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Unlimited anime works chapter 67: First permanent void, time-stop

Feng Yu Chen drank his coffee while Kuhoin voiced her speculations and doubt. He listened while she laid out each and every mistake he made.

Kuhouin saw how calm and composed he is and she praised him.

“I see you’re not fazed even when your secret is being revealed. This is just another characteristic that proves you’re in fact Feng Yu Chen and not Ouma Shu. I don’t believe he’s someone who can remain calm under such conditions.

He scooped a bit of sugar and he stirred them into his drink before continuing.

“No, keep talking, what I want to hear is not your speculations, but rather your objective.”

Kuhouin sipped her coffee and replied.

“Are you deciding on whether to dispose of me after listening to my objective? Quite cold and merciless aren’t you?”

Feng Yu Chen put down his cup and he continued.

“You know what, Kaicho-sama? A smart woman is a very dangerous existence, one that cannot be allowed to live if said woman becomes my enemy, no, I will kill such a woman without any hesitation. If she’s neutral or better yet under my faction, I will go to extreme lengths to keep such valuable assets pristine and in top condition, what do you think? Which kind of woman are you?”


Kuhouin giggled.

“I was waiting for you to bring this up. Your current expression is the expression that got me interested in the first place. If you want to know my answer, come to the gala that is hosted by the Kuhouin family on a cruise ship in a few days and I might tell you my answer if I feel like it. It all depends on what you do from this point on, Feng Yu Chen-kun!”

Arisa got up and she headed towards the exit.

Feng Yu Chen finished his cup of coffee and he followed her.


“I won’t extend an invitation to you, I believe in your ability to get in without such an item. Alright, I am taking my leave, if you want to kill me this will be your best chance.”


Kuhouin smiled and then she left him.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head, he’s going to let her go for now. He still has to deal with strengthening the void which can stop time, he also needed to get it from the guy who has it, that glasses guy is still alive in his captivity. It’s a very powerful ability in the right hands. It’s like the 7th bullet Tokisaki Kurumi in Date A Live uses to stop her opponents in their tracks.


Feng Yu Chen entered an old abandoned factory where Saeko is waiting for him.


This place is a very good hideout, it’s a very nice place to stash the people he’s going to execute.


Somebody used a flashlight.


“Here I am, am I scary? Did you jump in surprise?…”


Haruna pointed the flashlight at her chin to make herself look as scary as possible.


This childish prank is something Feng Yu Chen used to tease girls during his childhood. Rather than scary, Feng Yu Chen felt amused by her puerile display. He’s still ruminating over what to make of Kuhouin. Haruna’s playful nature lightened his mood.


“You cheeky girl, did you eat yet?”


Feng Yu Chen rubbed her head while replying in a warm tone.


Haruna pouted at the lack of shock.


“Oh come on, you’re not even scared. Could it be that I am too moe to frighten someone?!”


“Moe your butt…”


Haruna got a knock on the head for her remark. She really needs to learn when to joke and when not to joke, it’s like she’s cheerful no matter the time and place.


“So you have arrived, had your lunch yet?”


Saeko gave him a lunchbox.


Feng Yu Chen replied.


“Not yet, I see, only Saeko is this dedicated. I am going to chow down on this food and then we are going to pass judgment on that fellow.”


“I know this guy, he was one of our staff officers in one of our special strike teams, I had talked with him before.”


The strike team here refers to the groups of combatants Feng Yu Chen put into plat to deal with zombies, the members are all capable fighters.


“Staff officer? Not bad, Saya and Zi Yue Ling vetted them so he certainly has the brain and intelligence to know and predict my movements. He actually thought about this, not bad.”


Feng Yu Chen said while eating his lunch.


“If he wasn’t careless, he might have won against us, what a shame.”


Saeko said.


Feng Yu Chen agreed, he finished his most of his lunch and he handed the rest to Haruna.


“You can have the rest, I look at you and…”


Haruna was drooling while Feng Yu Chen ate. She’s in love with Saeko’s cooking in just a few days of spending time with Saeko. She already ate before coming here but she got hungry again.


“Uuu, Feng Yu Chen nii-san is actually a pretty nice guy. I am going to make sure the food does not go to waste.”


Haruna said after she snatched the lunchbox from Feng Yu Chen.


Not wasting any food is a rule Feng Yu Chen lived by in [Highschool of the Dead], he can get by in the early stages by gathering as much firepower and manpower as possible but in the later stages, food is more important since it will be very scarce by then.


He pursed his lips before standing up. He approached the glasses guy.


“King, please don’t kill me. I contributed so much during [Highschool of the Dead], I swear I won’t try to harm you again…”


The glasses guy retreated away in terror, however, since he is tied down, he can’t move at all.


Feng Yu Chen said nothing, he snatched away his time-stopping void gun by reaching into his chest and drawing it out.


“Permanent mug!”


His hand morphed into a dark draconic hand that resembled a dragon’s head, it swallowed the void gun. This is the first time he used his void.


Feng Yu Chen felt something within him it’s like he had another void power added to his collection. He’s already familiar with the void as though he was born with it. It feels pretty damn good, this is perfect mimicry.

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