Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 62: Void, petrification

Feng Yu Chen snorted at the glasses guy’s poor attempt at assassination. His hands might be tied but he can still move his legs and his kicks are more painful than the punches he can dish out.


“Go to hell, rabid mongrel!”


Feng Yu Chen gave a solid kick to the temple of the glasses guy with his right leg. The glasses guy experienced a dizzy sensation, blood started coming out of his orifices. Feng Yu Chen had more than enough strength to pop his head like a watermelon. He held back because he had better stuff in store for the guy. He is going to know what is the meaning of abandon all hope ye who enters here.


“No…No, I was forced to do this, please…”


The freckled girl shrieked the moment Feng Yu Chen knocked out the glasses guy. She knew he wouldn’t be done in so easily. She can imagine the gruesome death waiting for her. What now?





Feng Yu Chen kicked the sword towards the freckled girl’s chest.


The rope restraining Feng Yu Chen disappeared.


“You know what? You guys could have won, your void is very strong. Your teamwork was solid but you made a fatal mistake. You could have ended my life with a gunshot to the head but no, you had to stab me thinking that would do. Another thing, you forgot to restrict the movement of my legs. I can kick just as well as I can punch you know?”


He lifted her by her throat and he pulled out his sword before he ended her with a quick snap of the neck.


The glasses guy and the freckled girl had 2 fatal mistakes. They got confident when they saw Feng Yu Chen who faked non-resistance upon capture, they chose the close-ranged method of execution rather than a long-range one. Next, the freckled girl is probably using her void for the first time. If she restricted Feng Yu Chen’s legs, Feng Yu Chen would have to seriously fight back to get out of this mess.


So close yet so far, that’s what he thought. It’s pretty commendable for them to come this far. They had the right ideas and brain but they were too hasty in execution. He had other methods to fight even if the girl did restrict his hands and legs.


“Saeko, come to xxx. There is a glasses guy here who is a player, he got a bit too smart and tried to trap me. He’s unconscious at the moment. Retrieve him and give him a jolly good time, it’s would be a shame if he died so soon before tasting the ultimate hell.”


He sent a message to Saeko. Then, he grabbed his sword and he started sprinting. He is hoping that Inori can put up a long enough fight against the mecha for him to arrive in time. If something happened to her, he would lose interest in this world.


Running as swift as the wind, Feng Yu Chen came to a plaza where there are a lot of mechas. They all fired attacks at Feng Yu Chen but he dodged them easily. Kido Kenji dropped into a pool of water just like the original work. Feng Yu Chen drew out Kenji’s anti-gravity gun.


He infused the void with a lot of power and he fired it at the ground, sending the mechas floating up in bubbles.




Inori came jumping down from a high height.




A mecha rushed in and fired at Inori who is still falling down.


Feng Yu Chen grinned. He already knew this guy would make his appearance because this seemed like the perfect opportunity for him to appear.


He threw his sword at the mecha and the sword that was enhanced until +3 in status easily pierced the mecha and destroyed it.


Feng Yu Chen made void platforms for him to step on as he jumped up to catch Inori.


“Seriously,  you shouldn’t have come here, if something happened to you, I would blame myself forever.”


Inori shook her head and she pressed Feng Yu Chen’s right hand against her soft chest.


“Nn, I knew Shu called for me so I came. Come, Shu, use me, I am yours…”


Feng Yu Chen drew out a large void sword from Inori’s chest. He turned around and he started destroying all GHQ mechas here. Maybe somebody went a little bit overboard, he poured too much power into the sword and the mechas were all utterly destroyed with no survivors.


After making a quick work of the GHQ members here, Feng Yu Chen equipped Inori’s void while storing away his own sword. He grabbed Kenji who is in the pool of water and they hurried to the exit. If they didn’t run now it would be too late when GHQ sends more reinforcement here.


“I will cover you guys, hurry…”


Shinomiya Ayase piloted a white mecha, they can see more mechas coming their way.


“Much obliged…”


Feng Yu Chen nodded, they rendezvoused with Gai and retreated.


Ding, you’ve completed the side mission to preserve the plot. Your void has been strengthened, Bandit Hand is now at stage 3, amount of void that can be stolen is now 3. Each stolen void can be used for 20 times, you can also keep 1 stolen void as a permanent void.


The permanent void allows him to use a stolen void for unlimited times.


He is shivering at the thought of strengthening his void to stage 10 given how terrifying his void is at stage 3.


The Infinite System is not doing all this for nothing. The ancient organization Da’ath poses a significant threat and this augmentation of the existing players are meant for them to be able to fight toe to toe with Da’ath.


The System won’t put players against Bosses they can’t kill. This strengthening of voids is meant to ensure that players can defeat the boss just like leveling and equipment in games.


Feng Yu Chen & co arrived at Funeral Parlor’s base and they started resting up.


“Now what, your mercy resulted in you being sold out by your friend. Your kindness is a joke!”


Gai told Feng Yu Chen. He is confused as to why Inori chose to help Shu instead of following his orders.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.


“Please, he needed the money to help his infected younger brother. Sure, my kindness might cost me down the road but I don’t regret doing what I did. If this world is to be saved, kindness is going to be the redemption of this world. You might be able to sacrifice the minority to save the majority but I am different. You are Gai and I am Shu, I will never be like you…”


“Then is your answer no?”


Gai frowned.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.


“I can’t acknowledge your actions but to protect Inori I will stay. If my membership will bring hope to more people, I am willing to accept. I don’t want to see more sacrifices.”


Everyone stared at Ouma Shu, this is the first time anyone had the gall to talk back to Gai.


Feng Yu Chen silently laughed. That was a load of bull. He isn’t a saint, he is just saying it to smooth things over. He is talking to Gai but he meant for Inori to hear this so she can see how “kind and gentle” he is…

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