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Unlimited anime works chapter 68: The kiss at the ball

After making the glasses guy’s void his own permanent void, he began his judgment.


“What do you suggest we do with this guy?”


Saeko grinned.


“Break every last bones in his body?”


“No! Noooo! Please!!! If you have to do it at least make it quick…”


The glasses guy is very close to peeing his pants right now, Saeko is no longer the hot woman he lusted after, she looked more like a demoness of carnage to him. Somebody once tried to double-cross Feng Yu Chen and Saeko led the execution. She broke every bones in a way that would keep the traitor alive as long as possible while maximizing the pain.


“Good idea, let’s cut off his tongue first. I don’t want people barging in after hearing his screams.”


Feng Yu Chen nodded, Saeko’s merciless attitude beats Feng Yu Chen in many ways. Feng Yu Chen is only thirsty for blood when he’s fighting but Saeko’s savage mode is on 24/7. He’s wondering if there is even an off-switch.


Saeko felt elated at Feng Yu Chen’s permission. She can’t wait to torture the heck of this person.






Saeko kicked the glasses guy in the guts. He cried out in anguish and Saeko cut off his tongue just like that.




The glasses guy seemed to be yelling in anguish but his words were incoherent, the severance of his tongue meant that he wouldn’t be able to voice his thought as easily as before now.


Feng Yu Chen commented.


“Not bad, your speed and precision is inhuman, to actually cut off his tongue in such a short span of time.”


Glasses guy went limp on the ground, he could already envision the pain that is to come, he went no1 and no2 right there.


Saeko and Feng Yu Chen looked at the glasses guy in disgust.


“Let me do this, you’re only going to dirty your hand at this rate…”


He gathered strength at his right leg and he stomped on the prisoner’s right leg.






The glasses guy shrieked in pain, cold sweat appeared on his head.


Crack crack


“Uuu… Au…. Ou…”


Feng Yu Chen gave no fucks, he picked his ear and he continued stomping the glasses guy.


His mangled leg sent no more pain signal to the glasses guy’s brain, the pain overwhelmed him so much he can’t feel it now even if he can see the pieces of bone poking out of his skin.


“Screw this, you can deal with him, I am heading back, I wouldn’t want Inori to worry…”


He could have stomped the guy to death but his feet is numb from the reaction force.


“I used the back of my sword to crack his leg, of course you’re going to feel numb after using your leg like that…”


Saeko teased Feng Yu Chen.


“You just have to reveal my secret? Seriously, I am out of here, don’t forget to clean up after you’re done…”


As he got further away from the abandoned factory, he could hear Saeko working her magic on him. She went to extraordinary lengths to make sure minimal blood spillage is a thing. She also ensured that the victim is aware and can feel what she is doing to him.




On the Kuhouin’s private cruise liner, the upper-class individuals mingled among themselves, boasting or telling fancy stories to each other, business deals are also made here.


Feng Yu Chen and Gai were in fancy suits as they entered the venue.


“You’re here.”


Arisa greeted Feng Yu Chen, she extended her hand towards him as an invitation to dance.


“Yes, but I never learned proper dancing, I am sorry.”


Feng Yu Chen smiled.


Gai observed the cordial chat between Shu (Feng Yu Chen) and Arisa. He frowned when he wondered about the relationship between the two of them. When he informed Shu of this place, he said he’s going. Looks like he meant he’s going on a date with Arisa.


Gai felt like he had misjudged Shu. Isn’t he in love with Inori, why is he so intimate with the young lady of the Kuhouin house.


Gai distanced himself from the two of them and he headed towards the VIP platform for the financial moguls of the Kuhouin group. He’s here to get financial help and material resources. He’s going to ignore the relationship between Shu and the young lady for now. Their relationship will only bring benefits for his organization.


Arisa felt no anger from being turned down, she beamed at him.


“It’s okay, I can teach you, it’s very easy I am sure you will get it in just a few tries.”


Feng Yu Chen nodded with a helpless look.


‘Fine, there are too many people here, why don’t we go to the deck?”


“Okay, I like quiet places anyway, especially moonlit places, it’s simply an enchanting experience. This hall is like a glorified cage, all the people here look like prisoners to me. The deck hits the spot just right, it’s romantic and feels free.”


Kuhouin accepted his suggestion and off they went to the deck of the ship.


Beep beep beep


His phone rang, it’s an emergency line deployed by Funeral Parlor.


“Shu, tell Gai a missile is heading your way, if it hits, your ship is going down…”


Tsugumi reported in a slightly panicky voice.


Feng Yu Chen grinned, it’s time Dan Eagleman attacked the ship in order to wipe out the rebel forces, it’s just like how it was in the anime.


“Tsugumi, relax, I got this. Just watch me…”


Feng Yu Chen said in a confident tone.


“Hey, stop acting tough and get out of there with Gai, the whole cruise ship is going down…”


Tsugumi panicked, it’s clear she didn’t believe Shu.


“Ahaha, relax, I will do my part. I guarantee both Gai and I will return home safe and sound. Alright, I still have stuff to do over here so I am hanging up…”


He hanged up and he returned to where Arisa was.


“Who was that?”


Arisa asked.


“Nobody, alright let’s boogey, I have high expectations for your teaching…”


He grabbed her by her tiny hand and he hugged her.


“You’re an assertive guy aren’t you? Okay, followed my lead, move your right legs back when I step forward with my left foot. It’s a routine where I move front and you move back or vice versa, easy right?…”


They held hands and she placed her right hand at his waist before she started instructing him.


Feng Yu Chen went along with her until he felt the time is right. He grabbed her chin and he overlapped his lips with her.




Kuhouin gasped after the fact, this kiss is too sudden! She gawked at Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen looked into Arisa’s eyes. Then, he reached into her chest and pulled out her void, the Coward’s shield.

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