Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 71: Apocalypse virus meteorite

Feng Yu Chen made Arisa wait for him at a discrete place after they arrived at Oshima.


“Are you sure you’re going to be okay on your own? I am at your beck and call.”


Arisa asked.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.


“No need, you just worry about evading GHQ’s detection. This place is close to GHQ’s research base and they have got ridiculous security detail here. I will be very swift just you wait and see.”


Arisa nodded. As she watched Feng Yu Chen walked away from here, she wondered which faction Feng Yu Chen belonged to. He didn’t look like he’s from GHQ or Funeral Parlor. She decided to ignore his allegiance since she would follow him no matter what route he chose.




He took out the invisibility suit void and he donned it. He sneaked into the research facility without alerting the security personnel or system. This suit is seriously effective.


He searched around and he finally found the second void genome kept at the lab on Oshima. This was probably meant for Yuu from Daath but Feng Yu Chen didn’t care. He took the genome and he spotted the meteorite that was so important in the original work. While pondering if he should take the meteorite, he wondered if this would mess up the storyline and cause an unpredictable outcome where GHQ goes into an all-out war with Funeral parlor.


When he reached out for the Apocalypse virus meteorite…




Void enhancement material detected, raise enhancement level of void by +2?”


Feng Yu Chen is surprised. So the meteorite can strengthen his void and by two levels for that matter. This is quite a felicitous discovery for him. He has to finish secondary quests to enhance his void by one level. He’s getting a free upgrade of 2 levels for next to no work.


Without thinking twice, he instantly chose to enhance his void.




Harnessing apocalypse virus to enhance void…

Successfully enhanced void ability: Bandit’s hand. The current stage of evolution: 6. The user can steal up to 6 temporary voids and use the stolen void up to 60 times. Additionally, the user can store up to 4 voids as permanent voids. The user can synthesize up to 4 voids to create a stronger void or enhance an existing void. Gained a new ability: void battle armor for 5 seconds a day, this ability allows the user to combine 5 or more voids into a void battle armor that will allow the user to achieve superhuman feats. Gained a new ability: Apocalypse virus extraction, allows the user to extract and store apocalypse virus for later use, only usable when in void battle armor state.




Player 007 is the first player to achieve the fifth evolution stage of his void. User is now granted void molding, allows the user to repair broken voids, usable on any target with voids in them.


Feng Yu Chen is still busy reading all about his new abilities namely the void battle armor, Apocalypse virus extraction, and void molding. Although it will only be for 5 seconds, the battle armor will prove to be a very valuable trump card in battles from now on. The extraction ability is going to prove useful against apocalypse virus infections. The restriction of only being able to use this ability in battle armor state probably means it is a great ability right?


The last reward from System made Feng Yu Chen silently shout in glee. If he can repair voids then if he broke someone’s void he could prevent their deaths. He can probably heal other people like Menjou Hare.


The void molding is a very useful ability and he can use it to protect himself in dire times.


Looking at the meteorite, he noticed the stone is now somehow smaller in size. He also discovered that he is beaming with void power like he’s an infinite fountain of power.


This is probably the effect of enhancing his void using the meteorite.


This was a worthwhile trip and he has no use for the stone now. He opened the canister holding the void genome and bands of silver light surrounded him the moment he opened it. The silver bands of light seeped into his left hand and formed a silver tattoo that looked like a silver eye. He closed his eyes to examine the increase in his power. He felt he could now steal other people’s void from quite a distance away. There are still other abilities that are fuzzy right now but he ignored them for now.


He is now in possession of two powers of kings. In the original work, Shu only got two marks of the kings after defeating Gai.


Finished with what he wanted to do here, Feng Yu Chen decided to make this invisibility void a permanent void of his. This power allowed him to infiltrate almost any secured facility with close to no risk of detection since no one can spot him. With this, he can only steal and use permanently two other voids since he had a limit of 4 permanent voids. If he used the two abilities properly, he can basically finish off any opponents before they even know what hit them.


The invisibility suit didn’t give him the ability to phase pass a living object like when Feng Yu Chen finished off the original user of this void. He couldn’t avoid Feng Yu Chen’s attacks and he died. That would be the only thing to look out for when using this void.


The invisibility suit is also susceptible to thermal detection. Feng Yu Chen has to stay on his toes because some guns come equipped with a thermal scope.


The abilities are only as useful as their users are imaginative. A true master can use any void to his advantage.


Feng Yu Chen exited the research base and he met up with Guhouin Arisa. He wanted to use his invisibility to surprise her.


Feng Yu Chen sneaked into the car and he sat behind Arisa. He grabbed a handful of her holy mountains. He is surprised with how stacked this woman is.


“Ngh… Nn… Wha-? Who is this?!”


She jumped in shock, she quickly scanned the backseats only to find no one there. Is she imagining stuff here? She could have sworn someone grabbed her breasts from behind her.


Feng Yu Chen silently giggled. He put his hands into her shirt and he gave her titties a good squeeze.


“Nng… Ah, who is there? Come out!”


There’s nobody here so who molested her? She’s terrified right now, Is it a g-ghost?!


Feng Yu Chen grew bolder. He grabbed her by her secret garden.


“Nm… Mhh…. Please, I never hurt anyone, don’t do this to me…”


Arisa wanted to cry. She’s already very afraid when it’s just horror films. When there’s an actual ghost here, the terror she felt is on another level.


Feng Yu Chen, please hurry back…

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