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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 64: Void, invisible man

Gai led a team to start preparing for leukocyte (an orbital weapon that can easily decimate a whole country, originally a fallback plan in case Japan’s outbreak becomes uncontainable), they are going to set up groundwork this time.


Feng Yu Chen began his training with Ayase, the final test Feng Yu Chen has to go through.


“Are you ready? You just need to breach my defense and make it to the cargo behind me.”


Ayase said.


Feng Yu Chen gave her a thumbs up.


“No prob, I won’t lose to a girl…”




Ayase replied in a huff.


“Very well, I am going to let you see what I can do!”


“Haha, you’ve got her mad now. You better watch out…”


Argo said.


Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips.


“You better bring out all you’ve got. It’s the only way I can reassure myself to let you guys see the latest result of my training, haha.”


“Wait and see, I am going to let you see that the battlefield doesn’t distinguish between genders!”


Ayase got closer to Feng Yu Chen after the events of last night. They are talking like friends now.


“Ready or not, I am going to start it soon”


Argo said.


Feng Yu Chen nodded.




“Me too…”


Ayase said.


“Okay, with that, on your marks…Go!”


Argo waved his hand.




Ayase started firing at Feng Yu Chen.


“She doesn’t hold back in the least…”


Feng Yu Chen shook his head with a smile. He dodged the bullets.


“Oh, you’ve got agility, not bad at all..”


Argo praised Feng Yu Chen’s fast movements.


Feng Yu Chen can’t help but admire Ayase’s pilot skills as well. It’s like she is one with the machine, her aim was accurate and her movements are swift almost as if the machine is alive.


“Let me borrow your void…”


Feng Yu Chen drew out Argo’s void as he decided to end this match in the simplest way possible.


The mark of the king appeared on his right hand and he brought out Argo’s flashlight void which can envelop the target hit by its ray in darkness, robbing them of sight. He shined the flashlight on Ayase and a ball of darkness enveloped Ayase and her mecha. Feng Yu Chen used this chance to run inside the carriage.


Although Feng Yu Chen could have ended Ayase if he used his full power, he reckoned that it would be best to not reveal too much. He used the same trick the original Shu pulled on Ayase and he passed using the power of void.




Ayase’s strength is well acknowledged within the organization and Feng Yu Chen passed her test with flying colors even if he technically cheated. The void power is an extension of him so a win is still a win. Not to mention, Funeral Parlor is more concerned with completing the mission objective than being honorable and just. History is written by the victors and to be the victor is the mission objective.


After Ayase returned to her senses, Feng Yu Chen had already made it inside the carriage. She pursed her lips in dissatisfaction but she didn’t say much. She’s glad that Feng Yu Chen has this kind of power.


Her heart is slowly changing, rather than the cold and distant Gai, Feng Yu Chen is vibrant with lots of emotions. He feels more real compared to the other guy. Moreover, Feng Yu Chen was so warm with her last night that it’s causing her heart to experience a change.


Tsugumi came running over with a pale look.


“Not good, leukocyte just hit where Gai and the team went…”


Feng Yu Chen knew an incoming fight is inevitable. The airport Gai went to got hit with an orbital blast, a lot of funeral parlor members are going to die. According to the original plot, Gai survived and they came up with the plan to stop leukocyte.


According to the System, more than 80 players had died by now. It’s still so early into this world and the death toll had hit 80. Feng Yu Chen is the one with the highest kill count, combined with Saeko, they killed more than 30 people. The rest were done by other players.


The survivors are either smart and/or vicious, they are all most likely able to draw out their own void. There are 8 players in Funeral Parlor, he didn’t know who they are. When he transformed into Shu, the System stopped picking Feng Yu Chen up as a player, according to the radar, he is an NPC.


The 8 might be curious about Shu’s change in personality but they had no time to investigate further.


Other than these 8 players, there are still other players that belonged either to the GHQ or neutral faction. What would be the void and the types of players that he will face in the upcoming side quest?




Gai’s survival was met with relieved sighs from the Funeral Parlor members. Gai swiftly began briefing them on their next operation. Feng Yu Chen rejected Gai’s plan just like in the original work. After listening to Gai’s real thoughts, he joined the battle.


Feng Yu Chen did this to keep the 8 Funeral Parlor Players in the dark, now is not the time for them to know who he is.


Ding, side quest initiated.


Funeral Parlor Operation destroy leukocyte


Funeral Parlor faction: Join the battle and preserve the storyline by helping Gai destroy the Leukocytes.


GHQ faction: Join the battle and stop Gai’s plan, destroy the original storyline.


Neutral faction: Join the battle, kill 1 player from either GHQ or Funeral Parlor.


Ayase and the others stuck to the plan and got Feng Yu Chen, Gai, Inori and Kenji into the dam where the leukocyte control system is kept.


When they began their operation, the System notified them that a player from Funeral Parlor had died. Feng Yu Chen assumed that to be par-of-the-course for a battle this scale. However, 2 more deaths of Funeral Parlor players got his attention.


Feng Yu Chen can sense an ominous foreboding.


Feng Yu Chen ignored it for the time being, he had to focus on destroying the satellites.


To preserve the plot, Feng Yu Chen prepared to damage the control system which Daryl broke in the original work. This will cause the satellites to fall, Shu will then combine Inori’s void with Kenji’s void to create a long distance laser that will destroy the falling satellites.


Feng Yu Chen is currently busy destroying the core of the lasers.


While Daryl and Gai fought, Feng Yu Chen who was busy using the anti-gravity gun to damage the system received a notification from his phone about an approaching player.


Feng Yu Chen couldn’t see anyone.


Just what is going on, or maybe…


Feng Yu Chen had a bad feeling. It must be some sort of perception intefering void that turns its user effectively invisible. This ability allowed the user to kill 3 funeral parlor players without a hitch.


An invisibility void!!


“Ouma Shu, your power of kings is mine for the taking, gahahaha….”


Feng Yu Chen felt someone strangling him.



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