Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 69: I love you

Feng Yu Chen withdrew her void and he blocked the missiles without any hitch. Her defensive is really strong, the missiles got stopped with almost no aftermath. He copied the void just in case he would one day need to call upon it.


Gai who was suspicious of them arrived at the deck only to see Feng Yu Chen who had the Coward’s shield in hand and Arisa who is lying on the ground. He felt unpleasant, is this jealousy? Is he jealous of Shu when he wanted Shu to be more confident and capable? Why?


“Hey, not bad. You read the flow of the situation and decided what to do by yourself. You are meeting my expectations just fine.”


Gai gave Shu a few pats on the shoulder.


Feng Yu Chen laughed.


“I can’t keep relying on you forever. I have to do some stuff on my own, everyone in funeral Parlor stands out in a certain field but are more or less capable of doing what they are supposed to do. Hence, I should strive for the same. I am, after all, a member of Funeral Parlor no?”


“I am glad you think that way. Looks like I don’t have to worry too much about you. Still no recollections of your past memories?”


Gai asked.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.


“Nn, maybe it’s not the time yet? Haha, I will try and remember, I think I am very close to it already.”


Gai dropped his head in disappointment.


Why can’t this guy remember the time they spent together, how Mana is waiting for them, you fool, if you didn’t reject Mana at the time she wouldn’t have snapped and caused Lost christmas, effectively ending the world.


“Alright, I leave the rest yo you, I am heading back…”


Gai patted his shoulder. He recalled another question upon seeing Arisa who is still on the ground. He asked her.


“Shu, what’s the deal with you and the young lady of the Kuhouin house?”


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.


“Nothing, just fellow students. Because GHQ investigated me, the students at school started gossiping about me, she helped me out so I helped her out with a bunch of student council stuff. We are technically still friends, a lot of people asked her out to dance so she asked me to block their advances by putting up a front of being occupied with another dancer. It just so happens that you need to do your stuff as well, please don’t tell Inori…”


Gai nodded.


“I just wanted to ask, no need to stand on attention. I won’t say a word to Inori, I have no right to meddle with your life, keep hanging out with Arisa if you want, I am out of here…”


“Nn, I will be right here, defending against GHQ’s attack…”


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


Gai, you fool, you really think you pulled one over me? If you are that unconcerned you won’t be asking so many questions, you’re afraid I am going out of your control huh?


Gai controlled the original Shu like apuppet. With Feng Yu Chen’s entrance, Gai couldn’t quite get him under control so he’s probably feeling anxious.


Gai is a bit of a control freak, he wants everything to go along with his plan. He’s too used to being in charge and in control, he didn’t want Shu to go out of what he had set out for Shu.


After dealing with the missiles, Feng Yu Chen returned Arisa’s void to her and he carried her away. He entered a room in one of the halls and he placed her on the sofa. It’s going to be a bit of time before she wakes up.


Feng Yu Chen didn’t leave just yet. He has yet to complete his objective in coming here. She promised to tell him her motive so he’s going to wait until she wakes up…




Arisa woke up and she examined her chest before angrily growling at him.


“You, what did you do?”


Feng Yu Chen gave her a glass of water.


“Drink up, don’t get so riled up yet, I didn’t do anything more other than that kiss from before.”


Arisa examined her body and she released a sigh of relief. She frowned at him.


“What did you do just now? Why am I here?”


Feng Yu Chen shrugged.


“You fainted either due to motion sickness or that sudden kiss, or both, either way I didn’t do anything indecent if that’s what you’re worried about.”


Arisa tidied herself up and she asked him.


“Don’t lie to me using Shu’s identity, I know it’s you, Feng Yu Chen. That Shu doesn’t have the guts to do anything immodest much less a kiss.”


Feng Yu Chen agreed with a laugh. He shifted back into his original look.


“That’s incredible!”


Arisa gasped in shock.


Feng Yu Chen continued.


“This is a bit more high-leveled than the shape-changing skits you see in Chinese dramas, that’s all I can say.”


Arisa mused out loud.


“I didn’t know you could mimic appearances with enough precision to even copy voices.”


Feng Yu Chen answered.


“Just because you don’t doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. Alright, what do you want? If you don’t speak properly, I am going to waste you and then feed you to the fishes. Don’t even think about lying, or extorting me by telling others, rest assured that I will kill you and anyone you tell so choose your course wisely.”


Arisa bitterly laughed.


“So cruel, I don’t want to become fish food. Fine, I am just intrigued by you, you’re different than other guys, let’s just say I am very interest in what you do.


My curiosity keeps getting to me. I know your secret but I don’t plan on doing anything about it. I just wanted to confirm if you’re Feng Yu Chen. Again, I am interested in you, how do you put it, yes, I like your personal charm confidence and that savage streak you got going on. I love you? Yeah, maybe that’s it. I want to talk more with you.”


Feng Yu Chen frowned.


“No other objectives?”


Arisa shook her head.


“Nope, if you don’t believe go right ahead and kill me. I like you, Feng Yu Chen, not Shu, why else am I trying so hard?”


Feng Yu Chen is a bit stunned. This girl, she fell in love just from that meeting they had before. He realized that he has no reason to off her, she already confessed her feelings and motives.


“Jeez, what do I have to do to prove it? I really like you and I want to be with you…”


Arisa said. She can’t explain why she likes him, she just does.

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