Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited anime works chapter 63: Shinomiya Ayase

Upon entering the funeral parlor, the members explained their individual strengths and begun training on Feng Yu Cheng. Everyone already approved of him after the events of the Roppongi battle but they decided it would be better to run him through the program.


Feng Yu Chen displayed his talent from CQC to marksmanship as well as a reflex test. His performance far exceeded what the original Ouma Shu displayed in the original work. He is still holding his true abilities back. He also displayed the uncanny ability to quickly learn what was given to him.


There is still a final test for him. A test of how well he can fare against a mecha, his opponent this time would be Shinomiya Ayase.


Ayase is a very capable woman. She’s tough, she excelled in operating a mecha, in fact, she’s almost peerless in this. Her handicap didn’t stop her from anything, she fought hard to prove her ability.


after Feng Yu Chen ate his dinner, he chatted with Argo and the boys before he went to meet up with Inori. He cooked up his fried rice with eggs since Inori totally fell in love with this dish. She would always signal for Feng Yu Chen to make this dish when they got home.


He’s not at home at the moment but the habit stuck with him. Making fried rice with eggs for Inori is already part of his life, maybe he really did like this girl.


Feng Yu Chen lost his mood pretty quickly when Gai called Inori into his room. Inori didn’t explain anything to Feng Yu Chen as if this is natural. Gai also had an annoyingly calm expression. Feng Yu Chen knew they are not doing naughty things behind the door, Inori is just using her own blood to suppress the apocalypse virus in Gai.


Feng Yu Chen still felt heavy when he saw this. He clenched his fists, he wanted nothing more to go in and bust Gai’s ass and embrace Inori but…


He can’t, Ouma Shu can’t do something like that. He has to calmly deal with this situation.


“Screw it…”


He walked away, Inori isn’t his girl yet. If she was, Gai would have died today.


“You saw it huh? Are you sad? Fighting for the person you love only to discover that… Inori and Gai would spend a night together 2 to 3 times a month. Everyone knew about this but they didn’t talk about it…”


Ayase wheeled herself over in her wheelchair.


Feng Yu Chen smiled derisively.


“It’s nothing, I am just thinking too much. However, my resolve to protect the one I love won’t change, when you try to protect someone important, you derive great strength from it. I understand it from the time I spent with Inori. Understanding won’t do me much good here huh? How about you? You like Gai right? I guess we are comrades then?”


“Th-I don’t know anything about that…”


Ayase blushed.


“I never pegged you for being the romantic type. Then again, nobody would confess in front of a large crowd like you, I still remember how you declared that you stayed for Inori.”


Feng Yu Chen leaned against a wall.


“Better to let it out than bottle it up inside. Being honest with one’s own feelings is a part of being mature. At least, she heard me. That’s enough for me. Sometimes you aren’t going to get a good return for the love you invest but the dividends of happy times make up for it wouldn’t you say so?”


“Hehe, talking like you’re a saint of romance, I am overwhelmed. Oh, what’s that you got there? It smells nice.”


Ayase is curious.


Feng Yu Chen looked at the fried rice he had and he handed it over to her.


“I made this, it’s fried rice with love and eggs. How about you try it? Inori like this…”


“Oh, so you didn’t make it just for me. You gave me something somebody didn’t want, what are you taking me for? But, seeing as you’re so down, I am going to do you a favor and eat it up…”


Ayase said while receiving the dish. She grabbed the spoon and had her first bite.


“How is it? Pretty good right?”


Feng Yu Chen asked.


Ayase felt that Feng Yu Chen is quite a good cook judging from this tasty fried rice with eggs. She complimented him.


“Well, it’s pretty good, I didn’t know you had it in you to cook up something like this. You sure took your time and invested a lot of effort in making this. If you made this just for me I might have been moved, hehe…”


Feng Yu Chen beamed at her.


“What?! Alright, I will make one just for you next time, you better have that moved expression on lock when I do it…”


Cough cough


She choked on the food, she patted her chest and rolled her eyes at him.


“Don’t fool around, that’s not funny!”


Feng Yu Chen shot back with a serious look.


“I am not joking, I am going to make one just for you and you can count on that…”


“You… are a frustrating guy aren’t you?!”


Ayase said while blushing. He didn’t look like he’s lying, is this how he flirts?


“So the strong independent lady known as Ayase can have her moment of weakness as well. This is enough for me, alright so we got a deal, I will make a dish for you sometime in the future aight?”


Feng Yu Chen patted her shoulders.


“Don’t go, this dish…”


She looked at his back and she felt uncomfortable with how attracted she is to this mature Shu.


“Aya-nee what’s wrong? What are you doing? Grabbing some late-night snack?”


Tsugumi (a funeral parlor member, excellent with IT) approached her, she patted her shoulder and she saw the fried rice with eggs she had in her eyes, more like, she got lured in by the nice smell it’s emitting.


“Ah… You gave me quite a jump… Tsugumi…”


Ayase was too busy thinking about Feng Yu Chen to notice Tsugumi sneaking up behind her.


“Oh, it smells so good. Gimme a taste, please. Who made this? It’s still warm… Oh my gosh, this is so good, who cooked this?! How come I am only finding out about this now?”


Tsugumi wolfed down the fried rice with eggs. The juicy rice mingling together with the vegetables and eggs in a divine symphony. The taste is just right, it won’t be possible to do this without enough practice and effort. Who in funeral parlor can pull off something like this? Who cooked this meal for Ayase?

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