Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 59:

After processing some information regarding void, Feng Yu Chen started arranging his next plan.


“The third battle will probably be based on the original plot. Our previous missions were in preparation for this. We strengthened our void, hid our true strength. Next, Inori will probably be sent into the school by Gai. They aren’t going to give up on the king, Shu.


Samukawa Yahiro is going to betray me according to the original plot. Then, Funeral Parlor will initiate a rescue operation. Next, we fight, Saeko, Haruna and you are to kill off the players while maintaining anonymity. I will kill other players in full view while you girls will synergize with me to seize victory.


Killing GHQ members will earn me some rewards from the System. Why else am I letting them catch me? Did they seriously think I am just another lamb for the slaughter? I am going to show them what a wolf in sheep’s clothing looks like. I am going to massacre each and every GHQ member there, hehehe…


Moreover, I get ranking points for killing GHQ members, I’ve got to get the top spot as well.”


Saeko knew about the ranking points and the rewards associated with it. She narrowed her eyes at Feng Yu Chen.


“Yu Chen, you aren’t planning on taking Inori out of here right?”


“I am, she’s a really nice girl. She did her mission without hesitation, we are going to need people like that. Also, I don’t feel like leaving her here.”


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“Fine, since your mind is already made up. I would have chosen Mana instead but you’re the man, you choose who you’re going to take out of this place.”


Saeko said.


Ouma Mana? Nope, that would make 3 haraguro individuals and Feng Yu Chen isn’t too comfortable with that. He needs someone warm, Inori can sing, she’s cute and gentle. She also faces a battle with a calm attitude. She’s a prime candidate.


“Yuzuriha Inori? I like her. Can we make her sing every day? I find myself listening to her songs every day.”


Haruna chirped.


“How about you sing with your sister? Inori’s not a robot, what are you talking about singing every day?”


Feng Yu Chen gave her a knock on her head.


Haruna pouted.


“You meanie, I hate you! Hit me one more time and I am not helping you anymore!”


“Okay, I will hold back, I just like giving you a few taps on the head…”


Feng Yu Chen rubbed his nose.


“Uwuu, I think you’re addicted to bullying me. Meanie, keep this up and I will dedicate myself to disrupting you when you’re getting it on!”


Haruna felt speechless that Feng Yu Chen likes bullying her for no reasons at all.


Saeko pat Feng Yu Chen on the shoulders.


“I think you should stop teasing Haruna, she’s actually very useful when she wants to be.”




After a short lunch break, it’s afternoon classes. But, Feng Yu Chen’s class had an interesting newcomer.


Feng Yu Chen looked at Inori. Here it comes, the cohabitation with Inori.


“Wah, Egoist lead singer!!!”


“It’s really her, oh my god…”


“It’s Inori! Oh Christ, it’s really her standing in our class…”




Everyone is in a buzz. It’s Inori from Egoist, a super idol is in their class at this very moment.


“Alright, settle down and let’s begin our lesson…”


The teacher calmed everyone down.


Everyone kept glancing at Inori. Nobody could focus their attention on the lesson at hand. After the class is dismissed, everyone dashed to Inori’s table and they surrounded her asking for signatures or bombarding her with questions.


Inori looked at these people with an indifferent attitude. She’s wondering whether Shu had healed from his injuries.


Time slowly slipped away until it’s time for school to finish late in the afternoon.


Menjou Hare approached Feng Yu Chen with her bag. She smiled at him.


“Shu, wanna go back together?”


“Oh, sure…”


Before he left with Hare, he turned around to glance at Inori. Inori was also looking at him, the two of them noticed each other and she blushed.


“What’s the matter, Shu?”


Hare looked at Shu and she looked at the direction he’s looking at. She’s a bit confused at why he’s looking at Inori and her fans.


“It’s nothing, let’s go…”


Feng Yu Chen walked out of the classroom.


“Eh, wait for me…”


Hare hurriedly followed after Shu.


Inori stood up and shook off her fans. She walked towards the station. She had already deposited her luggage over at Feng Yu Chen’s house.


Saeko and Haruna also started moving. They wanted to stay near Feng Yu Chen’s house, easier to communicate that way.


They got on the train. Feng Yu Chen and Hare stood near the door while Inori is adjacent to them. Saeko and Haruna were behind them.


“Oh, Inori, you’re here as well…”


Hare smiled at Inori as she greeted her, her heart is wavering because she’s anxious about something.


“Nn… and you are?”


Inori looked at her in a haze. She’s sure that Hare is a classmate but she couldn’t remember her name because she had only been here for a day.


“I, I am Menjou Hare, a fellow member of the movie club Shu’s in. You can call me Hare, that’s how everyone refers to me.”


Inori nodded.


“Nice to meet you, Hare. I am Yuzuriha Inori, you can call me Inori.”


“Erm, he’s…”


After Hare introduced herself, she wanted to introduce Shu. She’s felt it weird that Shu who is normally a diehard fan of Inori can keep her calm even until now.


Before Hare can introduce him, Inori asked Shu.


“Shu, why are you not speaking with me? How’s your wound?”


Feng Yu Chen rubbed his head.


“It’s not that, I don’t know what to talk about with you, also, my wounds are fine. Don’t worry about it.”




Inori nodded. Maybe it’s because he didn’t want her to bother him.


Hare noticed that Shu is familiar with Inori and she went silent. Pursing her lips, she observed their interactions. How did they meet?


The three of them got down after the train arrived at the station.


“See you tomorrow… Good night…”

Feng Yu Chen bade goodbye to Hare and Inori. He approached his housing unit. He didn’t know the directions but he could recognize it if he saw the building. He saw the unit in the anime, He lived in the same block as Hare so they went to school and back together.


Inori followed Shu right up to his unit…


“Inori? Surely you aren’t going to…”


“I am living with you, do you not want that?”


Inori opened the door and she walked inside. Her luggage and belongings are already here accompanied by an insect-like robot named Fyu-Neru.


“Okay, did Gai put you up to this or was it you?”


Feng Yu Chen asked.


Inori replied.


“Gai told me but I wanted to stay here…”


“Nn, okay…”


Feng Yu Chen nodded. He removed his shoes and put on slippers before he started helping Inori with her luggage. He also helped prepare her room.


After cleaning up her room, Inori changed clothes in the living room as if Feng Yu Chen isn’t even there. Her porcelain white skin made Feng Yu Chen very awkward as to how to tell her. Fyu-Neru stepped in and blocked him from blessing his eyes anny further.


“Shu, is there anything to eat, I am hungry…”


Inori turned around and asked after changing her clothes.


Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“I will pour you some water. I only have cold riceballs, I am going to cook up some vegetables, is that okay with you”




Inori sat on the sofa and started watching TV.


Feng Yu Chen started getting to work in the kitchen. He can still manage if it’s simple dishes.

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