Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 61: Void, time freeze

According to the original plot, Feng Yu Chen will meet up with Gai and Gai will tell them that there is a rat among them and when he found Samukawa Yahiro, he didn’t kill him only for the snitch to rat him out resulting in his capture by GHQ personnel.


After a few days, Gai will organize a rescue operation to save Feng Yu Chen and Kido Kenji. That would be the third fight they are going to have to go through.


Beep, side quest initiated. Completion of this mission will result in activation of the voids of players, it will also enhance void of players who had already activated their voids.



Funeral Parlor faction: Enter into a battle and help Gai thereby ensuring the continuance of the original plot.


GHQ faction: Enter into a battle and stop Gai’s plan, destroy the plot of the original anime.


Neutral faction: Enter into a battle and kill one player either from GHQ or Funeral Parlor.


In the conference room, Feng Yu Chen parted from Gai who is currently disguised as a lawyer. Inori also hurried over, heeding her summon, he began his independent action and he the aura around him turned cold. He saw the approaching GHQ personnel and he summoned the System phone and he drew his Xuan Yuan sword. He proceeded to decapitate them.


Two more individuals in GHQ uniform approached but Feng Yu Chen didn’t attack right away. They were holding voids, one of them is a male with glasses who had a void gun while the other is a female with freckles who is equipped with a void rope.


“Haha, as I have predicted, Shu, no, Feng Yu Chen the killing machine. It’s been a while, I had quite a great time with you as my opponent in [Highschool of the Dead].”


The glasses guy pushed the bridge of his spectacles.




Feng Yu Chen widened his eyes at the glasses guy. So, some of the players already figured it out.


“What do you want? I am very pressed for time, since you know who I am I reckon you know what would happen if you cross me. I advise choosing wisely when considering your options. Choose wrong and it’s game over for you guys.”


Feng Yu Chen nonchalantly told them.


The girl with freckles trembled. She is one of the players who made it out of [Highschool of the Dead], she knew what a terrifying foe this man with a golden sword is. He is a rampaging god in the battlefield and just his stare is enough to instill a deep fear in her. He is someone who slew thirty thousand zombies with just his sword. He’s a very hardened veteran.


Some traitors tried to backstab Feng Yu Chen in the first world but Feng Yu Chen caught them and made short work of them. He tortured them and fed zombies with meat cut from traitors, he also made sure they watched their own flesh being fed to zombies. Saeko also utterly demolished any traitors that were caught.


The girl with freckles recalled the scene from that day, she couldn’t forget it even if she wanted to.


“Say, I-I think we should just retreat We already killed enough people, I don’t want to fight him. It’s too scary, I don’t want to die. There isn’t any reason to fight him, let’s just leave…”


The freckled girl begged the glasses guy, the glasses guy failed to mention that Shu is Feng Yu Chen in disguise.


“Tsk, where is your aspiration to become the best? According to my hypothesis, if we kill him, we might get something useful out of him, maybe it’s his golden sword, maybe it’s his follower, Saeko, or maybe it’s his ability to turn into Shu Ouma. Either way, we can become the no.1 in this game world if we have those stuff, gahahaha!”


The glasses guy fervently said.


Feng Yu Chen sarcastically laughed.


“Oh, good idea. It’s as you said, I am a moving treasure chest. This is the kind of game we are all playing, you need to have the resolve to kill everyone else who isn’t your ally. This is what it means to immerse yourself in the game. But, do you really think it will be that easy?”


The glasses guy calmly analyzed the situation.


“Firstly, this is not a world where pure strength ruled. This is a world where there are special powers. A void power can turn a weak person into a strong person just like that. Your title derived strength can’t be fully used in this world. Void rules this world!

Next, you are up against the two of us, I am not sure what void you have but our voids are long-ranged. I estimate that you have a close-combat related void so we can strike you down before you can do anything. The two of us can take you down.


Lastly, you have a thing for Inori don’t you? According to the original plot, you need to hurry or something bad might happen to your precious Inori. The longer you spend fighting us the higher the chance of you getting distracted by the thought of something bad happening to Inori. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a teammate entrusted with the duty to attack Inori. Very soon, Inori is going to die. I couldn’t care less about anime characters, I want all the benefits!”


Feng Yu Chen gnashed his teeth.


“You asshole, how dare you make a move on Inori!”


“What’s the big deal? Haha, I can taste your frustration. Come, let’s fight, your precious little Inori is going to have a hard time dealing with my friend who is operating a mecha.”


The glasses guy snickered out loud. He is doing this on purpose to get to Feng Yu Chen so that he would slip up and make a mistake.


“You’ve got me mad now. This is my first void fight, I am looking forward to this. One minute, that’s how long I need to deal with you two pricks.”


Feng Yu Chen pulled his tie down and he charged forward.


“Hahaha, you fool, watch this…”


The glasses guy pointed his void gun at Feng Yu Chen and he pulled the trigger. Feng Yu Chen’s body stopped upon being hit with a bullet from this void gun. It would appear that his void gun has the ability to stop the time of the target hit.


“Hurry, use the rope to restrain him. It’s our victory!”


He is so confident of himself because of his void gun. It can freeze the opponent for a second but the cooldown of his gun is 1 minute but it’s all he needs to win this fight. His void is really a cheating void.




The freckled girl threw her rope at Feng Yu Chen. It coiled around Feng Yu Chen in a very tight manner.


“Haha, this is too easy, the god of massacre my ass. You are going to die by my hands. Oh, and I will make sure to take real good care of that wench Saeko. I am going to ravage her so badly she’s going to beg for death. I hope you haven’t touched her. Hehe, don’t be such a stiff. Women are meant to be handled like ragdolls in bed. You got to work their flesh cave until they sing like a canary. I am so going to enjoy her, those sexy curves and her impressive combat ability…”


The glasses guy laughed out loud until tears came out his eyes. He is too busy thinking about marching her in bed until she’s all tuckered out. His Johnny is going to thank him for making her service his wick. He made a mental note to make her choke on his mini-me every day. What a life that would be.


The glasses guy took a knife and he approached Feng Yu Chen. He just needs to stick this knife in Feng Yu Chen’s heart and his sword, his woman and the no.1 ranker in this world would be all his for the taking!!!


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