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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 58: Void: Cleansing & Demonic sword

After leaving Roppongi, Feng Yu Chen returned to Tennoz First High, he was late and he skipped classes, after a session of counselling by the teachers, Feng Yu Chen continued his student life as Ouma Shu.


After the morning session is done, Feng Yu Chen went to the cafeteria to grab some food. A girl with almond-brown hair approached his table.


“Shu, you don’t have a lunchbox with you. I… I made extra so please have some…”


The girl with brown hair said in an almost inaudible volume, she’s also behaving very bashful.


Feng Yu Chen took a closer look at her and he immediately identified this familiar girl. It’s the girl who is very infatuated with Shu, Menjou Hare. Her void takes the form of bandages. According to the original work, she had been silently supporting Ouma Shu from behind. Although she finally confessed her feelings, she died after an accident broke her void, turning her into void crystals, tragic.


“Oh, Hare, Th-thank you…”


Feng Yu Chen accepted the lunchbox since he hadn’t had anything to eat for quite some time now. He had replaced Shu but he’s not too sure where Shu lived. He silently thanked his stars for sending Hare here, he’s starving.


“N-no, it’s nothing much…”


Hare felt like Shu had become more outgoing, he didn’t hesitate before accepting her lunchbox.


“Gosh, this is so good. Hare, you are a good cook, you are going to become a really great wife someday.”


Feng Yu Chen chowed down, this is the first lunchbox he got from a woman and it tastes pretty damn good.


“Great… wife…”


Hare blushed really hard, she’s feeling dizzy and her heart started racing. Today’s Shu is really giving her a hard time staying unperturbed.


“Excuse me, is Ouma Shu here?”


Haruna and Saeko asked for Shu at the door to his classroom. They attracted a lot of attention. Saeko is an outstanding member of the Kendo club, she also has a really good figure that made her the target of admiration among male students.


Haruna has just as many fans if not more due to her female fans. Haruna looked similar to Hotogi Shirayuki from [Hidan No Aria] except her irises are black rather than blue. She’s also similar to Shirayuki in the sense that she would always be in a Miko uniform when in school, of course, people looked.


Two beauties of different caliber appearing caused a stir in Feng Yu Chen’s class. The male students took on an unfriendly attitude with Feng Yu Chen. Why is this normal looking guy so in demand with the beautiful girls.


Hare took a look at Saeko and Haruna, she noticed that they are a bit more attractive than she is and she could feel that they are dangerous. They are a threat to her love affair.


“I am finished, thank you very much, Hare.”


Feng Yu Chen offered Hare his thanks for the great grub. He escaped through the back door of the classroom. Seriously what are Saeko and Haruna doing here, are they trying to cause people to envy him? Don’t they know just how beautiful they are?


“Agh, don’t run away…”


Haruna started giving chase.


Saeko noticed something is up but she chased after him with a smile anyway.


If eyeballs could fall, a lot of Feng Yu Chen’s classmates are going to have to pick them up. What’s with this series of events? Why is Ouma Shu so popular with the ladies?


There is also someone among them who noticed something. The student council president, Kuhouin Arisa hypothesized that Saeko has some kind of connection with Ouma Shu, the question is, how are they connected? It also seems like an awfully suspicious coincidence that the emergence of Funeral Parlor which destroyed one team of GHQ coincided with Shu’s mysterious disappearance. Just what is going on here?




Feng Yu Chen stopped after leaving the school hall.


Haruna and Saeko arrived a little bit later.


“Sorry, we didn’t think far enough and caused trouble for you…”


Saeko pursed her lips.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head and he dropped his act.


“Forget it, refrain from doing it again. You girls should come with me, we are going to rent a room somewhere near here, we are going to start making our third plan.”


“Woah, you are really great at changing personas. Do another one, Yu Chen Nii-san.”


Haruna said in elation.


“Hell to the no!”


Feng Yu Chen gave Haruna a good hard knock on the head. Almost everybody in school saw Haruna chasing him through the hallways, he’s going to deal with a whole lot of gossip from now on thanks to her.


“Uu, you meanie, I want Zi Yue Ling Nee-san… Muuu…”


Haruna grumbled.


“Oh right, Haruna what’s your void?”


Feng Yu Chen asked.


Haruna thought about it before she answered.


“I think it was called the Cleansing Light or something. My void can purify the air of apocalypse virus but I can only use it once a day. It leveled up a few days ago and now I can use it twice a day.”


“Purifying the air of the Apocalypse Virus? You are sure about this?!”


Feng Yu Chen got excited. This girl actually turned out to be so useful, her ability to purify the air meant that her ability is really…


“Of course I am telling the truth! What? Is my ability not good?”


Haruna tilted her head.


Feng Yu Chen rejected that notion.


“Nope, it’s super useful. So Voids are all unique in their own way. This is good, our team is growing bit by bit. Moreover, our trump cards increased. Which faction did you choose again?”


“Neutral. Hehe, I completed the basic mission due to Saeko’s excellent guidance. I completed two secondary quests and I know how to use the Infinity Phone, how about it? I am great aren’t I?…”


Haruna puffed out her chest.


“I also have void powers. I don’t know why but I got my void powers, it’s probably due to your influence. My void is a demonic sword that can strengthen itself by draining energy from my foes. It’s shape seems to be similar to the sword of Kusanagi, I haven’t had the chance to use it.”


Saeko said.


Feng Yu Chen is surprised once more, it looks like Saeko can summon her void out as well. This convinced him that Saeko is being treated as a player as well, one that is aligned with him. Saeko enjoyed the same rights as a player but only the same benefit or rights that Feng Yu Chen is entitled to.


“My Bandit’s Hand can devour other people’s void and mimic their functions. Saeko, I find it oddly fitting and compatible that our void seems so similar to each other, your demonic sword consumes life while my demonic hand steals people’s void. This is probably somebody’s way of saying we belong with each other.”


Feng Yu Chen said.


Saeko nodded. She also thought that Feng Yu Chen’s void belonged to the kind that took something away from people. Void manifestation reflects a person’s psyche, their nature was dark and sought to engulf others. She expected Feng Yu Chen’s void to be similar to hers as well.


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