Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 60: Fried rice with eggs

Feng Yu Chen opened his refrigerator after entering the kitchen. There are some eggs here along with meat and vegetables.


It’s time for him to show his good side. Wait, Feng Yu Chen only knows how to make fried rice with eggs. Screw it, let’s just make some fried rice with eggs. He wanted to make a grand feast for dinner but he didn’t have the skills to do so. In the real world, it’s his mother who did the cooking. It’s only when his mother is out of the house that he makes simple dishes.


He would mostly eat cupped noodles since he didn’t have the time to cook. He’s too busy playing games and chatting online. After leaving the hellhole known as DNF, he was met with LOL. If not due to him facing his third year in high school, he would still be playing the whole day long in cyber cafes.


Due to a massive influx of elementary school students, Feng Yu Chen and people from his generation lost the will to continue. Sure, some kids are really great at playing but most of them are trolls or n00bs.


These kids are like those giants in Shingeki no Kyojin. They are destroying defense lines in LoL. Shingeki no Shogakusei is the new trend and they can’t be stopped.


Feng Yu Chen cracked an egg and he poured its content into the pan. He put in a few pinches of salt, stirred the egg yellow and egg white together with chopsticks.


Plugging in the electric, he started frying the eggs with oil and he made a sunny-side-up.


Inori watched Feng Yu Chen cook for her in a trance. She just likes how he can cook with such an intense focus.


The alluring smells aside, Feng Yu Chen had culinary talent. His fried egg is a delicious golden yellow with just the right shine of oil on it.


“It’s fragrant, can I eat it now, Shu?”


Inori rubbed her small stomach. Her eyes didn’t leave the eggs even as she asked him.


“You can have a piece. But, only a piece, mmkay? I am still going to need some to mix with the fried rice…”


Feng Yu Chen cut up the fried with a kitchen knife. Putting it on a plate, he served it to Inori. He didn’t forget to give Inori a pat on the head, she’s just too cute.




Inori felt very warm and cozy inside. It’s the first time someone had treated her with such kindness and warmth. She felt real and at home. Is this what is it feels like to have a home? A home with just Shu and her, if they could stay like this forever it would be perfect. Shu’s a very gentle guy, she likes this sensation.


“What’s the matter?”


Feng Yu Chen asked. Inori called out to him but she didn’t continue her sentence.


“No-nothing, please continue…”


Inori hesitated for a bit. This sensation, the heartthrobs, it’s making her want to leave Gai’s side to be with Shu. But she’s can’t, Gai is the person who gave her a name and life, she’s afraid, afraid that anymore of this and she would abandon everything and stay with Shu. He’s just so kind and fuzzy.


“Alright, be a good girl and wait, it’s almost ready…”


Feng Yu Chen shook his head. He didn’t know what Inori is thinking about but he’s not going to pry too uch into it. He continued making his dish, he’s got to display his brilliant side when a cute and beautiful girl is by his side.


Soon, Feng Yu Chen put a plate of fried rice with eggs on the table in the living room.


“Alright, let’s dig in. Oh yes, have you washed your hands, Inori? Always remember to wash your hands, got it?…”


Feng Yu Chen said.


Inori nodded. She went to the kitchen and washed her hands. Returning to the living room, she dined in with chopsticks in her hand.


“Thanks for the food…”


“Nn, how does it taste? Good?”


Feng Yu Chen looked at Inori with an exciting look. He tasted it and found it to be pretty good but he didn’t know if Inori’s preference is the same.


Inori picked up the bowl and she ate a mouthful of that fried rice. The eggs, vegetables, and rice mixed together in perfect harmony. It’s sho good…


“It’s really good, Shu, you outdid yourself…”


Feng Yu Chen nodded in a joyful manner.


“Yeap, eat up. I am going to buy more fresh vegetables tomorrow. I am going to make better dishes tomorrow. I can’t because I don’t have the materials today so I can only make fried rice with eggs. Sorry for that…”


Inori shook her head.


“Nn… there’s nothing to apologize for. I think this is by far the tastiest dish I had ever tasted. I didn’t peg you as someone who could cook, you’re really great…”


Feng Yu Chen noticed that Inori is more cheerful than before, she’s also more talkative and open now. This is the changes he wanted to see. He believed that the day will come where he can embrace her.


“Nn, as long as you like it…”


Feng Yu Chen smiled while eating.


Feng Yu Chen and Inori quickly settled their dinner and the two of them laid on the sofa in a satisfied manner.


“Alright, I am going to rinse the empty dishes. I am also going to prepare hot water so you can wash up and go to sleep…”


Feng Yu Chen said as he stood up.



Inori nodded.


Ding dong


The bell rang.


Feng Yu Chen wiped his hands and he opened the door.


It’s a brown-haired male, he’s Samukawa Yahiro, the bastard who is going to sell Shu out.


“Yahiro, what’s up?”


Feng Yu Chen asked with a confused tone.


“Yo, I am sorry for bothering you so late in the night. I wanted to give this to you…”


Yahiro passed Feng Yu Chen a horror CD.


“It’s the film we discussed about last time. I see you’ve been cutting classes, what’s going on? And, why is your expression so pale as of late?”


Feng Yu Chen received the CD while shaking his head.


“It’s nothing, I am just late is all…”


“Shu, there is a message, I think we should go…”


Inori said as she approached the door with Fyu-Neru in her embrace. She proceeded to walk down the staircase.


Yahiro is surprised to see Inori here.


“Y-you are also here?”


“Haha, a lot of stuff happened. Yahiro, you rest up first, we will talk tomorrow…”


Feng Yu Chen pat Yahiro on the shoulders. He closed his door and chased after Inori. He didn’t have anything to say to a person who is going to rat him out. Even if he’s doing it for his younger brother, he’s not going to forgive him just because of that. Talk about being a rat…


Feng Yu Chen walked with Inori towards a plaza. Gai is probably planning on telling him that someone discovered him fighting in Roppongi.


It’s Yahiro, of course. Feng Yu Chen is playing around with the idea of whether or not to dispose of that character. He’s kind to Inori but that kindness does not extend to his enemies.


It’s not time yet, when he betrays him, thereby progressing the plot, he’s going to reward him with death.

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