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Unlimited anime works chapter 65: Void, synthesis

Feeling the sensation of someone trying to choke him, Feng Yu Chen threw away the anti-gravity gun. He grabbed where arms would be coiled around his neck and he snapped the air.






He estimated where the sound came from and he threw the invisible person on the ground with a loud thud after snapping his hands.


A spray of blood appeared on the floor. A boy who appeared close to 20 years old appeared shortly after getting slammed down on the floor. He had blood and fluid coming out from his head. He couldn’t believe what just happened nor did he wanted to accept death like this.


Feng Yu Chen grinned at him. So what if he’s invisible, the moment he got close to Feng Yu Chen is the end of the invisible person. He used estimation coupled with his brutish strength to instantly snap his wrists and hurl him to the ground with enough strength to induce lethal trauma.


Not even Saeko could fight evenly in close quarters with him, an average human against a soup-ed up human who used to be a mixed martial art champion? What a joke.


The guy who attacked Feng Yu Chen is a neutral player who didn’t join GHQ or funeral parlor. This guy wanted Shu’s power so he attacked him here.


What he failed to account for is that the Shu right now isn’t the real Shu. Otherwise, he might have succeeded. The power of invisibility is powerful if utilized properly, dealing with Gai after killing Shu would be easy. He could have rampaged around the world of Guilty Crown without issue.


The problem started the moment Feng Yu Chen took over Shu’s identity. He was careless and now he’s dead just like the guy with the glasses who could temporarily stop time. They all should have not underestimated Feng Yu Chen’s power.


The two attacks were all so close yet so far.


Right now, Daryl destroyed the control panel causing the satellites to free-fall down onto Tokyo.


Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips. He’s going to have to use the void sword to destroy the satellites.


“Shu, are you alright? I didn’t think anyone with an invisible suit would walk in like this!”


Gai said.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.


“Argo’s close combat techniques got me out of this one. Oh, but we are in deep trouble now that the control panel for the Leukocyte is destroyed.”


Feng Yu Chen coughed in a fake manner. Gai referred to the attacker as someone wearing an invisible suit, although that is something that exists in this world but from the fight in Roppongi where funeral parlor used it, it’s clear that the invisible suit isn’t perfect just yet. The attacker’s invisibility is so good that it’s hard to perceive the attacker without being attacked first.


“Gai, not good, Leukocyte 1 ( An experimental prototype that worked pretty well) is behaving weird. The control panel’s damaged status must have caused something to the system making it fall. If that amount of mass hits Tokyo with that velocity, Tokyo’s…”


Tsugumi phoned in.




Tokyo’s going to be destroyed if the satellite fell.


“Alright, we are heading out to engage them…”


Gai said.


Feng Yu Chen and Inori followed.


“Shu, give me the pen GHQ gave you last time…”


Gai said.


Feng Yu Chen acted like he’s surprised, he gave the pen to Gai.


“You noticed… I guess this means Ouma-kun never got to use it… A shame, but I have to thank you.”


A purple-haired guy with high-class GHQ battle suit entered. He had what appeared to be a tearstain-shaped scar on his left eye.


“You’re Segai right?…”


Gai commented upon seeing his appearance.


“Pleasure to meet you, Tsutsugami Gai-kun…”


Segai laughed in a creepy manner.


Gai lifted the pen.


“Let’s make a trade, the satellite for the erasure of all data and information you collected on Ouma Shu…”


Segai thought about it and he replied.


“Fine, you’re probably going to die along with the satellite anyway, I am looking forward to it…”


Segai departed just like that.


The pen GHQ gave Feng Yu Chen can send a signal to Leukocyte 1, in order to destroy the falling satellite, someone has to stand beneath the falling satellite and beam the signal up at Leukocyte for it to relay signal to another attack satellite which would destroy the falling satellite. However, that also means that the one with the pen is going to perish along with the satellite.


Feng Yu Chen could let Gai die just like this and he didn’t have to draw the void sword from Inori to destroy the satellites. But, Feng Yu Chen knew he can’t let him die right now. There is still utility for this lab rat.


Now, the story is going to proceed like how it did in the original work.


Feng Yu Chen listened to Ouma Shu who’s inside Inori and he drew out Inori’s void sword in addition to activating the void sword’s second ability to shoot at a long distance. The sword only had the ability to unleash sword beams at nearby objects.


Inori and Mana shared the same void. Inori is cloned from Mana’s DNA and void, she also had Mana’s soul within her. Although it’s faint, a crisis like this would awaken her, Mana’s ego also appeared when Inori’s control weakens.


Beep, completed the sidequest issued to help Gai in his plans to stop Leukocyte ensuring the continuity of plot. Void power: Bandit’s Hand has been enhanced, the current evolutionary stage: 4. You can now hold 4 temporary voids with usage limit pegged at 30 times, You can also keep 2 permanent voids with no usage limits. Moreover, you can now synthesize at most 2 voids into an enhanced version.


“I didn’t expect for you to help me out at that critical juncture… You have my thanks…”


Gai reached an arm out to Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen slapped Gai’s hand.


“We are all in this together, I can’t let you steal all the thunder. Inori would also ride my ass if I let you die just like that ahaha…”


“You have grown, but you still need to put more effort into this, Shu…”


Gai sighed. He’s wondering why Shu forgot about what happened back there, why did he seal his memories of the past? Seriously…


Feng Yu Chen shrugged.


“Alright, I am going to work hard. I still don’t understand what we are really fighting for but I think I am used to this, now I just have to work harder and get better at this…”


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