger stripes…”


Feng Yu Chen’s eyes widened at Hare’s bold swimwear. After observing Arisa, Inori, and Hare’s swimsuit, Feng Yu Chen thanked himself for taking over Ouma Shu’s identity. This perk is really too great to give up.


“Inori, let’s go for a swim?”


Kusama Kanon pulled Inori along while winking at Hare.


Hare blushed. Kanon told her to step up to Inori’s challenge. A woman’s happiness should be gained through their own charms.

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