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Unlimited anime works chapter 66: Kuhouin's speculation

After Segai removed all intel on Ouma Shu, Feng Yu Chen can finally return to a quiet life.


Arisa helped Feng Yu Chen and the others a lot when they returned since everyone’s pointing at him and whispering about it. She invited him for a coffee together.


Feng Yu Chen didn’t think it’s a date between a male and female. He reckons that she’s probably got her own set of questions to ask so Feng Yu Chen didn’t reject and he accepted her offer.


After school, Feng Yu Chen told Inori to go home first. He had already prepared fried rice with eggs along with some other dishes, she only needed to heat it up.


“Shu, where are you going, why aren’t we going back together?”


Inori tilted her head at Shu.


He patted her shoulders with a smile.


“Oh, a friend asked me to help out with moving so I have to go. I am going to be late so you should eat up first, I left the dishes in the fridge so heat them up and dive in. Remember heat them up or it won’t taste as good.”


“Alright, I will wait for you to return before sleeping…”


After sending off Inori, Feng Yu Chen entered a cafe close to the school.


“Over here!”


Arisa waved towards him after noticing Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen approached her table and he sat down opposite to her. He smiled at her.


“I am thankful for your help, president. I didn’t want them to make me the center of attention.”


Arisa shook her head.


“It’s nothing, It’s only natural for the student council president to solve the students’ worries. It’s also rude to gossip about others. If left unattended, it could hamper the study environment of the school.”


“I see I am in the presence of a saint-like student council president. What is the purpose of this meeting? I don’t know what’s got you so interested in me, I mean I am just a normal student. Meanwhile, you’re the elegant, noble, and well-admired student every male in school is chasing after. Or could it be that this is really a date?”


Feng Yu Chen teased her.




Arisa laughed but she swiped her bangs away before continuing.


“I heard you’re not good with people but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The description I got from your classmates differs from the real you.”


Feng Yu Chen sipped his coffee and continued in a nonchalant manner.


“You’re one to talk. You are covering yourself up in layers of protective façade, afraid that someone might see your weak side so you have been acting tough, is that correct? You’re actually shivering inside. You think no one can see through you if you just fake it until you make it right?”


Void is a representation of a person’s psyche. Arisa’s void is a shield, a piece of equipment to reduce the harm one receives. This shield’s manifestation means that Arisa wants to hide her weak side, a shield to protect her soft inside from being exposed.




Arisa is peeved at Feng Yu Chen. Having her secret exposed like this infuriated her to no ends. This is too rude, why is this guy doing this?


“I am quite fine, thank you for asking. I just think we are similar no? I hid my self away to avoid harm but I am not as strong as you. You worked very hard to fabricate this perfect exterior you have, it’s this perfect job you did that I noticed the true you.”


Feng Yu Chen said.


Arisa snorted.


“You know you won’t be popular with the girls if you talk like this ya know?”


Feng Yu Chen smiled.


“Oh, but you prefer someone you can speak without putting on a façade right? You’re going to distance yourself away from those who don’t understand you but not me, I know you, the weak you, I can offer you solace and that is something you can’t resist isn’t that right? Kaichou-sama?”


Arisa is too stumped for words, she just wanted to ask Shu about some stuff but she didn’t expect him to lead her by the nose. A total failure, huh? This guy’s too smart to be tripped up by her. In the end, she’s the one who got messed with. Is this the real Ouma Shu?


Arisa is suspicious of Feng Yu Chen. Ouma Shu’s behavior reminded her of a certain someone. This manner of talking like nothing in the world can faze him.


“Feng Yu Chen…”


Arisa accidentally called out his name.


“Ah, what’s wrong…”


Feng Yu Chen responded but he quickly frowned. Crap, did he blow his cover?


Arisa caught this and she expressed her doubts.


“Who are you really? Feng Yu Chen disappeared the same day Shu disappeared, the both of them went to Roppongi, just who…”


“Are you investigating me?”


Feng Yu Chen felt like he knew why she called him out. She’s as smart as she is weak on the inside. She investigated him and pieced together the clues.


“I am not investigating per se, just curious. I am only speculating at this point. It might be me and my imagination but I felt odd that Shu experienced a change in personality. Plus, your expression reminded me of Feng Yu Chen, altogether, you guys are just too identical to be normal.”


Feng Yu Chen shrugged.


“I don’t know what you’re on about, who’s Feng Yu Chen? You’re mistaking me for someone else haha.”


Arisa shook her head.


“You know who I am talking about, Feng Yu Chen, that’s you right? I won’t expose you, I am curious what you’re trying to do here. Who is in there? Is it Shu parading around as Feng Yu Chen or the other way around? I am guessing Feng Yu Chen is in charge here, what is up with that makeup?! It’s like you’re the same person, our technology has yet to reach such an advanced level.”


Feng Yu Chen felt annoyed. As expected of a young lady with good upbringing, her communication skills and observational skills are ridiculous. He’s well-aware of how determined she can be, she would do anything if the goal requires it. She even offered herself up to Gai.


Feng Yu Chen wants to know how to deal with someone who would do anything to achieve her goal. It won’t be easy to fool her.


“What’s your endgame here? Why am I so salient in your field of vision?”


Feng Yu Chen asked Arisa back.


Arisa smiled at him.


“A man doesn’t have to do much to attract a woman. Of course, that only applies to other people. If I had to say what about Feng Yu Chen that attracted me, it would be that unrestrained attitude and his confidence, he also took everything on at his own pace. Not the kind of male student you would see often in school. I guess that’s what got me interested in him.


Imagine what would happen if someone you’re interested in suddenly disappears one day. Of course, I am not just going to accept it. I started observing and from how Saeko and Haruna associated with Ouma Shu, what would you think the reason those two girls who previously didn’t contact Shu much suddenly moved from Feng Yu Chen to Shu be huh?


More importantly, the way those two looked at you is like how they looked at Feng Yu Chen, that’s why I concluded that my speculations had a solid basis…”

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