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Unlimited anime works chapter 70: The second chromosomes, another operation

Kuhouin Arisa’s confession really messed with Feng Yu Chen’s plan. He was actually thinking about how to dispose of her body after killing Arisa. Even if she’s a woman, he will get rid of anyone who is a threat to his objectives. He didn’t expect her to confess her love for him.


Arisa likes a man who is confident, powerful, full of presence and a unique personality. In the original work, Arisa had a crush on Gai since he had an air around him that just attracted Arisa.


Right now, Feng Yu Chen is just as powerful if not more powerful than Gai. Feng Yu Chen was a king back in [High School of the Dead]. He calmly directed his subordinates in battles against zombies. Without consciously doing so, he is oozing the aura of somebody who is a greater king than Gai.


Confidence, power, strength, composure and the will of a king. These are all characteristics that got Arisa so hooked on Feng Yu Chen. The kiss on the deck is her confirmation that she wanted him. That’s why she’s always looking for him, she wanted to follow him.


Kuhouin is a good woman. She did everything for Gai in the original work, she also never questioned Gai, she stood behind him in support. Alas, she didn’t get her happy ending since Gai never got over Ouma Mana.


“Yu Chen, if you must kill me then do it. I don’t mind dying at your hands. I am truly in love with you. I looked for anything related to you and the more I searched the more I fell into this inescapable labyrinth of love.”


Feng Yu Chen decided to let her go. Her confession sounded honest enough and he found himself lacking the will to carry through his plan of killing her.


“Nevermind, let’s pretend we never met each other and I will forget about killing you. Goodbye. Oh, and you best forget my identity, I am not Feng Yu Chen, I am Ouma Shu.”


Feng Yu Chen shook his head, he tried to walk away while figuring out if his action was correct or incorrect.


When Arisa saw Feng Yu Chen walking away, she felt a sudden sense of loss. After all she did to locate him, she didn’t want to lose him like this.


She bit her lips and she grabbed Feng Yu Chen’s body from behind.


“No, I don’t want you to leave me. Give me love or give me death. Please give me the chance to prove my love to you.”


Feng Yu Chen stopped for a moment.


“Sorry but I like Saeko and Inori. Honestly, you’re very excellent and beautiful but I am just not into you. I seriously advise against hurting yourself over this one-sided love.”


Arisa rubbed her face against Feng Yu Chen’s firm back. She replied.


“I don’t care if it’s unrequited, I want you to let me continue having this feeling I have for you. I promise I won’t do anything to offend you. I am also willing to help you with any request you might have.”


Feng Yu Chen sighed. He turned around and he placed his hands on her shoulder.


“Fine, but the sooner you realize this the better, I am only using you if you can accept that then you can do whatever you want.”


“That was all I wanted to hear…”


Arisa nodded with a smile. She had a hunch that if she followed him, she would attain greater strength.


“Alright, I am going now. If there’s anything I want I will call you.”


Feng Yu Chen bid her a farewell with a nod of the head. He then left the cruise ship with Gai on a small boat.




It’s a very hot day and Funeral Parlor is starting another operation to obtain the meteorite tainted with the apocalypse virus. Patient zero of the apocalypse virus is Ouma Mana. She’s the Eve of Apocalypse virus who chose Ouma Shu as her Adam. Ouma Shu turned the psychotic girl down. Naturally, she went full crazy and ushered in the Lost Christmas. Like an apocalypse, the virus brought Japan’s civilization to its knees.


Gai wanted to do this in order to bring Mana back to life.


Meanwhile, Shuichiro Keido is also aiming for the meteorite. He wants to revive Ouma Mana and then propose to her in a deluded bid to become the new Adam that will repopulate the world.


The apocalypse virus meteorite fell on Oshima. Along with the meteorite is the void genome that Daath leverages to facilitate the process of destruction and rebirth of human civilization.


Feng Yu Chen came along with this operation with another hidden agenda. He wanted to use the second void genome to further augment his strength.


Before they actually arrived at the island, Feng Yu Chen already made preparations to steal the void genome before Shuichiro or Gai can get to them. As for the meteorite, he could not care less about it.


In order to obtain that, he has to get through a lot of doors and mechanisms. This calls for Tamadate Souta‘s void ability that can open literally anything.


Thus, he summoned his friend to a place and he stole the ability from him before storing a copy of it. His own void ability allowed him to use up to a maximum of 6 void abilities while being able to keep 2 of them as a permanent ability. He rather liked his own ability that allowed him to choose the abilities he wanted to keep. Currently, he is in the possession of Inori’s Void Sword,  Arisa’s shield, Daryl’s kaleidoscope, the invisible man’s invisible suit and he kept the glasses guy’s time-stopping void as a permanent one. He copied the invisible man’s void before he died but he is limited as to how many times he can use the suit.


His current plan is to sneak in with the invisibility suit and open up the doors leading to the void genome.


Moreover, the invisibility suit is much more versatile than he thought. The suit erased odor and allowed him to go through walls like a ghost. This made sneaking into the lab much easier than predicted.


Night, Feng Yu Chen parted with Inori and he begun moving around on his own. He requested Arisa to provide transport while skipping out on public trains.


“Oshima Island huh? Get in the car, my driving skills are top-notch so you don’t have to worry about getting your cover blown. This will be a secret between the two of us.”


Arisa winked at him.


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“And you told no one about this?”


“Relax, I already told you I won’t do anything stupid. I also won’t ask if you don’t wanna say, I know how you like your need-to-know basis.”


Arisa replied in a smug manner.


“That’s how you earn some brownie points with me, I like that head of yours. Maybe I will tell you more when the time comes. Anyway, drive before somebody finds out we are here.”


Feng Yu Chen said.


Arisa started the car and she continued.


“Ok, sit tight, I was actually boasting about my driving ability but I promise I won’t let you down. Let’s go…”


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